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UK Online Safety Bill to become law – and encryption busting clause is still there

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Re: Blighty seems determined to cut itself off from the rest of the world

In my more optimistic moments, I think to myself that it has been designed that way.

It is legislation that is not to be used in reality, but more that it has been put through to appease the Govt. puppet masters, "think of the children" pressure groups, and screeching tabloid grifters.

In my pessimistic moments, I know it has been put in place to crush the inevitable dissent amongst the population that will occur repeatedly as we move towards a country and a world where democracy evolves into nothing more than performance art.

UK's Online Safety Bill drops rules forcing social media to remove 'legal but harmful' content

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Re: Social Credit Score

It is working ‘so well’ in China right now, as we are currently witnessing

GitLab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts

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Re: Rome meet fire and Violin.

I literally came here directly to post

Github deleted whilst Rome burned.

UK government has 'no clear plan' for replacing ageing legacy IT estate, MPs report

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You could just bung in a couple of Raspberry Pi 4 clusters and call it a day.

Nobody cares about DAB radio – so let's force it onto smart speakers, suggests UK govt review

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Re: Right About Now Foxhole Brother

That he had to keep for four years in an uncomfortable place?

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Re: Don't touch FM!!!!

If that's the device I'm thinking of - looks like a fat off-white dish that's flat on one edge so it stands up - then that has one of the most sensitive FM receivers I've ever owned.

Bearing in mind the antenna is just a piece of wire, it brings in stations that are just noise on most standalone radios.

ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested

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Re: Just curious...

You will own nothing, and you will "be happy"... or else!

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Stamps and envelopes have been self-adhesive for many years now. Our survey revealed that most people didn't like the licking.

Intel, Qualcomm win deal to design 7nm silicon for US defense agencies

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Re: Seems a strange choice.

Intel have 1.4nm on the roadmap for 2029.

The smaller they go, the longer the race, it would appear.

UK chancellor: Getting back to the altar of corporate dreams (the office) will boost young folks' careers

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If there has been one, singular, overriding advantage of everyone who can, working from home, it has been the business of Parliament conducted mostly over Zoom.

Surely there can't be a single person out there who genuinely misses the constant booing, mooing, and Etonian-braying that permeates every political debate?

The standard of our Commons debate can only be the better for it.

Ex-health secretary said 'vast majority' were 'onside' with GP data grab. Consumer champion Which? reckons 20 million don't even know what it is

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Re: Simple solution

You can choose *not* to Opt-In, but then of course, your shiny new "Vaccine Passport" won't be available.

I think I see where this is all going.

Remember the bloke who was told by Zen Internet to contact his MP about crap service? Yeah, it's still not fixed

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Re: He needs to migrate to Andrews and Arnold (AAISP)

Even for those of us on usage based tariffs, their COVID policy has been nothing short of sublime.

It's just a shame their IRC channel has really gone down the toilet in recent years - infested with non-customers and miscreants.

China sets goal of running single-stack IPv6 network by 2030, orders upgrade blitz

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My Firebrick is already fully tooled up for blocking /48s in the same BLOCK-CHINA firewall hosts list.

Brain-computer interface researchers warn of a 'bleak' cyberpunk future – unless we tread carefully

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As much as I'm sure this BCI stuff is cool...

I don't trust the people making it as far as I could throw them.

Your personal autonomy begins and ends here.

Vodafone names vendors tapped for Britain's first wide-scale OpenRAN build: NEC, Dell, and Samsung

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...developed in conjunction with Facebook

Frying pan --> Fire


Australian cops, FBI created backdoored chat app, told crims it was secure – then snooped on 9,000 users' plots

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Like Liam Gallagher says...

You only get to do it once.

Refurb your enthusiasm: Apple is selling an 8-year-old desktop for over £5k

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This has happened before

IIRC a 2003 Dual 2.0 GHz G5 was beaten by the 2010 Mac Mini, and probably saved a fair amount on the annual electricity bill too.

Boffins improve on tech that extracts DC power from ambient Wi-Fi

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Re: Crystal radio?

IIRC - Radio Luxembourg cooked the ionosphere when they went above 2MW, resulting in far worse reception, and DUGA-3 (The Woodpecker OTH radar) went up to 10MW, jamming the entire planet in several HF bands - in an age when people actually used Shortwave radio.

Fake news ‘as a service’ booming among cybercrooks

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Re: "beyond geopolitical to financial interests"

"Money makes the world go 'round" is rather an old saying.

Audio spy Alexa now has a little pal called Dox

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Please, please, please...

stop trying to make voice control "a thing". Wildfire ('member this?) was truly awful and we don't seem to have moved any further.

Maybe I'm just old, but Sean Parker has blown the gaff on social media, so perhaps there's hope for the death of vox dox too.

Cuffed: Govt contractor 'used work PC to leak' evidence of Russia's US election hacking

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Re: I would jail her parents...

just another Millennial SJW doing some jail time

she'll have plenty of friends in the big house


Confirmed: TSA bans gear bigger than phones from airplane cabins

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Re: Disappointing

I would strongly suggest this is because even a rather dim-witted schoolboy knows it's clearly not a possible new attack vector, just some more inconvenience trolling from those at the top of that particular game.

Earliest ever recording of computer-generated music is restored

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Cue a million bedroom hipster choons featuring a breakdown followed by “the machine’s obviously not ‘in the mood’” sample.

Pint-sized PCIe powerhouse: Intel NUC5i5RYK

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Re: I'm curious about the quality of the audio, myself...

