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Federal judge halts Defcon talk on subway card hacking


Intend / Prior Knowledge and NXP

One thing that seems a little odd if NXP were not aware of this potential issue is that they appear to have submitted th controllers for Common Criteria EAL5+ certification (http://www.commoncriteriaportal.org/products_IC.html#IC) but not the Myfare cards (unless they did it under a different name).

Perhaps there were some doubts on their part as to the security of the cards, long before any university students showed this to be the case?



Bebo users to summon superhuman alien pop-fancier invasion


@ Colin Millar

And yet you still cared enough to leave a comment that you didn't care.



Mine's the whichever coat our alien overloads tell me to wear



HP shatters excessive packaging world record


Wish others were so protective

I just received about £350k's worth of mostly green network equipment from a provider that shall remain nameless via TNT....

Unfortunately they appear to have used explosives as part of the shipping process as about 20% of it was totaled and many of the remaining boxes were of a warranty voiding nature.... they actually managed to _BEND_ a line card (made of steel) mounted in a chassis (also made of steel) in a box (cardboard plus foam) on a pallet (wood) to such an extend that the bloody installation arms (made of steel too) were broken clean off!!

HP.. please start making decent core networking kit or perhaps doing the shipping for the green people....

.... I'll get me coat..... its the green one with a logo on it that might say something like Disco...

Fortinet goes shopping for database security

Jobs Horns

God Boxes?

Really..... Fortinets? God?

Does God crash alot and sell you management applications which his support team (angels?) then tell you not to bother with cos it never worked properly and never will?

Surely it should be.... "The so called Satan Boxes which include AV..." etc?


Getting coat..... its the one with the Juniper, Checkpoint or Cisco logos >80)

EU sets ambitious IPv6 target


So that would be Akamai then?

Just wondered what the top 100 sites that the needless red tape brigade would like upgraded to IPv6 were....

Looking on Netcraft, 99 of them would appear to be hosted by Akamai (at least for content delivery) http://toolbar.netcraft.com/stats/topsites?c=EU&submit=Refresh

So they just need to pursade one company and they can call it a success (and I rather suspect Akamai is already someway down that road).

Coat? Mines the one with the stack of IP's in the pocket >80)

Virgin Media mops up CEO's 'boll*cks' outburst


Comes under the heading 'how the internet works'

How can peering not be Neutral? Thats the point!

Where do VM, Tiscali and the rest get off? They spend ages telling consumers "look, broadband, video on demand, lots of nice stuff" and then when a content provider provides it they try to penalize them.

The point of an ISP is that it provides access to content on the internet. Sorry if that seems a little bit obvious, but maybe someone needs to point it out to VM and co??

Delivering content is what ISPs do. Providing content is what content providers do (hence the name) and they are already paying to deliver that content to the ISP (where they do not have a peering agreement) through transit costs!

The problem is that VM and co have been selling something they haven't got, a network which is man enough to handle what they say all their users can do. That's not the BBC's problem or any other content provider, its the ISP who failed to invest in their infrastructure and priced their product too low to pay for it.


Cisco to get API-happy


IOS-NG and the competition

I think the IOS-NG project eventually resulted in IOS-XR which runs on the _really_ highend platforms lack the CSR-1 (http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps5845/index.html).

As for API's, I guess this was pretty inevitable, Juniper was moving to do it and in the Switch space Extreme have been doing it for a while in XOS... though how well remains to be seen >80)

Having posted about techie stuff.... I must find something pointless and (not) humorous to say as per RegClub regulations...erm... Paris Hilton Prison Penguin. That'll work.. yeah



UN mandates stability control in trucks - cars to follow



How is this any different to the ESP fitted in my current car??

Almost any modern car as some form of basic ESP, ESC, ES[insert random letter here] type system and has done for years..

Not sure about trucks, but I would expect it to be much the same story.

Of course all that happens is you get rid of darwinianism, allowing muppets to jump on their breaks while going round a tight corner in the soaking rain and not dump their car in a ditch which would obviously be a much safer place for said muppet to be in his car then on the road with the rest of us >80)

Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man


@Anton Ivanov & Peter Hughes


It's not acctually a bad job of unscrambling.... that's what peadophiles look like, with their nasty swirly faces that they hypnotise the kiddies with.... remember... "nonce sense" >80)

hat > coat > door > stairs..... > hospital

YouTube gatecrashers trash 16th birthday bash



How in the F*** does someone who thinks filling the bath with bottles and then pi**ing in the shower is ok, then think they have the right to criticize _anything_ as Chavvy??

Israel suspected of 'hacking' Syrian air defences


Isreal has form for this...

.... at the start of the 6 day war Egypts air defense net mysteriously went down just as the Israeli airforce approached the border (having flown out to see and then come back in from what I remember), allowing Israel to pretty much nutralize the numerically superior Egyptian airforce which they caught lined up on their bases waiting for the alert that never came. The Egyptian airforce was taken out of play in a single day, giving Israel total air supremacy for that part of the battle and letting them concentrate on the smaller Syrian airforce.

