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Former NCSC chief says US sanctions made Britain strip Huawei from mobe networks


So Much for the UK Being a Sovereign Nation

If the UK Government had any balls, they would have told the USA to go to hell.

What happened to Britannia Rules the Waves?

London calling: 5G coverage in British capital grew during second half of last year with fastest speeds on Vodafone


What About The Rural Areas?

Whilst London gets a ersatz 5G - bet they aren't using carrier frequencies over 2,500MHz - the Rural areas are neglected.

Many countries enjoy 100% coverage even in the hills and valleys.

Loser Trump's last financial disclosure docs reveal Tim Cook gave him $5,999 Mac Pro, the 'first' made in Texas


Is Trump Capable of Handling So Many Keys?

Given that Trumps choice of technology has been smartphones, can Trump handle so many keys?

Let's hope Trump's new toy has a spell checker and a grammar checker. Now he has to find a media platform that will let him lie his head off.

Hollywood drone pilot admits he crashed gizmo into cop chopper, triggering emergency landing


Re: Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

Cops DO have to comply with height regulations in the USA - check out videos of automobile chases or TV coverage of traffic.


Re: Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

Each country's rules are different. US private drones can fly to 400 feet in G space

ÚS Rules: Sec. 91.119 — Minimum safe altitudes: General.

Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, no person may operate an aircraft below the following altitudes:

(a) Anywhere. An altitude allowing, if a power unit fails, an emergency landing without undue hazard to persons or property on the surface.

(b) Over congested areas. Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft.

(c) Over other than congested areas. An altitude of 500 feet above the surface, except over open water or sparsely populated areas. In those cases, the aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 feet to any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure.

(d) Helicopters, powered parachutes, and weight-shift-control aircraft. If the operation is conducted without hazard to persons or property on the surface—

(1) A helicopter may be operated at less than the minimums prescribed in paragraph (b) or (c) of this section, provided each person operating the helicopter complies with any routes or altitudes specifically prescribed for helicopters by the FAA; and

(2) A powered parachute or weight-shift-control aircraft may be operated at less than the minimums prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section.

The LAPD Flying Pig brigade are notorious for flying just about residential rooftops - I have witnessed them and their antics are also recorded on First Amendment videos and some can be witnessed on YouTube.


Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

In the US 'domestic' drones can fly up to 400 feet - in what they call G Class airspace. It ís essentially unregulated by ATC.

The LAPD are notorious for flying low over city areas, as can be seen by their antics captured on First Amendment videos usually when the 'Flying Pigs' play spotlight games with photographer's extremely bright flashlights/torches. LAPD has a fleet of 19 helicopters which include two Bell 206B3 JetRangers, 10 Eurocopter AS-350B2, 4 Airbus H125, one Bell 412 plus one Beechcraft King Air 200 twin-engined aircraft.

The question is who was flying legally below 400 feet? Of course they blame the drone operator - he's lucky he wasn't charged with attempted murder knowing LAPD - notorious for the Rodney King beating incident.

The lessons learned from this incident are: Always use a new SD Card (without any data on it) and remove all identifying serial numbers from cameras

Backers of Planet Computers' Astro Slide 5G phone furious after shock specs downgrade


Many More Disappointments Await 5G Fashion Leaders Above LTE Band 30

To my mind, classifying LTE Bands 7, 30, 38 and 41 is deceptive, since all these fall within the frequency assignments above 2, 307 MHz.

For a year now we have had a 5G demonstration base station on the South bank of the River SaiGon. A group of radio amateurs / enthusiasts dragged their SDR receivers and a spectrum analyser across the rivers and made many measurements. We then returned to the North bank (downtown) and from the 4th floor Breeze Sky Bar at Hotel Majestic Saigon, directly opposite the demo site, a distance of about 0.5 mile across the fairly calm waters and tested signal reception using the identical equipment enhanced by a couple of Yagi antennae.

We could barely detect a carrier let alone a voice communication. Our results suggest that prospective purchasers of 5G handsets better understand exactly what they are buying.

EncroChat hack evidence wasn't obtained illegally, High Court of England and Wales rules – trial judges will decide whether to admit it

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It's Heartening to Hear that Judges are . . .

ruling against the Crown after decades of "accommodating" the Crown.

Too often, in past years, Judges have favoured the Crown by "bending" or stretching the rules.

Wondering what to do over the holiday season? How about aiming a laser at commercial aircraft and then spending years of your life in prison?


