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Google platform cloud now takes PHP apps

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PHP, it's dynamite

Excellent, does this include MySQL for a database. Hopefully Google will tune these babies superfast, maybe we'll even see node.js there one day, the more the merrier.

Look ma, no plugins! Streaming web video with just JavaScript


Re: @dognolegs Application Virtualization...

In essence, yes, although it should be more of a hardware implementation of the Citrix ICA protocol, not X-windows.

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Application Virtualization...

Amazing, if they can do this, then why would you even need the bloat of a browser client-side? You could push sophisticated client/server type apps to the dumbest of dumb terminals then, maybe just a screen with some input devices...I don't know how this will lead to a world takeover, but I stand ready to welcome our new overlords.

Appliances are the new data centre onesie


A question of priorities...

In general, this is a good idea - I recommended something like this to my previous company about 5 years ago. The software we were selling was a bugger to install and maintain, so giving a 'pret a porter' solution to a subset of clients would be a good thing. The slowness of managerial thinking was one reason why the idea did not take, but also they were used to sending a 'consultant', billable for mega-bucks, for a week or two to set things up, so this would have meant a significant drop in revenue.

Adobe's Flex grabs top project slot at Apache


Re: Flex can still be made to work for iOS

I wish they would hand over development of the runtimes (AIR, player) to open source as well, as they (Adobe) haven't been very good stewards of Flash to date - they're more arty-farty than technical, and ideas about making it more efficient, such as driving it closer to the hardware (Flash SoC, anyone?) would be more likely to come from the Open Source community.

China seeks ‘Oceanauts’ for deep sea exploration

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Bravo China, can I be one too?

How can NetApp respond to Tintri?



Improve the breed - competition will make things better for everyone. If there are too many MBAs running the ship, though, this may prove to be impossible...they will even find a way to botch the acquisition of Tintri,.

Nokia on 'brink of failure', warns analyst

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Re: Analysts! Analysts! Analysts!

Analysts are best seen* and not heard.

* Dangling from a gibbet

IT'S OFFICIAL: AT&T, T-Mobile deal is dead


It's almost as if they WANTED to give $4 billion to Deutsche Telekom

Well, imagine telling this to the shareholders beforehand: "We're going to have a punt at world domination, very little chance of it succeeding given the history, but we'll be chucking $4 billion down the toilet with this little flutter." Doesn't make much sense unless there is a hidden motive.


Olympus, anyone?

That $4bn charge smells like Olympus' scam to hide losses. They don't have to pay taxes on that amount of revenue AND the CEO and cronies are assured of a nice bonus.

Woz's key to success: Burn the tie, wear T-shirts to work


Pshaw and pish

Dear little Woz, happy little child - don't you know that 'the suits' decide everything in this world?

HP throws WebOS to open source community


we the bOS!

webOS + Flex FTW!

TomTom axes 10% of workforce



Watch those MBAs skedaddle, as they try to save their bonuses by firing as many actual workers as possible...

Adobe Flex SDK bombshell STUNS developers


HTML5 had better be good

HTML5 has the potential to kill all manner of technologies in current use, so it better work great out of the box and identically with all implementations of browsers, starting from a particular point in the future. Maybe it'll be like that IPv6 and never actually be implemented...

Citrix snaps up App-DNA for app migration


Pretty cool stuff...

The knuckleheads who run IT these days won't get it, though.

Apple slips, moneymen pounce


Fool me once...

When did we start trusting the economic analysts again? I must have missed that memo.

Dell shrinks vStart cloud boxes


64 GB memory with 50 machines?

...at 1.3 GB per VM? How DO they do it?

Google points finger at human after robo car accident


Stuck accelerator pedal?

Prius has prior, as any fule kno.

Simply viewing Apple kit provokes religious euphoria

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Well spotted...

is that what they call 'begging the question'?

Desktop options today


Wishful thinking?

You say "But enterprises already need to cater for an increasing proportion of mobile workers, and that proportion is set to grow.", but can you link to any literature on the subject? I don't see the proportion of mobile users increasing vastly in my industry (I.T.), and the use of laptops has adequately catered to this segment , but I do agree (somewhat backhandedly) that current technologies provide the ability to push I.T. services to the client base in a targeted way, although cost of implementation is a grey area.

Ask.com kills Bloglines


Any colour as long as it's Google.

I've had to revert to Google, but, out of the box it is not as intuitive as Bloglines, where you could see the lay of the land at a glance. Maybe some tweaking with the iGoogle API will allow the development of a gadget that looks more like Bloglines.

I feel very uncomfortable with Google being able to monitor what I'm reading, and who knows whether they won't take it upon themselves to censor news reports 'for my convenience and browsing security' at some time in the future?

I agree that this is a definite opportunity for an open source or not-for-profit initiative.

VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers


Autonomy creeping closer all the time...

Vislab is currently running a 13000 km test from Italy to China with a fleet of autonomous vehicles. See here (http://viac.vislab.it/)


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