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Singaporean superapp Grab IPOs – badly – and promises to focus on maps and money


GRAB - Another Word for Bad Motorcycle Drivers in VietNam

In VietNam, until Grab arrived, the biggest danger on Vietnamese city roads were Vinasun taxis. Now, with Grab, there are two identifiable road hazards.

The Grab formula ís simple. Recruit youthful drivers with a smartphone, and give them an App and away they go.

Grab seems to be very lax when it comes to security since a person dressed in a Grab uniform may be wearing a company issued product OR it might have been bought from an on-line clothing sales company.

New Zealand spooks say satellite snooping is obsolete – better intel is found elsewhere


Now, If New Zealand Only Had Ocean Cables Passing Across It's Shores . . .

like Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore do, the UK spies might be more interested.

For more detailed information on this hardship post check out: “Secret Power: New Zealand’s Role In The International Spy Network” by Nicky Hage; https://theintercept.com/2015/03/07/new-zealand-ironsand-waihopai-nsa-gcsb/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicky_Hager.

The USA even has a base at Christchurch Airport.

Singaporean minister touts internet 'kill switch' that finds kids reading net nasties and cuts 'em off ASAP

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SINGAPORE: As much privacy as the Chinese mainland - which is none

Our company, like numerous others, acknowledge that all communications content in Singapore are heavily monitored and censored. It is not, under any interpretation of the meaning, a "free" country. It is easily equal to China in this regard. InterNet services to commercial enterprises are only audited intermittently. Singapore also has detention without trial for up to two years. No court warrants are required to make phone taps and data interception, either.

To circumvent these restrictions, we usually resort to encrypted communications for both data and voice. We also travel there with cellular equipment designated safe to use in China. Often these are "burner phones" which are equipped with external encryption devices.

Satellite communications are the most secure. It should be remembered that under a program called TEMPORA, two major fiber optic cables are the SEA-ME-WE-3 and SEA-ME-WE-4 at their Naval base in Tuas, on the Western side of Singapore. The old Kranji SIGINT listening post was closed in 1974.

Should the Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen achieve his dream, the effects could be significant.

US offers Julian Assange time in Australian prison instead of American supermax if he loses London extradition fight

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Punishment or Revenge?

The judicial system ís that in name only.

REVENGE is the only word that can describe what Assange, Chelsea Manning and many others have suffered at the hands, or direction, of the US Government. Their court process more resembles the CBS TV show "Let's Make a Deal".

Added to this quagmire are US police - one only has to view First Amendment videos on YouTube to get a taste of where the problems start. And what of the Three Strikes law, sponsored by Biden in hís younger years, where a theft of a slice of pizza led to a homeless person being imprisoned for life?

US "Supermax" along with Guantanamo, demonstrate the lengths to which the US will go to satiate their thirst for revenge. They don't even pretend to disguise what their intentions are.

The UK should adopt the French "try them at home" (country) rather than the Blair/Blunkett scheme of handing accused using minimal evidence.

FCC pushes forward on rules to block the certification of new telecoms gear from ZTE and Huawei


It's Not The Chinese I worry About, . . .

it's the amoral slime who are employed, or contracted, by the NSA, GCHQ and their buddies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

At least, these days, they are having to work overtime with the plethora of technologies employed these days.

And if the States is so clever, how come their computer systems are always demonstrating their poor security?

School teacher accused of pocketing $1m+ in insider trading using tips from Silicon Valley pal


The SEC Can Catch Little Minnows But Not Sharks Like

Madoff, who recently changed digs made of concrete to one of a large boiler. Roast in Hell, Bernie.

Mounties messed up by using Clearview AI, says Canadian Privacy Commissioner


The RCMP, Horses and Honesty

Non-Canadians should understand that whilst the RCMP, best known for red uniforms and horses, is a national police force functioning much like the FBI, which

also acts as 'local' or provincial police in several provinces - for a fee. They are generously Federally funded and. as such, have much more money to splurge on 'wet dreams'. They read that the FBI has a news widget and immediately the RCMP feel they need the same widget.

