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Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


This Case is Only Remarkable because

the alleged miscreant is female.

Had this been authored by a male it would not have been so notorious.

It's that time of the year when Apple convinces you last year's iPhones weren't quite magical enough, so buy this new 5G iPhone 12 instead


Apple Building Expensive Burner Handsets that can't be Repaired and they Eat Your Data

Apple products are increasingly unserviceable as not even their authorised dealers can get spares.

After market repair magicians like Louis of www.rossmanngroup.com (NYC) has difficulty in locating spares especially now Apple is using their own private label chips. Plus Apple glues their stuff together, although the techs in ShangHai use gas to dissolve the glue.

Apple products are fast becoming burner phones AND YOU CAN'T RECOVER YOUR DATA!

Indonesia’s black-market phone prevention plan bricks a whole bunch of handsets


 Handy Website to Know Is . . .


The last IMEI digit is a check digit. The Check Digit is calculated using the Luhn formula.

Microsoft tells staff work-from-home is now ‘standard’ – with caveats galore



Working From Home Is Making a Lot of People Miserable




Re: @Tempest - There is More to "Work" Than Just Working

I was referring to the principle of cross-pollination or the "crowd sourcing" of ideas.

The names support groups and websites infer they are not referring to lunch rooms.


There is More to "Work" Than Just Working

Ignoring the fact that an employees costs rise when working outside an office, as others have discussed, there is value in being able to 'chat' about activities or incidents outside the office sphere as well as discussing work projects with people not directly involved in a given project. It's about re-inventing wheels. Just listen to talk in a lunch room. The subjects of common interest are limitless.

If interaction between people in any area activity had no value, why are support groups and websites so popular?

The ability to 'bounce' crazy ideas off others won't happen if communication is more formal.

Our company has offices separated by hundreds of kilometres, along with one in Canada, and our inter-office audio/visual communications are important. Similar work areas can chat together over 'speakerphone' and when one-on-one communications are needed they, too, can be accommodated.

Pakistan bans TikTok because of its users not its owners


The Pakistani Kettle Calling the Pot Black

I have worked for several periods of months in Pakistan. Where else does a hotel supply an armed guard out side your room?

My clients had no trouble locating street-facing establishments, featuring females that would do Las Vegas proud. where to 'entertain' their Western guests.

Similarly, the citizens of Pakistan, as well as many Muslim countries in the Middle East, are amongst the highest subscribers to satellite channels that feature content of a sexual nature, material critical of Islam that easily exceeds the Pakistani definition of proclivity.

I think the Pak governments concern is centred upon it's female population.


Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I have had the displeasure of working in Pakistan for several periods of months. Where else would you have an armed guard outside your bedroom door?

The Pakistan government is well aware that it's citizens, along with those from Middle Eastern Muslim countries, are heavy subscribers to satellite TV channels that easily fit their description of proclivity. However, the male population has no trouble viewing such activity, or even hands-on experience, of females that would do Las Vegas proud, in street-facing establishments.

Five Eyes nations plus Japan, India call for Big Tech to bake backdoors into everything


Why Do They Need Backdoors? Seems that . . .

the Chinese, Russians and even the DPRK have little difficulty in penetrating high security Western defence computer networks, or those networks used for US elections or electrical grid systems.

Perhaps the vaunted Western security agencies should hit the books, not the manufacturers, for assistance.

Britannia should rule the (cyber) waves, minister tells Singapore event in bid to drum up Commonwealth support


Another Loon Living in the Past. Britain Has Joined the Ranks of the Former Great Nations

The British 'Empire' started it's decline after the Second World War when the USA increasingly assumed the mantle. These days, under the guidance of the Orange Haired Freak, even the USA is in decline with China the likely successor. A pronouncement from Whitehall in earlier times meant something and was heard clearly in distant capitals.

At one time Britain had steel mills and impressive shipyards, now only skeletons of many exist. The UK doesn't have an independent nuclear deterrent (it can't fire nuclear weapons without American permission); the Pound is not a true international currency as is the US Dollar. I remember whn the Pound was worth US$5. And when did you last buy a simple screw or a standard cell phone made in the UK?

Britain is unable to mount an independent military operation without assistance - check out the military of China or even the DPRK.

