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Pure Stream takes on AirPlay

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Apple Tax.. extra revenue

I am not sure if it's what the author meant or not, but the Apple tax could also mean having to buy other Apple products to use their products rather than having some (if limited) choice. The Apple universe is not really something you dip your toe into, more its a full on leap into fruit-ville and has a price tag to go with it.

Blushing HTC too coy to admit sales figures

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HTC Repair Service

I would have to disagree with you here. My wife and I both own HTC Desires. Mine has been flawless but my wife's started overheating and rebooting when it was pushed hard with GPS and Google Maps running. I called HTC, I got an RMA straight away, and they only actually had the phone for one day so we were without her phone for 3 days in total with postage times. I was very impressed and the experience will make me think more than twice about which phone to get come upgrade time (it's in May this year so thinking either HTC "something" or Samsung Galaxy S3).

Toshiba Qosmio X770 17.3in 3D gaming notebook

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Keyboard controls - cursors? how about c64 style?

I used O, P, A and Z back in the day :)

Virgin Media TV Powered by TiVo

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Improvement on TV Drive launch

Having been with Telewest / NTL / Virgin Media for nearly 10 years I would say there is a big improvement on the launch of this new product than previously under other management. When I took the TV Drive (now known as V+ HD) from Telewest the box was practically unuseable and I actually ended up with a 6 month refund of the rental (then £10/month).

I have instantly got on with the Tivo box and can see where future software upgrades will make the experience more slick and easier to use.


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no stop?

Try holding on pause for a couple of seconds.

Samsung R780 17.3in laptop

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Good point well made

Sorry if any confusion was caused :)

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Available without bluray but with 64-bit Windows 7 for £699

Great quality and value for money :)