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Smartwatch owners love their calorie-counting gadgets, but they are verrry expensive


xiaomi mi band

Why pay hundreds!?! The Mi Band is around 30 quid and does nearly everything the more expensive ones do

APEX predator? Chinese phone-flinger Vivo teases upcoming concept phone


Have a OnePlus 7 pro and the pop-up works a treat.

The kids love it too - hours (OK, minutes) of entertainment :)

My MacBook Woe: I got up close and personal with city's snatch'n'dash crooks (aka some bastard stole my laptop)


Have a heart?

Maybe just me, but if someone stole my laptop, of any brand and under any circumstances - I'd be rightly f**ked off. Having a go at them for almost inviting this because of the type of machine they have is a bit low.

Yeah the shiny things will attract the most attention, but the author wasn't exactly leaving it unattended in public.

Missing defective BEAGLE FOUND ON MARS! Amazing claim


Any sign of Decepticon footprints?

How to kill trolls and influence Apple people: A patent solution


Re: Proof by assertion

I'm going attempt to draw on my whole 6 months of experience as a trainee patent attorney (*years* ago, I might add) here...

The difference with fashion and cooking is that there may not be a new "thing" invented that can be patentable. E.g. if you come up with a new dress that adds say, a frill here and there, this might best be described as a "design" change rather than an invention as all of the elements were know before, but have now been arranged differently.

However, if, in the production of this dress there was a new type of stitch used that was as strong as the usual one but used less thread, then this would be inventive and could be patented.

From what I remember, registering and attempting to protect a design is very weak as you can only register your specific design - if you design a cup, then this is your design. If someone then comes along and adds a handle, then this is a new design.

The Vulture 2: What paintjob should we put on our soaraway spaceplane?


Flash!! A-ha!

Go for blingtastic Gold with a smart Red trim for the complete War Rocket Ajax look.

Might I also suggest a suitably attired Playmanaut?

Samsung's next smartphone to scroll by watching your eyes


Why the hate?

They're trying to make the interface adapt to the human rather than the other way round. So what if it doesn't work too well, they're giving it a go and will get it right at some point if it proves popular / has benefits.

Just disable for the moment it's not your thing. Simple?

Microsoft locks down Windows Phone 7 code


Not exactly a catchy name...

...but not a bad OS.

I used an early beta version for a few days and liked it a lot - even then more than my current android phone actually.


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