The only thing notable to this day is the governments ability to stick it's snout into others business, an activity it pioneered. It is amazing that any form of communication operates without a licence. Sure, Britain leads the way, in the West, for the number of public facing CCTV cameras it has and the intrusive activities of the Plod.

And now, to ensure it's demise, it has exited the EU. The Commonwealth is a fallacy, the strong links were broken when Edward Heath told it to kick rocks upon the UK joining the EU.

Britain should have binned Huawei 5G kit years ago to cuddle up with Trump, says Parliamentary committee

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HuaWei - a Trade War not a Security war

The trade-based war between HuaWei and the USA has little to do with technology.

Why would the UK accept anything emanating from USA politicians, all busy shovelling cash into their pockets from Lobbyists. Few US politicians are immune from this bribery, er . . . lobbying. The fact that Australia swallowed the lies from the US means nothing, it is a sheep adopting US 'culture', with the exception of driving standards.

The only reason anyone would want to cuddle up with Trump is to make money or catch STDs. He is a con artist, a liar, thief and embezzler. Come to think of it, most of these are prerequisites for politicians.

At least HuaWei will make a pile of money from it's bulging portfolio of 5G patents.

Many Brits would be happy with 3G and fibre optic before the investment in a radio system whose range is measured in yards or metres.

Yes, it's down again: Microsoft's Office 365 takes yet another mid-week tumble, Azure also unwell


10-9 = Where's my InterNet? Azure Screw Up Affects Police in USA, Singapore, etc

Microsoft's IoT product for cops - most easily spotted when the cops are viewing the InterNet on the Panasonic laptops in their cars - runs on AZURE. It supplies various services including facial and fingerprint recognition inter-car communication, etc.

Usually MS blames 'leaves' as in when the satellite signal is obstructed. Always thought British Rail had a patent on leaf interruption.

China takes TikTok-WeChat ding-dong to World Trade Organization, accuses US, India of breaking global rules


TRUMP Has Made the USA a Has-Been Nation

If he had time he would repudiate the WHO Treaty, which would take at least 6 months . . . hopefully this is 5 months after he is terminated.

Cisco ordered to cough up $2bn – yes, two billion dollars – plus royalties after ripping off biz's cybersecurity patents

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Hey, take it easy, have you forgotten that

Cisco is an agent for the US National Security Agency as a supplier of hackable routers.

Former antivirus baron John McAfee collared, faces extradition to America on tax evasion, securities allegations


You would have thought . . .

that the under-staffed US tax crowd would have their hands full just chasing down the crooks, er alleged tax evaders, in Trumps phone book, without wasting their time on aged has-beens.

Oh, I forgot, the cabinet member for the IRS, Charles Rettig, sole purpose is to protect Trump and his friends from investigation. Until 2021 January 20, that is.

How's this for overachieving? Man accused of running software outfit as a Ponzi scheme while on parole from previous fraud

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Where's the problem?

This is called American Enterprise.

Worked for Trump, why not others?

Salesforce, Deloitte try to flog contact-tracing wares to a UK public sector that's already got a £12bn test-and-trace system


Re-Inventing the wheel. A fully functional Track & Trace is operating in many countries

Google and Apple swallowed their respective egos and cooperatively developed Track & Trace software. IT IS SITTING IN YOUR HAND PHONE NOW.

All that is required is a for a national organisation to establish a minimal support infrastructure.

On my Android hand phone, my App shows the nearest infection is over 100 kilometres away in Da Nang. When I venture into the larger cities I can alter the map scale and see any infections with 500 metres.

There is little to be done to implement the scheme, just a will to serve the population - something the present government is unwilling to do to help the people.

Think tank warns any further delay to 5G rollout will cost the UK multiple billions – but hey, at least Huawei is out


Re: Are we all waiting for 5G? If you don't regularly go into big cities then IMHO . . .

Damn 5G has trouble operating IN buildings, let alone down the road.

Remember 5G is a very generic term when it comes to defining what frequency it uses. The frequency bands for 5G networks come in a pair. Frequency band 1 (FR1) is between 450 MHz & 6 GHz, which includes the LTE band. Frequency band 2 (FR2) is between 24.25 GHz & 52.6 GHz.

There is a chasm of difference between FR1 & FR2, both in technological design and operating terms.