To get around restrictions, these top level police have, on many occasions, asked their equivalents in other countries to "do them a favour" where Canadian law prohibits of limits activities. This is not new - the Echelon gang have been doing this for years.

So don't be fooled by those damn horse and red jackets, the RCMP has "bad cops", who lie, cheat and beat up "clients", as badly as many other forces around the world. They run Canada's criminal records computers which has numerous unfounded, inaccurate information which is run on the GIGO (Garbage In, Gospel Out) principle.

P.S. I am happy that they use images on the InterNet for there are none of myself and technically intelligent friends - we use pictures gleaned from picture libraries such Izito, Zapmeta or Getty. I don't even use Canadian passports or driving licences - which limits their sources.

Pakistan's Punjab province tells citizens to get jabbed or have their SIM card blocked

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Given the Overall / Discriminatory Acts of Pakistani Governments . . .

it is heartening to see a positive and innovative act that appears to be a world first.

EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says 'no player data accessed' after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source



Hard to tell the difference between the Hackers and EA given EA's pricing.

New York State Senate first to pass landmark right-to-repair bill – but don't go popping the Champagne just yet

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iFixit and the Rossman Group deserve hat-tips for their investments in time and money for supporting this incentive.

We shouldn't forget all the outfits like ManualsLib.com who do a great job in providing GENUINE copies of manufacturers technical documents.

Amazon exec's husband jailed for two years for insider trading. Yes, with Amazon stock


It's a Pity the U.S. SEC Didn't Monitor . . .

Madoff, who went unexamined for decades.

Hopefully Madoff is feeling the heat now, given his soul likely resides in Hell.

Apple ditches support for pre-2015 MacBook Air, Pro laptops with macOS Monterey

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Who Cares? We Have the NYC based ROSSMAN GROUP

Anyone with smarts bypasses the Apple stores and contacts Rossman of New York City for a speedy, reliable repair.

There is a YouTube video from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that demonstrates why Rossman is a trusted source.

Biden cancels Trump's bans on TikTok, WeChat, other Chinese apps


Who Knew? Seems That No Smart Idiot in Trump's Domain . . .

has children who seem to find a way around such impediments, just as adults do.

The leaders in InterNet suppression, the Chinese government, could have told them that, since the electronic wall built around that country more resembles Swiss cheese with large holes in it.

I travel to China regularly and always take a SatPhone (antennae removed) with me - something BeiJing cannot stop working. Another hole.

PrivacyMic looks to keep your home smart without Google, Alexa, Siri and pals listening in


Who Needs These Unnecessary Things?

Most humans are born with devices that circumvent the need for "ever-listening" devices.

They are called arms and legs. Or you can use a dog - as in fetching the newspaper or a beer from the fridge.

Cryptography whizz Phil Zimmermann looks back at 30 years of Pretty Good Privacy

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Re: I remember my PGP T-shirt well!

I was in Canada on the weekend when Phil Zimmerman released his iconic software and I bought 20 or so T-shirts, folded them inside out and later they all departed overseas.

I still have a couple of the original T-shirts. I had a hundred or so printed (very cheap here in South-East Asia) and gave them out to people who asked knowledgeable questions.

Many people owe employment opportunities to Phil, even NSA and GCHQ sub-contractors who were hired to crack Phil's work.

Thank you Phil!

Australian cops, FBI created backdoored chat app, told crims it was secure – then snooped on 9,000 users' plots


Re: Mobile phones that can't make calls?

iThings after a software upgrade!

Tech scammer who fooled Cisco, Microsoft and Lenovo out of millions jailed for more than seven years


Singapore? But, But, Everyone Knows We Are . . .

squeaky clean and honest . . . as long as you ignore the small matter of US$14,000,000 that CHOY, Hon-Tim of the Public Utilities Board collected from cable suppliers.

How much would you pay me to develop a COVID tracking app that actually works? Ah, thought so: nothing

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Not Every Country had a Total Lockdown

Several countries have avoided total lockdowns. although they have had regional isolation zones - China for one. Kampuchea and Laos had regional closures. All land gateways were closed

VietNam had a "lockdown" for a couple of weeks after travelers and some illegal Chinese border crossers infected areas of the country. There are several "flying squads" who vigorously stamp out outbreaks by isolating areas using road and water / river closures.