Magpie scarecrow

Way back in the '60s I was a laser technician for the Canadian importer/distributor of Spectra Physics lasers.

We conducted tests at Hamilton Airport, Ontario, trying to drive birds from the runways. Wasn't too successful, all the test chickens đid was to stand around looking at the lasers. The lasers ranged from tame units sold to the Cops for gun targeting up to higher powered units whose outputs were measured in Watts.

Eventually all our test birds became blind but they still tasted great on dining room tables!


Laser Glare Protection is Available as a Cockpit Window Film or . . .

for sometime as eyeglasses. Read: > https://www.laserpointersafety.com/laserglasses/laserglasses.html <

Seems that the military and the US police are OK blinding vehicle drivers, although their 'dazzlers' use modulated green lasers. I guess it's just as well 'out of sight' Ultra-Violet lasers cost so much although Infra-Red devices are more moderately priced. Infra-Red is great for blinding traffic cameras.

Ordinary $10 laser pointers have quite sufficient power to reach Plod helicopters after an internal potentiometer ís adjusted to increase the power.

China compromised F-35 subcontractor and forced expensive software system rewrite, academic tells MPs


Why Worry About the Software When . . .

Turkey is supposedly doing hardware maintenance on any aircraft the UK might be foolish enough to purchase.

Turkey, the same country that now has close military relations with the Russian military and ís buying Russian hardware. Ìf the US intelligence services are worried about Trump doing deals with his knowledge of US security ìnfo, just imagine what "favourable deals" the Russians would offer in return for checking out F35's in for service in Turkey!

Cops aren't normally the most 'agile' of folk, but that's exactly what London's Metropolitan Police Service would like to be

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Bring On The Technology - It Makes Plod More Susceptible / Vulnerable

Although based in the Far East I support the 'First Amendment Auditors' aka 'The Cop Watchers' in the USA with technology, a movement that ís gaining ground in the UK and Europe, where familiar names are following money (government) money.

Take Microsoft's cop "IoT" roaming terminals on wheels, cops extra, which blends several vulnerable technologies to support their activities. The same system can be found in Singapore and South Africa.

A single person wearing a fishing jacket filled with technology can kill an IoT Vehicle. From a loudspeaker device to make audio communications impossible, an SDR to capture transmissions, or pairs of SDR transceivers, with microprocessors, to capture then jam communication channels, and flashlights / torches that temporarily blind viewers.

Next time you see a gathering of people, called a 'demonstration' in Plod parlance, look in the sky for a small fixed-wing aircraft flying circles and likely carrying equipment to capture cell data. Total wastes of tax dollars.

Little beats Plod on a bicycle armed with a whistle and a cell handset.

Huawei bid to move chip production in-house so it can survive US sanctions will start with a 45nm process – report


U.S. Policy aka Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face

China and the USA need each other, one for the business and the other for loan money. The problem ís ego /prowess. Britain stupidly (IMO) left the EU whilst other countries continue to form trade blocks. The thankfully dead British and French 'Empires' were essentially 'trading blocks'.

The USA has long used trade to pressure countries, both directly and indirectly, to modify some action. The only trouble ís the USA is rapidly becoming a 'has been' which ís losing it's bargaining chíps. At one time the US held the monopoly on Nuclear Weapons, rockets, satellites, aeronautical instrumentation, etc., nơw every Tom, Dick and Harry has them.

By limiting China's access to certain technologies / products only results in it creating a new business / industry which will, after a few years, become competitors.

Remember, the present generation of sharp Chinese engineers / technicians / scientists are the children / grandchildren of dirt farmers. Who knew that the largest generating dam, Three Gorges Dam, a dam that literally changed the world, would rise 60 years after the Korean War same from the same old dirt farmer stock. Less than 50 years ago, following the American War in VietNam, VN was a total wreck, in fact for a period of time the power used to be turned off and city dwellers told to find their own food in the fields, yet look at it now - booming. So much for the "Domino Effect".

The older, graying, generation of Western 'leaders' would be wise to study history. Hopefully Biden, aided by a younger generation, will steer a better course.

GitHub warns devs face ban if they fork DMCA'd YouTube download tool... while hinting how to beat the RIAA


If I can see it on my Screen, ít's as Good as . . .


No anti-copying / encryption technology has been invented / designed that ís infallible.

I live within 2 kilometres of a Tetra base (bzzz, bzzz, bzzz) and with 2 SDR transceivers and a computer I am able to listen in clearvoice.