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Britain: Technology Leader? NOT

Before the UK rushes off into an unknown 5G future, blindly following the Americans, it might be worthwhile fully penetrating the landscape with Fibre Optic infrastructure (needed for 5G base stations).

5G is more a P.R. campaign, an illusion, that will frustrate more than satisfy users. Nothing is more frustrating that looking at an antenna and you your hand phone being unable to reach it.

So many 'developing' countries have way higher penetration of 4G and Fibre than the UK, the government should be ashamed.

As I write this I am in a hamlet of Bo-Y, population 270, on the Laos/VietNam (KonTum) border where 100 Mbyte Fibre service and 100% 4G service are available. In my No-Star hotel I can view streaming movies and any on-line TV station uninterrupted by technical glitches. The Spratly Islands, way off the mainland in the Eastern Sea (claimed by China), too, enjoy 4G and Fibre Optic service.

If Christine Conder, of Lancashire, can build a profitable Fibre Optic network why not BT? (www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37974267)

Singapore to treat infosec as equivalent public good to fresh running water


Singapore InterNet - Hardly Unfettered and Definitely Not 'Free'

Visitors to the island state should understand Singapore is an authoritarian state dressed up to look nice.

The 'domestic' InterNet is usage heavily monitored, similarly to the Chinese Fire Wall and many URLs are not accessible, Commercial subscribers have unfettered access to the world InterNet but they, too, are similarly monitored and the police are known to occasionally visit commercial users to instruct them on the proper use of the InterNet.

Naturally, cell services are similarly monitored to ensure 'proper' use of the facilities. The only communications with free access to the world are satellite based. BTW, ensure your Bluetooth remains 'off'.

Remember, too, Echelon-member GCHQ has a listening station, within a well-known centrally located Army camp.

Addendum: The article mentions 'fresh water'. Singapore proudly recycles sewer water - best to buy bottled! (Check: https://www.dw.com/en/singapores-toilet-to-tap-concept/a-16904636 )

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms


A Concierges Knowledge Needs To Be Way More Than Recommendations/Bookings for Restaurants

My wife (and I) own 2 medium size hotels on the Central Coast of VietNam servicing both VNese and Foreign Travelers. Whilst we don't run to Concierge Service, our Front Desk personnel are a fountain of knowledge to local amenities.

We always have them note the nature of inquiries so that we might investigate services that we are unable to otherwise locate and add them to our hotel LAN database - we only supply computers in our rooms, with InterNet and on-line world-wide radio & TV access, but no television sets.

Our listings even include both female and male contacts for up close 'personal' services to boat hires, 24-hour stores, etc. One advantage is on-line services are tip-free

It would be interesting to see how Google Assistant functions the wide range of services that guests request.

NATO's at risk if you go your own Huawei on 5G, US government warns Germany


Could It Be That The NSA . . .

hasn't figured out how to hack HuaWei equipment.

The USA is a failing nation and soon the Chinese wil be running the show anyway.

DuckDuckGo cries fowl after being expunged from Google's Android search preferences menu for most of Europe


It's Simple - Google Can't be Trusted

Google can't be trusted. Period.The only services that we use are Maps (which Google redacts data or adds false data); and translate (which it captures}. Ever checked the length of Google search expressions? Little wonder the InterNet is slow.

It sleeps with Government agencies. it shares search data, as in volunteering search data to the (without warrant}.

The only complaint I have with the Duck is the length of it's URL.

Even if Google scoops data through the Android OS, it likely doesn't on our hand phones, they don't even have SIMs (yet we still get full service)


Why Not . . .

Just install the DDG Browser?

Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel, predicts Eric Raymond


Don't Forget the Microsoft IoT Law Enforcement Suite

A Microsoft project for in-car and body-worn camera systems, drones and aerial surveillance systems use the cloud to provide officers with a real-time, connected view of other first responders around them, and real-time situational awareness for officers. Microsoft has partnered with scores of police surveillance vendors who run their products on a “Government Cloud” supplied by the company’s Azure division.

MS has a “Public Safety and Justice” division with ex-law enforcement staff. This is the heart of the company’s police services, andit has operated for years out of public view.