The big difference has been attitude and compliance. Mask usage was without complaint; large screen video screens were connected to thermal cameras (for all to see); temperature monitoring occurred at smaller venues, and spray bottles were available everywhere.

Instead of using Plod to harass / arrest people, the Cong An (Peoples Police) handed out masks and bottled water to poor people unable to afford masks. If a motorcyclist was seen without a mask a blast of a whistle or the honk of a horn was sufficient to ensure compliance.

People here can't understand why protests and violence was vented against mask use in the USA and Europe.

Mass vaccinations have just commenced this month, but given the population is around 190-million souls, it will take a while to complete.

Britain to spend £22m influencing Indo-Pacific nations' cybersecurity policies against 'authoritarian regimes'


Re: Grimm



It Might be a Good Idea to Start at Home - the UK InterNet is Censored

Out here in VietNam we have more InterNet freedom that subscribers in the UK and other European countries.

The only noticeable blocks are to those websites who claim Ha Noi is not the legitimate government of the south, although most countries accept and support VietNam as a single entity.

Compared to many countries, the UK is a Nanny domain with many restrictions forced on the great unwashed in the UK. The new satellite venture by Elton Musk and SpacEx is an opportunity to tell Whitehall to go to Hell.

Copper load of this: Openreach outlines 77 new locations where it'll stop selling legacy phone and broadband products


One Small Step . . .

SaiGon/Ho Chi Minh City is now a fibre domain.

Every premise, residential or commercial has a fibre line that terminates in district distribution facilities. All communications providers can connect their services to each "last kilometre fibre" from central control locations.

My residence has two 200MByte InterNet feeds supplied by two competing InterNet providers. The fibre line and the terminating box (user paid) are shared and clearly marked connectors for telephone, cable TV, Data1, Data 2, Audio service are a whiz to connect to. There is a WiFi feature in the box, too, along with Ethernet. I don't subscribe to either cable or telephone services. By providing a 9V DC battery, the unit is grid power independent.

An installer only appeared once, to run a cable from the floor access point to a neat terminal in our residence.

Only one thing: Telco's can access the WiFi for their own technicians use if the WiFi feature is activated.

Mind you, our country cottage some 75 kilometres from the nearest fibre distribution point, also has 100 Mbyte capacity. How is it going in Yorkshire or the Scottish Highlands?

App Tracking: Apps plead for users to press allow, but 85% of Apple iOS consumers are not opting in


Amazing, the Isheep Are revolting

It's good to know that some users of iThingies are awake enough to recognise a good feature when supplied.

Now Apple users await encrypted Cloud storage.

Hong Kong floats doxxing laws that would let it force big tech to take down content


And Why is Britain Not Enforcing the Two-China Agreement.

Once again the UK demonstrates that it is a second rate country by not enforcing the terms of the China reunification Treaty

NYPD puts down $94k robot canine contract after outcry


Damn. Just After Tests as How to Foil Piggie's Dog, They Lock it up!

A few groups have been experimenting a how to cripple the mechanical dog, from lassoing legs together to blinding it with lasers.

Still, some of the work can be used to cripple Microsoft's Police IoT system. It's as evil as the Boston dog. Technical 'advances' might sound good, but they also become more susceptible to interuption.

Washington DC police force confirms data breach after ransomware upstart Babuk posts trophies to Tor blog


Yet Another Case of Closing the Stable Door After the Horse has Bolted

The US reckons it leads the world in security. B.S.

Once again US security has been proved to be as tight as a vegetable cullender notwithstanding it spend trillions of dollars on digital security.

33 'unsustainably loss-making' Dixons Travel outlets set to be shuttered affecting 400 staff


Great News! More Room for Passengers

UK airports are filled with sales outlets of all types, making passage from Check-In to Boarding lounge all but impossible.

As for prices, the BAA financial piggies are largely to blame as they try to bleed stores serving PAX of their last Pound/Shekel/Dong before they board their aircraft where they become a captive market for yet other money grabbers. Good riddance to Dixons, Boots, etc.

