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Firefox 13 now available for download

carter brandon

If they ever release a version that doesn't break half my addons, I'll update, until then, versions 3.6 portable and 7.0.1 portable remain on my laptop and desktop.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

carter brandon

No wonder this makes me feel old, I played it when it was released and I was 51 at the time.

EFF helps MegaUpload users claw legit stuff back from Feds

carter brandon

I use pop3, so I don't leave any mail on Google, though whether it is actually destroyed when I delete it is a different matter.

Surprise: Neil Young still hates digital music

carter brandon

LMFAO at the replies. Much as I love Neil Young, I have to agree with all the negative comments

Amazon says soz for foisting mag sub onto Kindle-touchers

carter brandon

Wireless has never been turned on, on my Kindle, so Amazon are unable to send me anything The only books on my Kindle are books I have uploaded using the USB connection to my PC. I bought my Kindle to use as *I* want.

Apple’s Siri gets sweary with British child

carter brandon

You need a phone to say it? Coward! ;)

LOHAN fires up sizzling thruster

carter brandon
Thumb Up

Love the way you call it a powerplanet so it matches the start of the video.

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'

carter brandon

A friend told me years ago that "they" could hear you over your mobile phone, even when it was switched off. Mind you, he also told me homeless people are living down old mineshafts and that the USA didn't go to the moon, but they do have a base on Mars.

Russian diplomat caught driving while 15 TIMES over booze limit

carter brandon

DD Limits Too


Court forces bisexual budgie smuggling blogger to go down

carter brandon

There's skint and there's really skint. Really skint is when you can't afford a free lawyer.

Activision banned me from Call of Duty gig, says exotic performer

carter brandon

I wonder if she's ever stuck her finger in a dyke?

UK shamed in high-speed broadband study

carter brandon

You were lucky! I joined Demon in 1992 and was using a 14k modem that cost 200 quid. I'm happy to get 15mb today, with a router I had given. And I'm only 61!

Sixth of Britain's cellphones have traces of poo on them

carter brandon

So, which hand do you wipe your arse with?

Average sozzled Brit sinks 5,800 pints during life

carter brandon

Sir Henry

<quote>"...but as Vivian Stanshall's Sir Henry Rawlinson once put it: "If I had all the money I'd spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink"."

Being a Merkin I'm not familiar with the author or the character, but Sir Henry sounds like my kind of guy.</quote>

Look for a CD or vinyl called "Sir Henry Of Rawlinson End" by Vivian Stanshall. Just brilliant. It was made into a movie, but I've not seen it, though with Trevor Howard playing Sir Henry, I can imagine it being good..

Pints? My whisky comes in 70cl bottles.

2nd-hand Popemobile, also used by Neil Armstrong, for sale

carter brandon

It's more likely to have

a 'Pope Commode' button.

id Software Wolfenstein 3D

carter brandon

Played it recently on DOS Box

and remembered the first level as though I had played it the day before. No doubt I am far from being the oldest gamer, but I was 41 when Wolfenstein was released, and just yesterday I began replaying Ultima Underworld 1, which was released a couple of months before Wolfenstein. The new 3D look was implemented in both, but the games couldn't have been more different, and whereas I doubt I could play Wolfenstein all the way through again, UU1 has immediately drawn me in. I wish modern games had the same playability instead of just being good looking.

Cue someone rushing to tell me how good <insert game name here> is. :)

IBM PC daddy: 'The PC era is over'

carter brandon

I need my PC

to copy recorded gigs to from my obsolete minidisc recorder

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'

carter brandon

Stop their parents benefits

the kid's will soon be home tucked up in bed.

Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you

carter brandon


I have half a dozen gmail accounts that are several years old, all accessed by pop3. I've not logged in online since creating them, never mind seen a profile. Didn't even know I had one, or six. Never had a passport or driving licence, well, not for four wheels, but I got a bus pass last year, will that do? Where's the "fuck 'em" icon?

Win an HP TouchPad!

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Neighbourhood watchers in Reading get speedguns

carter brandon

maximum penalty?

I've always been more concerned about minimum penalties, 'cause that's what I always got. For speeding, I hasten[1] to add, not perjury. (Three times in 45 years. Nothing to brag about, but for a lifelong biker, not too shabby either.)


Russia wins World Cup bid in parrot-sickening travesty

carter brandon


What's FIFA? And will I ever care?

Internet, China and Russia destroying US, rock and roll

carter brandon

Hot Rats

"Vinyl records have a habit of melting"... Where do you keep yours then?"

I left Zappa's 200 Motel's beside the oven in a pub in 1971. It melted. Best thing that could have happened to it


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