Veritone, along with China-based Hikvision, provide facial recognition services, closed-circuit TV cameras, environmental sensors (for radiation and dangerous chemicals detection), along with automatic license plate readers (ALPRs). In New York over 9,000 NYPD and privately operated camera feed in to the 'beast'. A drone option from Aeryon Labs, the SkyRanger, can provide real-time streaming video.

All these options, not necessarily sold by MS, are plug compatible with MS equipment.

I spent a few months in the US this Spring and a group of us followed the MS MAPP vehicle around gathering data. There are sufficient weakness for disruption, some of which were tested with great success.

Singapore, South Africa and Brazil have systems and Britain will soon join them

Bad boys bad boys, what you gonna do? Los Angeles Police Department found fibbing about facial recognition use


"it had only been deployed in “a few limited instances.”; Lies and More Lies

The Los Angeles PD has a history of dirty tricks - even more so these days that Federal Funding has increased. They have a well-earned reputation for abuse - think Rodney King. Since 2000, there have been nearly 900 killings by local police that were ruled a homicide by county medical examiners. Since 2000, only two officers have been charged for shooting a civilian while on duty.

Facial recognition is a feature of LAPD smartphones whereby a cop can take a photograph of a person and within a minute or two produce potential 'hits'.(They also use other devices to take fingerprints with attachments to their smartphones.)

Now companies such as Microsoft, with their IoT suite, are gearing up to get their hands on the Federal pot of gold.

Earlier this year I spent time with photographers who are known as First Amendment Auditors, or Cop Watchers, and our project was to disrupt police technology. No one for feels more isolated than a cop without his electronics. We achieved many successful projects that effectively neutralise, or interfere with, police electronics.

A 'hunting jacket' filled with electronics can effectively kill, or modify, in a radius of 200 metres.

The ill-will enjoyed by LAPD, and many other US police departments, is largely because of the disconnect between themselves and the public they serve. Their 'antics' can be seen on YouTube (just search 'First Amendment' and a destinations).

How would Brits react if surplus Army vehicles were employed to patrol Princes Risborough, Castle Combe or Grasmere?

US finds new Huawei to hurt China with new sanctions at top chip maker SMIC


It's Amazing How Petty The USA & Fearless Leader Trump Can Get

One of the biggest reasons not to buy US products is because of the long 'tail' that follows them.

The U.S. has for decades used aircraft instrumentation to limit sales of foreign manufactured aircraft - think Iran. Fortunately it is extremely easy to circumvent, think of a Chinese aircraft that was stolen and flown into TaiWan years ago. It was filled with US manufactured chips.

My employer uses Chinese manufactured integrated circuits and we can order custom pin-outs for quantities as low as 500 pieces. Try that from a US manufacturer. Anyone who has used a 555 chip are well aware of the pairing of 2 sets of pins - a real pain for PCB designers. When we go to North Korea we carry numerous spare parts manufactured in the USA because the Trump stupidity is something we don't bother about.

The US should remember that the Chinese hold US debt as well being the source of rare metals used in some security enterprises and a quick jerk of those strings would be a painful lesson for Washington to learn.

Many 'empires' have collapsed - look at Britain - the US will collapse too.

FBI boasts of dark-web drug bust: 179 collared around the world, $6.5m in cash and 500kg of narcotics seized


Drugs: Seems to Me to be a Matter of Culture

I live in Indochina, an area well know for it's drug production of marijuana and poppies (the source of opium as well as heroin, morphine and codeine). In fact it is openly cultivated in some areas.

It is very common to see older folk pulling on a 'joint' that would put a prize-sized cigar to shame in North-East VietNam, where marijuana is openly grown and openly smoked yet the only people indulging to excess are Foreigners visiting this beautiful country. In our cities there are drugs but we lack the hordes of police chasing down street vendors as in Western countries.

The only police activity here is in limiting cross-border smuggling of man-made drugs such as speed, ecstasy, etc.

The resources that the USA, and the UK, spend on enforcing arcane drug laws is staggering and could well be used elsewhere. If the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) were to be disbanded little would change other than the number of unemployed would increase substantially.

Fortunately some US States have and enlightened view of marijuana and concentrate on 'chemical' drugs.

As with prostitution, the elimination of drugs is an impossible task.

Proposed US fix for Boeing 737 Max software woes does not address Ethiopian crash scenario, UK pilot union warns


So Many Lessons to be Learned in Aviation and Elsehwere

The failure of Boeing in developing the 737 Max should become a classic reference on how NOT to execute a project and why engineers and not accountants should be in charge.

