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Huawei loses attempt to rescue CFO Meng from US clutches despite using 140-year-old law in High Court


It is very clear that the US wanted (past tense) Meng very badly.

Joe Biden is now lumbered with it and is already in some eyes too China friendly so I think it is going to continue to play out.

I think is really all stems from the Big Orange's lunches with Tim Apple and it is or was all really about cell phones. Take a look at Samsung's eating of the iPhone pie, now imagine how scary Huawei looked to Apple before it was choked off.

Is Google prepping an ARMY of WALKING ROBOTS?


I want a Nexus 6.

The basic pleasure model.

CTOs warned to prepare for Windows 7 budget squeeze


@The REAL Anonymous Coward

I agree, crazy in a situation of any size, and undesirable in most, but I think we are talking a couple of magnitudes of difference in scale.

Ok fresh new box, new install of apps, that doesn't address the hassle that is put forth in the transition of user data from XP to 7.

Maybe if the data is sitting elsewhere on a server, but locally what do you say, "Fresh start, new day, start over."?

The migration of the individual user's application data is what is really fsck'd IMHO.

Jobs Horns

XP > 7 ulgy by M$ choice

While Vista to Win7 is a relatively easy upgrade from and old machine to a new one or merely upgrading the existing OS.

Some bright spark at Microsoft must have decided to make the transition form XP extra miserable in hope that it forces the intermediate use of Vista as an upgrade path or maybe just to punish the unbelievers who didn't adopt Vista.

Instead of being a click, click migration of user application data it becomes unsupported geek trickery, which IMHO eats up $ unnecessarily.

The transition could have been easy if M$ wanted.

Steve, you've got to change your evil ways, Baby.


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