I (just) remember Northolt, yes - Northolt, which had open halls bereft of all this commercial clutter.

Don't blame rural carriers for buying Huawei, says FCC Commissioner. They couldn't afford the top-shelf stuff


The USA Authorities Living in Cloud Cuckoo Land

Pricing of equipment doesn't necessarily relate to quality, just what the market will bear. By hitting out at HuaWei and ZTE the US is scoring an own-goal, little wonder it is lagging in so many areas. And the American consumer, and others, will pay for it.

What will happen is that China will develop it's own internal technical resources and, as so often has happened in the past, improve on those of the West and at the expense of the West.

I wonder where these masterpieces of design that are acceptable to the USA will be manufactured? China?

GCHQ boss warns China can rewrite 'the global operating system' in its own authoritarian image


Oh Dear, Some Government Snob Has His Pants in a Twist

The fact is Russia and China, amongst others, ARE PRESENTLY SMARTER than Western security entities. Why is it Fleming think he and his ilk is so good? Revise your tenses, Fleming.

If Fleming and Company are so good how come that invasions of Western assets are only discovered months after the intruders have left?

Because Fleming, et al, has dropped the ball(s). They are still dreaming in terms of 'empire'.

China claims it has stolen a march on 6G with colossal patent portfolio


The Ignorant Speak - How Many of Them Have Actually Visited China?

Upfront: I am Canadian, white. and widely traveled. That said, I do not agree. or support, the political regimes in many Far Eastern countries. Sure, China imprisons prisoners of conscious, I have seen the many daunting prisons in NanNing - but the USA is the world leader in prison populations.

Back in the day everyone CLAIMED the Japanese exploited world markets by copying designs, then it was TaiWan - now the world's leader in semiconductor production - doing the same. Now it is China!

True, all three were / are guilty of plagiarism but the truth is all three have put other, Western, 'leading' countries to shame by their own efforts, home grown efforts.

And, I presume, Western entities don't copy other Western companies or Far Eastern companies? I have worked in Western companies where competitors products were torn apart looking for ideas.

The fact is the Western world couldn't enjoy it's high standard of living without Far Eastern countries. India sources almost ALL the generic pharmaceuticals of the world. Where could Apple, et al, assemble their products in the West.

Why is it that Foreign-born individuals are sought after by Western countries? The WOMAN leading the US Mars lander program hails from Burmese (Myanmar) heritage. And who is running Microsoft? Foreign-born Nadella from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Yet more Foreign-born talent from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India runs Alphabet (Google) .

If it isn't racism, it must be elitism causing all these accusations. Jealously, too. The fact is certain cultures are better suited for certain types of work than others.

I design electronic devices for government and commercial use but most every design is reviewed by optimization companies in China, the physical design and the circuitry are analysed by separate unrelated companies, to avoid copying. I know our products are great.

If the commenters are so talented, let them produce products in the West!

US aviation regulator warns of mid-air collision risk if Garmin TCAS boxes are not updated


There is More Wrong Than Just Garmin Than Just TCAS Boxes

What more do you expect from a manufacturer whose main market is the domestic user? A friend has a Garmin TCAS in his Kodiak aircraft flying around Indochina and his Garmin TCAS/Suite parts spend more time flying from there to TaiWan for service. But, as my friend says, the empty hole in the dash is handy for sandwiches.

Garmin has designed it's portable GPS66 so that many suffer damage WHEN (not IF) the battery leaks. Same design for years. And the rubber in the control panel feels like it uses recycled tires.

If people are kitting out an aircraft, better to buy real professional gear from an aeronautical electronics outfit.

Won't somebody please think of the children!!! UK to mount fresh assault on end-to-end encryption in Facebook


Trust Facebook? You have to be joking!

Facebook uses every feature it can to track / trace / discover other smartphones.

Check out the Nearby Connections toolkit available to Android developers to see what Facebook can do.

Under Settings on an Android device.

Settings > Connections > Off; or go into DEVELOPER: Settings > About Phone > Software > Build Number !Tap BUILD NUMBER 7 times! > May Request Passcode > Return to SETTINGS and select the function.