The obscene conflicts of interest between Boeing and the FAA are criminal, products that don't endanger lives have more responsible Quality Control reporting structures. The increasingly poor Quality Control and Inspection in several recent Boeing Aircraft have been the subject of full length films shown in public fora (forums).

More than one aircraft purchaser is refusing to accept product made at Boeing South Carolina.

For myself AND MY STAFF - the instructions to our Travel Agent are IF IT'S BOEING, I AIN'T GOING. I infrequently fly on a DC-3 in Africa and I feel a damn more safer on those 80-year old aircraft than some of today's engineering 'wonders'.

"Manual trim wheels" are discussed in Wickipedia and their size reduction, given their importance, further exemplifies the compromises Boeing is prepared to make with respect to passenger safety.

A Pox on all the homes of Bean Counters.

We're not getting back with Galileo, UK govt tells The Reg, as question marks sprout above its BS*


It's Getting Awful Crowded on the Ground

In my I travels around Indochina, I have noticed a gradual increase in the number of GPS ground stations, used to error correct positioning data transmitted by the GPS systems floating around.

They are useful since the American system no longer positions the famous Ha Noi / SaiGon-Ho Chi Minh City Highway 1A between 10-15 kilometres under the East Sea as it did before the US built stations along the coastline in VietNam and several other countries in the region. Since then they have been sprouting up like mushrooms.

I have seen such stations that support GLONASS (Russia), BeiDou 2 (aka Compass} (China) as well as two limited systems QZSS (Japan) and IRNSS/NavIC (India). I saw a base stations on Chinese 'islands' on my way to both the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes in the past two years.

Perhaps some entrepreneur could lease land in VietNam and region and core some change from Whitehall.As the US has refused the Russians ground facilities, maybe Mexico has some territory you could buy?

Did this airliner land in the North Sea? No. So what happened? El Reg probes flight tracker site oddity


"Canadian open-source intelligence bod Steffan Watkins, whose recent flight tracking research revealed that US intelligence-gathering aircraft were switching transponder codes to pose as benign Malaysian flights off the coast of China,"

I live at 8,000 feet in the VietNam Central Highlands on the Laos border where we have a laser test range.

Steffan Watkins observations might well explain misleading RF communications emanating from US marked aircraft that depart from Singapore's Changi Airport, then travel at low levels across to VN and then are forced to climb as they come over the Highlands.

The paucity of flights at this time make any strange flight paths subject to scrutiny.

Singapore to test compulsory COVID-tracker usage as condition of entry to some venues


Re: This will enable us to open up safely in the coming weeks and months

Obviously, this doesn't apply to local fisher-persons from either Singapore or Jahore Baru who happily sail across the Johore Strait (aka Selat Johor) blithely ignoring the niceties of tracking.

P.S. The seafood restaurants in JB are the greatest!


Singapore, the Police State

Singapore is a police state with InterNet & telephone monitoring, credit card usage info available on line to police, facial recognition. ANPR for vehicles, etc.For privacy uploud you data to a Cloud, and pull the SIM - before landing!

There is one way to avoid this latest idea - use a satellite handset, it beats even their extensive cell monitoring, and essentially the only communications they can't get their clammy hands on.

The Government Communications Headquarters, aka GCHQ, still has an office in Singapore, located in an Army camp, and easily located by drunken louts with English accents at a nearby pub.

The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations


There were some imports from the USA - Decca Navigator

The Decca Navigator was the brainchild by an American, W (Bill). J. O'Brien as a method of measuring the ground speed of aircraft and he worked on the system independently from 1936 to 1939. Unsuccessfully interesting the US military, or the civil authorities, the concept lapsed until 1939. Not dissuaded, O'Brien contacted a fellow American, his friend H. F. Schwarz, who was resident in London, who contacted the War Office.

O'Brien and Schwarz, with financial support from Decca, refined and proved it's viability. The British military expressed interest in the multi-frequency Decca system which, at this time, employed the GEE system and suffered from jamming.

The concept of radio hyperbolic navigation was common knowledge in the 1930s, The GEE, Decca, Omega, Loran, CHAYKA & Alpha were all hyperbolic navigation systems.