What I like about digital ís that it is so susceptible to interference. Most jammed encrypted voice users switch to clearvoice in frustration. An fine example of encryption failure ís the USA P25, also known as APCO25 and ASTRO25, project to whom the word Mattel is a dirty word. The scrambled satellite TV broadcasts can easily be viewed.

Brit accused of spying on 772 people via webcam CCTV software tells court he'd end his life if extradited to US


It Couldn't Happen in France.

France, unlike the subservient British government, does not extradite French citizens anywhere.

Time Britain manned up and told the USA to take a hike or, á the current US vernacular goes, Go Kick Rocks!

SNAFU: Clairvoyant train brings warning of what was coming down the line for 2020


Who Knew?

Who knew that The Register claimed to be "a family publication".

Cambodia launches blockchain-powered peer-to-peer payments, hopes it crushes cash


Cash ís Still King in Cambodia/Kampuchea

Much of Cambodia/Kampuchea where there are no basic services such as water, sewage or electricity. Cash ís the only viable form of money.

Another reason cash ís necessary ís because of tourists/visitors.

Riel (KHR) are used for transactions under $5, U.S. Dollars for larger transactions, but the change ín Riel.

Visitors should know NEVER USE /ACCEPT $10 BILLS Á MANY ARE FAKE!


VietNam Divvying Up the Land? You have to be Joking!

Following the American War in VietNam all land became the property of the State, a standard state with certain political systems (the Kmer Rouge đid the same when it ran Cambodia/Kampuchea).

The land management functions were assigned to individual provinces.

To occupy a piece of land requires acquiring a User Certificate which ís similar to a Lease, except it ís a perpetual lease. The initial User Certifcate ís purchased from the government. In daily lìfe it makes little difference since User Certificates can be sold, pledged (loan security) and inherited. I, as a Foreigner, can't hold a User Certificate, so my wife does.

Transfers of User Certificates from one legal person (including companies) to another ís registered with the Province (of City-Province).

Compulsory purchase ís interesting. In Ha Noi the city government often simply takes the land and pays compensation. In Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon thís ís rarely done instead they issue a Notice that a User Certificate can not be used for anything except sold to the government.

There are some apartment buildings, designated for urban renewal, are completely empty except for a few hold-outs who want bigger compensation payments from the government!

And some people call VietNam a Communist country - it í similar to Denmark in many ways.

Software engineer leaked UK missile system secrets and refused to hand cops his passwords, Old Bailey told


So much for British 'justice'

I live in an 'authoritarian' country and there are no legal ways anyone can be required to provide a password or other code here. Just illustrates hơw far Britain has gone dơwn the legal drain.

At least we can be satisfied in knowing Her Majesty's government is impotent when it comes to some security devices.

UK regulator Ofcom to ban carriers from selling locked handsets to make dumping clingy networks even easier


£10 for unlocking? The instructions have been . . .

on the InterNet for years. Other sources were 'bent' technicians.

Apart from my first handset, bought in the UK, none of my handsets have been locked. In fact, many countries with government-owned cell systems have always had COAM (Customer Owned And Maintained) equipment sales outlets.

Locking almost anything is pointless, although Apple's newer handsets are 'locked down' when it comes to repairs as they are using custom chips.


Re: If only...

I often go to the DPRK (North Korea) on business. In the larger cities 'radios' were cable connected 'Rediffusion style' (see http://www.rediffusion.info/) which was uneconomic / impracticable in the countryside. There RF radios were available but with prefixed, button selected, DPRK radio stations.

More brave independent-minded citizens figured out ways to tune to South Korean stations. If caught, the penalty was years in jail!

Ed Snowden doesn’t need to worry about being turfed out of Russia any more

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What the USA Wants Snowden for is Pure Revenge

Snowden revealed all the dirty NSA tricks, many of which were outside limits of US law. They were embarrassed because all their genitalia were exposed.

Had the NSA not broken the law, Snowden would have nothing to leak.

One of the dirtiest Echelon members ís GCHQ right there in Cheltenham.

Wikipedia has a great opening line for the GCHQ page: "Not to be confused with Her Majesty's Government Communications Centre or Conservative Campaign Headquarters." Poetic.

Elizabeth Holmes' plan to avoid her Theranos fraud trial worked out about as well as her useless blood-testing machines


This Case is Only Remarkable because

the alleged miscreant is female.

Had this been authored by a male it would not have been so notorious.