You can check out Developer Functions by version number on Google search.

A app developer friend has modded his Android so he knows when a FB user is in the area.

Best thing to do is to switch Android OS - I use LINEAGEOS, which arose from the dust of CyanogenMod, and it serves me well.

THEN you can protect the CHILDREN AND YOURSELF!

Huawei could have snooped on the Dutch prime minister's phone calls thanks to KPN network core access


Get In Line (Queue) after GCHQ, NSA and Uncle Tom Cobley and All

Security is a joke, be it the Five Eyes (FVEY), NGA. SIS, MI5, CIA, DGSE (General Directorate for External Security),, Australian Secret Intelligence Services, Canadian Security Intelligence Service, Mossad, National Intelligence Service (South Korea), Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR/FSB-Russia), Research And Analysis Wing (India), National Intelligence Organization (Turkey), Inter-Services-Intelligence (Pakistan), Defense Intelligence Agency (USA), Department of Homeland Security (USA), National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (USA), Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (USA), Ministry of State Security (MSS - China) or Uncle Tom Cobley there are few secrets to be uncovered.

What a waste of resources!

Working from a countryside plot nestled in a not-spot? Consultation opens on new rural mobile planning laws for bigger masts, wider coverage

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Who Has Dark Communications Spots?

A Baofeng UV-5r hand-held is quite adequate for free bi-directional multi-channel Satellite Communications.

I have used it in many countries for many years when I travel, my ground unit is linked into a terrestrial cell system. Satellites such as this don't honour terrestrial borders and the FCCs of the world are too busy to track a portable.

Hero to Jezero: Perseverance, NASA's most advanced geologist rover, lands on Mars, beams back first pics


What a Conundrum

How can a country with the skills to successfully complete this achievement be so dumb as to have elected TRUMP as their leader?

UK dev loses ownership claim on forensic software he said he wrote in spare time and licensed to employer


Taking a Pragmatic View.

Early in my career in the 1970s, In was employed by MDS (Mohawk Data Sciences) as a Senior Field Technician covering Northern Ontario (Canada) supporting various main-frame add-on accessories manufactured/leased by MDS. This work entailed carrying replacement PCB modules and various pieces of test equipment and using our own personal vehicles. The test equipment was barely refined and was far larger than need be.

Spending nights in motel rooms, often illuminated by flashes of aurora borealis. I spent many evenings refining and redesigning the test equipment I was required to haul around. Eventually I had a number of improved test equipments. I made, at no cost, one test unit for a customers own technician intending to save my drive times. I took the precaution of removing all component identification marks as well as embedding the whole device in epoxy in a cigarette tin can.

I left MDS and later found out they had 'borrowed' this can can and diligently spent several weeks removing epoxy and determining the details. I had no contract nor was I compensated for my work.

In this case involving MICHAEL PENHALLURICK I would make the following comments:

1. Michael's labours are of no value to him at the present time;

2. I am sure he has ideas for improvement;

3. He should publish the full details of the device/software that was 'stolen' from him in as many magazines as possible (professional and DIY) thereby reducing the value of the stolen device to Zero;

4, . Publicise the fact that the 'stolen' software is dated and compromised and should not be relied upon (sending e-mails to defence lawyers would no doubt engender great interest). Lawyers seize upon almost anything to defend clients

5. Redesign (and not plagerise the earlier 'stolen' design) and sign it with his wife's maiden name then market that.

6. Include a Copyright Notice attributing credits to his wife in any future software he devlops.

Cambodia to force all internet traffic through national 'Internet Gateway'


Things, They Are a' Changing In Kampuchea-Cambodia

Kampuchea/Cambodia was fairly free of online censorship with InterNet being fed from the international cable landing at Vung Tau - just south of Ho Chi Minh City/SaiGon, VietNam. Then a few years ago Kampuchea/Cambodia had it's own international cable installed but some traffic 'leaked' across the VN/K-C border through VietNam's Viettel (Army Telecommunication Industry Corporation) which has a large cell network in the country.