After the war Decca was to be found in aircraft and boats, both military and civilian. There were 2 Decca transmitter chains is use during the American War in VietNam. There remains only remnants of two of the original 6 transmitter station sites existent in VietNam (where I reside) today. During the Cold War tests with Decca, surreptitiously mounted in BOAC aircraft, were conducted on their Moscow routes for potential use in bombers.

The Global Positioning System, and the EU, essentially killed off Decca. (See http://www.jproc.ca/hyperbolic/decca.html for more WW2 information on Decca)

Why can't passport biometrics see through my cunning disguise?


Passport Photos Used For Facial Recognition? You Must Be Joking!

My employment causes even 'large' UK passports to be filled in under a year, until I discovered a method to remove rubber stamp ink, and I used to mess around with my facial images.

I've 'flipped' images horizontally, moved my eye pupils closer and further apart, changed the colour of my eyes, had 'droopy' eyelids, changed my nose profile - even a broken nose, but the Passport Office accepted them all, except one droopy eyelid that covered the iris. The latter was replaced by the identical image with a black (square) dot so the 'iris' could be seen. Facial hair changes are readily accepted by the P.O., as are hair colours.

I object to the UK Government transferring my image to all and sundry. Their ersatz passport offices - in actuality VFS Global - have a chequered security history with local employees who, in some locations, are obviously agents for the host government. I always send my applications straight to the P.O.

But why worry? After they have processed images in to two for the data pages, your image is a total distortion of you!

Now with my ink removal chemical, my present 'large' passport, I have had 63 visas affixed and I still have many pages to use.

Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts

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Who Needs 5G In Brighton?

Most people have handsets that can't use 5G.

Why should the environment be blighted yet further that affects everyone for a few handset users? Britain already molly-coddles aerial software owners, especially those Tetra eyesores.

At least further 'G's will be long time coming.

Her Majesty opens UK Parliament with fantastic tales of gigabit-capable broadband for everyone


Another Tory Wet Dream

They've done little so far so why should Britain expect more?

Politicians ... fraud artists and liars.

Criminalise British drone fliers, snarl MPs amid crackdown demands


BANNING - Britain's Solution For Everything

These narrow-minded Parliamentary deadheads don't think.

In Britain, laws state that it is illegal to knock on a person's door (or ring their doorbell) and walk away; it is illegal to be drunk at a bar; all whales and sturgeon are the property of the Crown; all cars, until 1976, had to carry a bale of hay;if Londoners annoy anyone by flying a kite the penalty is 500 Pounds; it is illegal for Londoners to carry planks of wood across sidewalks; after 08.00H it it is illegal to shake any rug or mat outside; asking a person for change, under the Vagrancy Act, it is deemed 'begging'; under the Salmon Act it is illegal to handle a fish 'suspiciously'; it is illegal under a 1960 Act to dress as a soldier or sailor.

Other stupid laws state it is illegal to gamble or use obscene language in a library (remember Lady Chatterley's Lover); it is illegal to sing profane or obscene song ib Public; it is illegal for Parliamentarians to wear armour in the House; it is illegal to keep pigs outside your house without adequate fencing the penalty is One Thousand Pounds; it is illegal for a subject's (you) dog to mate with a Royal dog; it is illegal to eat any unmarked swan; for hanging washing out to dry above a street the penalty is One Thousand Pounds; it is illegal to be without footsocks within 100 yards of the Queen; it is treasonous to affix a stamp upside down; it is illegal to die in Parliament.

It's illegal to do many things in Britain, but as the Courts attest, people do them anyway. These numb-nuts think that laws will stop everything. NEWS! - they don't and will not. All these banning laws is inhibit innovation, innovation that is so needed these days.

UK ads watchdog bans Burger King Twitter jibe for condoning chucking milkshakes at politicians


What Happened To The British Bulldog?

Nearly 80 years ago millions gave their lives or suffered injuries for the cause of freedom.

What a waste - given the Nanny Regime that has insinuated itself in to British life and has resulted in almost every facet of life in Britain.

If you don't agree with a advertisement or display, simply don't buy their products.