It's that time of the year when Apple convinces you last year's iPhones weren't quite magical enough, so buy this new 5G iPhone 12 instead


Apple Building Expensive Burner Handsets that can't be Repaired and they Eat Your Data

Apple products are increasingly unserviceable as not even their authorised dealers can get spares.

After market repair magicians like Louis of www.rossmanngroup.com (NYC) has difficulty in locating spares especially now Apple is using their own private label chips. Plus Apple glues their stuff together, although the techs in ShangHai use gas to dissolve the glue.

Apple products are fast becoming burner phones AND YOU CAN'T RECOVER YOUR DATA!

Indonesia’s black-market phone prevention plan bricks a whole bunch of handsets


 Handy Website to Know Is . . .


The last IMEI digit is a check digit. The Check Digit is calculated using the Luhn formula.

Microsoft tells staff work-from-home is now ‘standard’ – with caveats galore



Working From Home Is Making a Lot of People Miserable




Re: @Tempest - There is More to "Work" Than Just Working

I was referring to the principle of cross-pollination or the "crowd sourcing" of ideas.

The names support groups and websites infer they are not referring to lunch rooms.


There is More to "Work" Than Just Working

Ignoring the fact that an employees costs rise when working outside an office, as others have discussed, there is value in being able to 'chat' about activities or incidents outside the office sphere as well as discussing work projects with people not directly involved in a given project. It's about re-inventing wheels. Just listen to talk in a lunch room. The subjects of common interest are limitless.

If interaction between people in any area activity had no value, why are support groups and websites so popular?

The ability to 'bounce' crazy ideas off others won't happen if communication is more formal.

Our company has offices separated by hundreds of kilometres, along with one in Canada, and our inter-office audio/visual communications are important. Similar work areas can chat together over 'speakerphone' and when one-on-one communications are needed they, too, can be accommodated.

Pakistan bans TikTok because of its users not its owners


The Pakistani Kettle Calling the Pot Black

I have worked for several periods of months in Pakistan. Where else does a hotel supply an armed guard out side your room?

My clients had no trouble locating street-facing establishments, featuring females that would do Las Vegas proud. where to 'entertain' their Western guests.

Similarly, the citizens of Pakistan, as well as many Muslim countries in the Middle East, are amongst the highest subscribers to satellite channels that feature content of a sexual nature, material critical of Islam that easily exceeds the Pakistani definition of proclivity.

I think the Pak governments concern is centred upon it's female population.


Pot Calling the Kettle Black

I have had the displeasure of working in Pakistan for several periods of months. Where else would you have an armed guard outside your bedroom door?

The Pakistan government is well aware that it's citizens, along with those from Middle Eastern Muslim countries, are heavy subscribers to satellite TV channels that easily fit their description of proclivity. However, the male population has no trouble viewing such activity, or even hands-on experience, of females that would do Las Vegas proud, in street-facing establishments.

Five Eyes nations plus Japan, India call for Big Tech to bake backdoors into everything


Why Do They Need Backdoors? Seems that . . .

the Chinese, Russians and even the DPRK have little difficulty in penetrating high security Western defence computer networks, or those networks used for US elections or electrical grid systems.

Perhaps the vaunted Western security agencies should hit the books, not the manufacturers, for assistance.

Britannia should rule the (cyber) waves, minister tells Singapore event in bid to drum up Commonwealth support


Another Loon Living in the Past. Britain Has Joined the Ranks of the Former Great Nations

The British 'Empire' started it's decline after the Second World War when the USA increasingly assumed the mantle. These days, under the guidance of the Orange Haired Freak, even the USA is in decline with China the likely successor. A pronouncement from Whitehall in earlier times meant something and was heard clearly in distant capitals.

At one time Britain had steel mills and impressive shipyards, now only skeletons of many exist. The UK doesn't have an independent nuclear deterrent (it can't fire nuclear weapons without American permission); the Pound is not a true international currency as is the US Dollar. I remember whn the Pound was worth US$5. And when did you last buy a simple screw or a standard cell phone made in the UK?

Britain is unable to mount an independent military operation without assistance - check out the military of China or even the DPRK.

The only thing notable to this day is the governments ability to stick it's snout into others business, an activity it pioneered. It is amazing that any form of communication operates without a licence. Sure, Britain leads the way, in the West, for the number of public facing CCTV cameras it has and the intrusive activities of the Plod.