Then the Chinese arrived with truck loads of money and started building casino-hotels along the Gulf of Thailand coast where Sihanoukville is situated. The Hippie beaches around Sihanoukville have changed dramatically and now resemble Las Vegas. Tourists have now moved along the coast towards VietNam.

For the past 2 years the Cambodian InterNet (both landline and cell) have undergone changes and many URLs that were available only a year ago have 'gone dark'. Previously it was wide open, as were the satellite TV channels. They also had a mobile TV service that could be viewed on Smartphones.

Fortunately, Customs inspections along the VN/K-C border are fairly lax (money - bribes - eases any complications) and Foreigners bring almost anything in with them, including satellite handsets.


Re: Starlink? They Already have an International InterNet Cable

which makes landfall on the Gulf of Thailand near Sihanoukville.

The ongoing strife between Thailand and Kampuchea/Cambodia has practically terminated cross-border communications. The cable from Vung Tau, VietNam is still live but is more of a standby.


Re: Starlink? Watch Out for the Dish Police

I often pop over the Kampuchean/Cambodian border to meet trucks carrying 'duty free' electronic items from Thailand which are then transported 'duty free' into VietNam. The hottest 'duty free' items are automobile parts and accessories.

VietNam used to have 'Dish Police' who travelled around the country looking at roof tops through binoculars for dishes pointed 'the wrong way'. Now the Cambodians have their very own dish police.

The United Nations kindly donated two fixed radio monitoring stations and several truck-mounted mobile radio monitoring stations to aid the K-C government in their 'war' with unhappy citizens.

Presently Kampuchea-Cambodia rents satellite channels but one cell group has been negotiating with a Chinese manufacturer to buy a USD$400-million satellite for cell and TV distribution.

No joy for Julian Assange as Uncle Sam confirms it will keep pushing for WikiLeaker's extradition to America


Judge ... agreed with ... US government’s lawyers ... activities ... outside normal ... practice

What is "normal journalistic practice" these days? Just what "normal" practice of any trade or profession these days.

Perhaps this Learned Beak hasn't heard of Spycatcher - the candid autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer memoir of PETER WRIGHT, former MI5 officer and Assistant Director,

Then there's DANIEL ELLESBERG who did his bit for freedom.

The publishing business, as has many others, been revolutionised by the InterNet - blogs, websites, etc.

The US wants REVENGE, especially after Ms. MANNING had her near life sentence commuted.

This scumbag stole and traded victims' nude pics and vids after guessing their passwords, security answers

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There are Openings for Dubious Characters at . . .

Hubble Road, Cheltenham. Pays well, too.

Drag Autonomy founder's 'fraudulent guns' and 'grasping claws' to the US for a criminal trial, thunders barrister


Lest It Be Thought That Summers' Fire-And-Brimstone Rhetoric . . .

All it proves is that no legal practitioner can be trusted and that every one of them has a price.

But we all know that.

Mike Lynch extradition: Uncle Sam offered Autonomy founder $10m bail if he stood trial in the US


Blunkett's 'Kiss' for the Americans

David Blunkett, politician and adulterer, drew his political welfare cheque representing Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough constituency for 28 years and now continues to free-load by sitting in the Lords, agreed to a lop-sided extradition agreement with the States that gave the USA all the benefits and Britain the short end of the stick.

'Justice' in the USA is just a word that has no meaning, judges buy their positions by donations, or favours, to the prevailing political regime at the time of their appointment.

Witness the bench-stuffing that ensued during Trump's reign.

Britain should follow the French system: French citizens get tried in France rather than handed over.

HP had full access to the Autonomy books, so the fault lies with HP and it's then erstwhile political seat warmer Meg Whitman. She failed Hewlett-Packard but the electorate got it right when she failed in politics.

Since the alleged offences Mike Lynch is accused of occurred on British soil, he should be tried here.

Former NCSC chief says US sanctions made Britain strip Huawei from mobe networks


So Much for the UK Being a Sovereign Nation

If the UK Government had any balls, they would have told the USA to go to hell.

What happened to Britannia Rules the Waves?

London calling: 5G coverage in British capital grew during second half of last year with fastest speeds on Vodafone


What About The Rural Areas?