A friend was in London a few weeks ago and was having a loud 'discussion' with someone who had short-changed my friend. Some character, in street clothes, flipped open his Plod I.D. and said they were breaching some law. My friend, who is university educated, addressed the alleged Plod using an extended vocabulary, expressing himself more vehemently.

Plod responded said he didn't understand what my friend said but Plod said he could be arrested based on his 'attitude'. I think this is what the Army called 'dumb insolence' when I served. My friend switched to Chinese and repeated his opinions, leaving Plod with a blank look on his face.

Seemingly any of the standards that were current but a few years ago have been swept away by the standards adopted by authorities.


US immigration uses Google Translate to scan people's social media for bad posts – Er, don't do that, says everyone else


Police in Cambodia (Kampuchea), Laos, Thailand And VietNam All Use Google Translate ...

when dealing with Foreigners.

In VietNam laptops have been issued for this purpose whilst the Cong An's (Plod) other business happily continues on ancient desktops running XP!

Tesco parking app hauled offline after exposing 10s of millions of Automatic Number Plate Recognition images


Parking Control Systems - Real Privacy Collection Systems - Ideal For Extortionists

Late last month the condominium in which I reside decided to waste money installing a parking control system running VinaParking software.

Apart from the significant physical installations fails (a Harley wouldn't fit between the lane guides for motorcycles - my scooter has paniers than measure 1 metre across from one side to the other), the HD cameras fitted are very susceptible to IR and UV radiation. The cameras record rear number plate and a facial image of the driver.

The system collects a multitude of data points apart from the essentials including height of rider (against a visual scale), number of riders, etc. The collected information can be used by unscrupulous people as often car images on newer systems include number plates AND images of front seat passengers who should not be seen together such as in extra marital affairs.

I have long fitted IR & UV radiators to my motorcycle (as SaiGon has over 20,000 traffic cameras as well as a national highway plate reading system) to blind them since the traffic cops aren't able to identify the lamps. The cops are wise to reflective paint (Google 'reflective paint for license plates').

The cameras are 'blinded' on the parking system. EMP generators (search YouTube) are extremely effective for producing false readings, even 'killing' cheap card scanners, and simply dropping a helmet faceplate neutralises the facial capture system.

Most parking systems are set not to impede when a camera 'misread' occurs.

UK ISPs must block access to Nintendo Switch piracy sites, High Court rules


I think I've Heard A SImilar Story Before ...

something about a Dutch Boy, a finger and a dike.

Just another delusional judge.

Fairphone 3 stripped to the modular essentials: Glue? What glue?


"sadly the chips have been soldered on, limiting upgradeability a little"

Solder presents no problems to the technical whiz kids in ShenZhen, why should they to techs in the West?

Huawei thanks Uncle Sam for returning its seized comms kit ... two years later, ya jerks


"there may ... be geopolitical or ethical considerations ... Government need to take into account"

Since when has the "Government" been found in the same sentence as "ethical considerations"?

Trump is a fine example, as have many UK Governments.

Just one in five UK constituencies receive 4G from all four mobile operators – research


Developing Countries Have Better Coverage Than The UK

VietNam has great coverage from Viettel - the system owned by the Interior Security Ministry (Ministry of Defence) - and supports 63 million subscribers!

I have a summer house in KonTum Province hard up against the Laos border and my 4G data rate is around 20 Mbytes (up to 1 gig in larger centres).The Viettel (only) 4G coverage map can be seen at https://www.nperf.com/en/map/VN/-/21932.Vinaphone/signal/. The cost is 300.000 Dong (USD$15) for 24GB of data, prepaid.

Where 4G is unavailable in the mountains and sparsely populated areas there is 3G automatic switchover. There are 4 cell systems offering 4G. 4G coverage covers the out islands of Phu Quoc through to Cat Ba in the North.

There's fraud, and then there's backdoor routers, fenced logins, malware, and bribing AT&T staff seven figures to unlock 2m phones


There are so many ...

websites that provide free unlock codes ... 'locked' cell handsets hardly warrant the name.

Off somewhere nice on holibobs? Not if you're flying British Airways: IT 'systems issue' smacks UK airports once again


It's simple, avoid travel with a word ...

beginning with a letter 'B' such as British Airways or Boeing.

Flying B. A. used to be for Queen and Country, now it is for some squalid holding company that keeps Wee Willy Walsh in free, complimentary First Class travel.



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