I've had this problem with internal audio on PCs *and* Macs for as long as I can remember. It is very noticeable on good quality headphones and reasonable hi-fi gear. Realtek audio is bloody awful.

Interestingly I even had a noise issue on an M-Audio 2496 in a G5 Power Mac. There was a distinct "ticking" particularly on Line In.

The only way to solve this is peferably, galvanically isolated USB DAC / ADC using a separate linear power supply injected at the USB socket of the device.

Women are fleeing from the digital sector, reckons UK.gov report

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Re: @ trev potts

"Do you know how much the average jizz-mopper earns per hour?"

0.7 Internet Points for answer

0.3 Internet Points for the reference

Twitch.tv: Clean your streams of titillating titty titles off our screens

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Re: Social Justice Arseholes win again.

Meanwhile, Twitch "chat" remains a despicable sewer of illiteracy, ignorance, vile language, unfunny memes and genuine harassment and bullying.

It really is just about banning Hatred isn't it?

Still, Ustream exists...

Massive police 'heavy equipment' robot drags out suspect who hid inside television

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When reality becomes like something out of South Park...

Lies, damn lies and election polls: Why GE2015 pundits fluffed the numbers so badly

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Re: "Shy Tories"

I could not have put this any better myself.

However, the "shy Tory" will also have to keep its little mouth shut when there's chip and pin at the GP surgery to pay for their consultation and all the other horrors emerge over the next five years.

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

Console yourself: How the PS4 Spring Fever indies stack up

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Re: Shovel Knight

and the Wii U

The voters hate Google. Heeeeyyyy... how about a 'Google Tax'?

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Re: "Osbo"...

You've got to admit that "UK Uncut" are really annoying - like "Jet fuel can't melt steel beams" level of annoying.

Now, a promotional box of Celebrations to the first person that can explain to me why bank bailouts don't count as State Aid.

High-speed powerline: Home connectivity without the cables

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Re: Bedroom camera

Camera in the bedroom.


Powerline Adaptors

An abomination.

New EU security strategy: Sod cyber terrorism, BAN ENCRYPTION

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Re: Evil Twin Router

It's true, this bloke (just call him Dave) keeps insisting. It's definitely where the EU guys got the lowdown too.

Paranoid about the NSA? The case for dumping cloud's Big 3

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Google pulls plug on YouTube for older iPads, iPhones, smart TVs

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Re: P*ss poor

Well seeing as how YouTube is the equivalent of a badly-drawn animated spunking penis on a toilet cubicle wall, it's no biggie.

Lube company merger receiving second 'in-depth' probe

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I would like to point out that the main ingredients of water-based lube are identical to the base ingredients of e-liquid used in electronic cigarettes. If it's good enough for my genitals, it's good enough for my lungs.

Light the torches! NSA's BFF Senator Feinstein calls for e-book burning

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Re: Shurely


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Re: Feelgood Legislation one step away from Fahrenheit 451

Booker! You need this!

NO ONE is making money from YouTube, even Google – report

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Death and Seagate

I leave to my nearest and dearest this HDD backup of all my music files, that I have always renewed throughout my lifetime. In the root directory, please find a text file with the password to my Apple account. Should you get really stuck, this password is also written on the HD casing in marker pen.

This shows you really care.

Crap flap-app flap chap yaps: Yes, FLAPPY BIRD is comin' back

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I got 251.

One good thing from the Flappy Birds crapp flap: It's a handy 'tech' media rating system

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Saga saga

Considering the almighty toys-out-of-pram slinging that King make about the word "Saga" (Things made simple for old people, fictional aspie-Scando detective), does *anybody* actually call this game anything other than just "Candy Crush".

Nobody calls it "Candy Crush Saga"

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Flappy fap fap fap

If you missed out on this most important of Internet sensations of 2014 so far, then you are not cool.

You will never be cool.

Get over it, bro.

Boffin dreams up smart battery gizmo for Raspberry Pi fiddlers

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This is the worst episode of Dragon's Den ever.

fWHoaR! Researcher crack eternal mystery of what women want in a man

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Charlie Brooker married Konnie Huq and did a baby.


Snowden leak: GCHQ DDoSed Anonymous & LulzSec's chatrooms

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I think it's time for some music


PG was right!

BT scratches its head over MYSTERY Home Hub disconnections

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Re: Obvious problem, obvious solution

Although the last time I looked, AAISP were sending out the godawful TG-582N as their home router. Whilst they had nobly hacked the one sub-version of the firmware where the developers had forgotten to remove IPv6, getting it to remember a firewall rule appears to be a genuinely impossible task.

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors

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Re: I don't understand

Thank you for saying this, I thought it was just me.

Haswell micro: Intel’s Next Unit of Computing desktop PC

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Re: If only

There are going to be some very sweet Steamboxes coming soon once the Tegra K1 goes into full production. Nvidia's Unreal 4 engine demo the other day was doing it for me.

Ohh! The PRECIOUS! Give it to uss. We WANTS it: Shiny iThings coming in 2014

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I dunno

I'd be happy with bluetooth printing in iOS7 and a games controller for the Apple TV (now with added App Store)

I'll probably end up buying the stupid f**king fridge though.

BBC announces plans to spend your cash on digital goodies

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Re: Install...

You beat me to it. I was just thinking "this is mostly going to be about the Raspi isn't it?". Not that that would be a bad thing. I've been far too lazy to even boot mine up more than a couple of times.

Too busy tweeting to turn over TV channels? AT LAST a solution

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So this is like Zeebox with a Sky+ box then?