And now, to ensure it's demise, it has exited the EU. The Commonwealth is a fallacy, the strong links were broken when Edward Heath told it to kick rocks upon the UK joining the EU.

Britain should have binned Huawei 5G kit years ago to cuddle up with Trump, says Parliamentary committee

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HuaWei - a Trade War not a Security war

The trade-based war between HuaWei and the USA has little to do with technology.

Why would the UK accept anything emanating from USA politicians, all busy shovelling cash into their pockets from Lobbyists. Few US politicians are immune from this bribery, er . . . lobbying. The fact that Australia swallowed the lies from the US means nothing, it is a sheep adopting US 'culture', with the exception of driving standards.

The only reason anyone would want to cuddle up with Trump is to make money or catch STDs. He is a con artist, a liar, thief and embezzler. Come to think of it, most of these are prerequisites for politicians.

At least HuaWei will make a pile of money from it's bulging portfolio of 5G patents.

Many Brits would be happy with 3G and fibre optic before the investment in a radio system whose range is measured in yards or metres.

Yes, it's down again: Microsoft's Office 365 takes yet another mid-week tumble, Azure also unwell


10-9 = Where's my InterNet? Azure Screw Up Affects Police in USA, Singapore, etc

Microsoft's IoT product for cops - most easily spotted when the cops are viewing the InterNet on the Panasonic laptops in their cars - runs on AZURE. It supplies various services including facial and fingerprint recognition inter-car communication, etc.

Usually MS blames 'leaves' as in when the satellite signal is obstructed. Always thought British Rail had a patent on leaf interruption.

China takes TikTok-WeChat ding-dong to World Trade Organization, accuses US, India of breaking global rules


TRUMP Has Made the USA a Has-Been Nation

If he had time he would repudiate the WHO Treaty, which would take at least 6 months . . . hopefully this is 5 months after he is terminated.

Cisco ordered to cough up $2bn – yes, two billion dollars – plus royalties after ripping off biz's cybersecurity patents

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Hey, take it easy, have you forgotten that

Cisco is an agent for the US National Security Agency as a supplier of hackable routers.

Former antivirus baron John McAfee collared, faces extradition to America on tax evasion, securities allegations


You would have thought . . .

that the under-staffed US tax crowd would have their hands full just chasing down the crooks, er alleged tax evaders, in Trumps phone book, without wasting their time on aged has-beens.

Oh, I forgot, the cabinet member for the IRS, Charles Rettig, sole purpose is to protect Trump and his friends from investigation. Until 2021 January 20, that is.

How's this for overachieving? Man accused of running software outfit as a Ponzi scheme while on parole from previous fraud

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Where's the problem?

This is called American Enterprise.

Worked for Trump, why not others?

Salesforce, Deloitte try to flog contact-tracing wares to a UK public sector that's already got a £12bn test-and-trace system


Re-Inventing the wheel. A fully functional Track & Trace is operating in many countries

Google and Apple swallowed their respective egos and cooperatively developed Track & Trace software. IT IS SITTING IN YOUR HAND PHONE NOW.

All that is required is a for a national organisation to establish a minimal support infrastructure.

On my Android hand phone, my App shows the nearest infection is over 100 kilometres away in Da Nang. When I venture into the larger cities I can alter the map scale and see any infections with 500 metres.

There is little to be done to implement the scheme, just a will to serve the population - something the present government is unwilling to do to help the people.

Think tank warns any further delay to 5G rollout will cost the UK multiple billions – but hey, at least Huawei is out


Re: Are we all waiting for 5G? If you don't regularly go into big cities then IMHO . . .

Damn 5G has trouble operating IN buildings, let alone down the road.

Remember 5G is a very generic term when it comes to defining what frequency it uses. The frequency bands for 5G networks come in a pair. Frequency band 1 (FR1) is between 450 MHz & 6 GHz, which includes the LTE band. Frequency band 2 (FR2) is between 24.25 GHz & 52.6 GHz.

There is a chasm of difference between FR1 & FR2, both in technological design and operating terms.

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Britain: Technology Leader? NOT

Before the UK rushes off into an unknown 5G future, blindly following the Americans, it might be worthwhile fully penetrating the landscape with Fibre Optic infrastructure (needed for 5G base stations).

5G is more a P.R. campaign, an illusion, that will frustrate more than satisfy users. Nothing is more frustrating that looking at an antenna and you your hand phone being unable to reach it.

So many 'developing' countries have way higher penetration of 4G and Fibre than the UK, the government should be ashamed.