Whilst London gets a ersatz 5G - bet they aren't using carrier frequencies over 2,500MHz - the Rural areas are neglected.

Many countries enjoy 100% coverage even in the hills and valleys.

Loser Trump's last financial disclosure docs reveal Tim Cook gave him $5,999 Mac Pro, the 'first' made in Texas


Is Trump Capable of Handling So Many Keys?

Given that Trumps choice of technology has been smartphones, can Trump handle so many keys?

Let's hope Trump's new toy has a spell checker and a grammar checker. Now he has to find a media platform that will let him lie his head off.

Hollywood drone pilot admits he crashed gizmo into cop chopper, triggering emergency landing


Re: Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

Cops DO have to comply with height regulations in the USA - check out videos of automobile chases or TV coverage of traffic.


Re: Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

Each country's rules are different. US private drones can fly to 400 feet in G space

ÚS Rules: Sec. 91.119 — Minimum safe altitudes: General.

Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, no person may operate an aircraft below the following altitudes:

(a) Anywhere. An altitude allowing, if a power unit fails, an emergency landing without undue hazard to persons or property on the surface.

(b) Over congested areas. Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft.

(c) Over other than congested areas. An altitude of 500 feet above the surface, except over open water or sparsely populated areas. In those cases, the aircraft may not be operated closer than 500 feet to any person, vessel, vehicle, or structure.

(d) Helicopters, powered parachutes, and weight-shift-control aircraft. If the operation is conducted without hazard to persons or property on the surface—

(1) A helicopter may be operated at less than the minimums prescribed in paragraph (b) or (c) of this section, provided each person operating the helicopter complies with any routes or altitudes specifically prescribed for helicopters by the FAA; and

(2) A powered parachute or weight-shift-control aircraft may be operated at less than the minimums prescribed in paragraph (c) of this section.

The LAPD Flying Pig brigade are notorious for flying just about residential rooftops - I have witnessed them and their antics are also recorded on First Amendment videos and some can be witnessed on YouTube.


Who's Airspace Ís It Anyway?

In the US 'domestic' drones can fly up to 400 feet - in what they call G Class airspace. It ís essentially unregulated by ATC.

The LAPD are notorious for flying low over city areas, as can be seen by their antics captured on First Amendment videos usually when the 'Flying Pigs' play spotlight games with photographer's extremely bright flashlights/torches. LAPD has a fleet of 19 helicopters which include two Bell 206B3 JetRangers, 10 Eurocopter AS-350B2, 4 Airbus H125, one Bell 412 plus one Beechcraft King Air 200 twin-engined aircraft.

The question is who was flying legally below 400 feet? Of course they blame the drone operator - he's lucky he wasn't charged with attempted murder knowing LAPD - notorious for the Rodney King beating incident.

The lessons learned from this incident are: Always use a new SD Card (without any data on it) and remove all identifying serial numbers from cameras

Backers of Planet Computers' Astro Slide 5G phone furious after shock specs downgrade


Many More Disappointments Await 5G Fashion Leaders Above LTE Band 30

To my mind, classifying LTE Bands 7, 30, 38 and 41 is deceptive, since all these fall within the frequency assignments above 2, 307 MHz.

For a year now we have had a 5G demonstration base station on the South bank of the River SaiGon. A group of radio amateurs / enthusiasts dragged their SDR receivers and a spectrum analyser across the rivers and made many measurements. We then returned to the North bank (downtown) and from the 4th floor Breeze Sky Bar at Hotel Majestic Saigon, directly opposite the demo site, a distance of about 0.5 mile across the fairly calm waters and tested signal reception using the identical equipment enhanced by a couple of Yagi antennae.

We could barely detect a carrier let alone a voice communication. Our results suggest that prospective purchasers of 5G handsets better understand exactly what they are buying.

EncroChat hack evidence wasn't obtained illegally, High Court of England and Wales rules – trial judges will decide whether to admit it

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It's Heartening to Hear that Judges are . . .

ruling against the Crown after decades of "accommodating" the Crown.

Too often, in past years, Judges have favoured the Crown by "bending" or stretching the rules.



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