As I write this I am in a hamlet of Bo-Y, population 270, on the Laos/VietNam (KonTum) border where 100 Mbyte Fibre service and 100% 4G service are available. In my No-Star hotel I can view streaming movies and any on-line TV station uninterrupted by technical glitches. The Spratly Islands, way off the mainland in the Eastern Sea (claimed by China), too, enjoy 4G and Fibre Optic service.

If Christine Conder, of Lancashire, can build a profitable Fibre Optic network why not BT? (www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-37974267)

Singapore to treat infosec as equivalent public good to fresh running water


Singapore InterNet - Hardly Unfettered and Definitely Not 'Free'

Visitors to the island state should understand Singapore is an authoritarian state dressed up to look nice.

The 'domestic' InterNet is usage heavily monitored, similarly to the Chinese Fire Wall and many URLs are not accessible, Commercial subscribers have unfettered access to the world InterNet but they, too, are similarly monitored and the police are known to occasionally visit commercial users to instruct them on the proper use of the InterNet.

Naturally, cell services are similarly monitored to ensure 'proper' use of the facilities. The only communications with free access to the world are satellite based. BTW, ensure your Bluetooth remains 'off'.

Remember, too, Echelon-member GCHQ has a listening station, within a well-known centrally located Army camp.

Addendum: The article mentions 'fresh water'. Singapore proudly recycles sewer water - best to buy bottled! (Check: https://www.dw.com/en/singapores-toilet-to-tap-concept/a-16904636 )

Google wants to listen in to whatever you get up to in hotel rooms


A Concierges Knowledge Needs To Be Way More Than Recommendations/Bookings for Restaurants

My wife (and I) own 2 medium size hotels on the Central Coast of VietNam servicing both VNese and Foreign Travelers. Whilst we don't run to Concierge Service, our Front Desk personnel are a fountain of knowledge to local amenities.

We always have them note the nature of inquiries so that we might investigate services that we are unable to otherwise locate and add them to our hotel LAN database - we only supply computers in our rooms, with InterNet and on-line world-wide radio & TV access, but no television sets.

Our listings even include both female and male contacts for up close 'personal' services to boat hires, 24-hour stores, etc. One advantage is on-line services are tip-free

It would be interesting to see how Google Assistant functions the wide range of services that guests request.

NATO's at risk if you go your own Huawei on 5G, US government warns Germany


Could It Be That The NSA . . .

hasn't figured out how to hack HuaWei equipment.

The USA is a failing nation and soon the Chinese wil be running the show anyway.

DuckDuckGo cries fowl after being expunged from Google's Android search preferences menu for most of Europe


It's Simple - Google Can't be Trusted

Google can't be trusted. Period.The only services that we use are Maps (which Google redacts data or adds false data); and translate (which it captures}. Ever checked the length of Google search expressions? Little wonder the InterNet is slow.

It sleeps with Government agencies. it shares search data, as in volunteering search data to the (without warrant}.

The only complaint I have with the Duck is the length of it's URL.

Even if Google scoops data through the Android OS, it likely doesn't on our hand phones, they don't even have SIMs (yet we still get full service)


Why Not . . .

Just install the DDG Browser?

Windows to become emulation layer atop Linux kernel, predicts Eric Raymond


Don't Forget the Microsoft IoT Law Enforcement Suite

A Microsoft project for in-car and body-worn camera systems, drones and aerial surveillance systems use the cloud to provide officers with a real-time, connected view of other first responders around them, and real-time situational awareness for officers. Microsoft has partnered with scores of police surveillance vendors who run their products on a “Government Cloud” supplied by the company’s Azure division.

MS has a “Public Safety and Justice” division with ex-law enforcement staff. This is the heart of the company’s police services, andit has operated for years out of public view.

Veritone, along with China-based Hikvision, provide facial recognition services, closed-circuit TV cameras, environmental sensors (for radiation and dangerous chemicals detection), along with automatic license plate readers (ALPRs). In New York over 9,000 NYPD and privately operated camera feed in to the 'beast'. A drone option from Aeryon Labs, the SkyRanger, can provide real-time streaming video.

All these options, not necessarily sold by MS, are plug compatible with MS equipment.

I spent a few months in the US this Spring and a group of us followed the MS MAPP vehicle around gathering data. There are sufficient weakness for disruption, some of which were tested with great success.

Singapore, South Africa and Brazil have systems and Britain will soon join them



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