Its believed that this was either a case of panicy Egyptian Generals not trusting grunts on their own side with active missles while they were flying to a meeting (in which case Israel must have got the exact times of this to take advantage, a significant op in and of itself) or that Mossad penetrated Egyptian forces and deactivated the Air Defense system at the right moment.

Either way, its one hell of a capability to have and has got to send a clear message to Syria..... Israel aint messin' about



Alleged CastleCops DDoS botmaster busted


Worse then death?

How about makin the b*****d READ every single bit of spam they can lay their hands on, day in day out...... let him go when he's read it all >90)

BOFH: You think you know a guy...



But it _WAS_ ahead of its time damn it..... I admit it, I've still got two... and I even use them sometimes.... <zzzrrttt> ahhh...


as they say at el reg

Symantec accidentally warns of internet meltdown



Erm..... maybe I am being a little thick (it has been known), but I thought DEFCON ran the other way....

DEFCON 4 = Don't worry, the USA aint at war


DEFCON 1 = Nuclear Holocaust

Having the ThreatCon go the opposite way is just confusing.... unless (as previously stated) it is me and not the Symantec Subterrainian Security Society (TM) that is being a bit slow here >80)



Dell laptop burns in China


Is it just me....

... or don't most Dell laptops have the battaries at the back (under the join of the screen)?

This laptop appears to be burning from the front right... near the optical drive.

Also, that red thing in front of it looks suspicously like a lighter in some of the high res pics... though like a tube of pritstick in some others

Maybe its those evil chinese PLA hackers we have all be hearing about trying to destroy the evidence >80)



Warez land man 30 months in prison


"The Ether Net"


Ethernet is a Warez thing???

Oh %("%&*(%*()*** I'm running big networks of Ethernet..... I am in _SO_ much trouble the DoJ is gonna come and eated my cookie if I aint careful... I got millions of Ethernets... tehe




Kung fu monks battle gobby net ninja



Erm..... I thought they were meant to spend their time practicing, meditating, eating rice and making badly dubbed movies... as well as other monkish stuff... not trolling internet forums looking for ninja wannabies to start fights with >80)

Amazon punts grot flicks to hardcore Natalie Portman fans


@Morely Dotes

[AMAZON]... Do we own the patent for spAmazon?

[IP-Lawyer]... Not yet sir.

[AMAZON] **** it, sue them anyway and register a patent for One Click Smuty Dirty Bas**rd Comic Book W**k Connected spAmazon immediatly, then sue the ENTIRE port industry for copying us before we thought of doing it!!

[IP-Lawyer]... Business as usual then sir?

Dominos trns 2 txt



How about "RingOfFire" for the one with extra chillis and spicy beef??


Chav-hunting toffs cop some flack


Happy Slapping it aint

This is just funny.

It is a funny video like hundreds of others and takes the **** out of the ridiculous craze of happy slapping and such which we should rightly be outraged at.

Seems rather like the Chavs in this were "actors". The MP who's comments were quoted might be suprised to learn that one can see "movies" or even "television" in which "actors" pretend (or "act") to be "characters" in a "story". Sometime these even have "pretend" violence..... FFS!!

If it was real then fair enough, but otherwise it is a farily amusing piece of film and to suggest it should be banned in unjustifiable censorship of artistic expression. Does the same MP hold book burnings??

Web designer-turned-hacker avoids jail


Steep Learning Curve??

You'd think, but then anyone who had assended said curve would probably not have used his own companies system (and a known competitor at that) to do the hack from.... hardly 733t is it??

Boffins trial cheap landmine sniff-tech


Is that like the massachusetts institute of technology?

You know how they apprev. massachusetts institute of technology??

Does that mean that this land (mine) mark technology has been produced by "Gregg Larson and James Martin of the Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT)"?? >80)

Sorry.... its the kinda day when very small things are needed to keep me amused

HMRC loses landmark tax ruling


Fundementally flawed system...

The basic problem with the Tax system in this country (and most others) is its sheer complexity.

A VAST amount of the money collected by HMRC is spent simply in maintaining HMRC itself as it is overburdened by the many complex tax breaks and loop holes injected into the tax system by the highest earners and their lobyists.

This is fundementally flawed. Govt is not meant to be a jobs program in and of itself, it should be as small as possible in order to fulfill its vital functions.

I seem to remember (and as someone who was born under thatcher I cannot BELIEVE I am advocating a tory policy) that the Concervitives suggested the introduction of a flat tax rate of 22% - http://politics.guardian.co.uk/conservatives2005/story/0,,1571734,00.html

The saving in complexity and management of such a system would wipe off £40billion from the annual tax bill and mean that a fixed start point of between £10-12k could be used for tax (you dont pay tax on the first £12k of your income and pay 22% on everything above that).

This means the super rich loose their tax breaks and pay the same as everyone else. The rich and middle classes still pay more then the poorest in society, but it is done in a fair and effecient way. The poorest in society will largely not pay tax at all (on their income).

This is something I have supported for a long time and would sure as hell vote for...... I supported this idea when I was at the bottom of the wage pile earning £12k or less working on 1st Line helpdesks and call centres and living in places like Moss Side and Gorton. I still support the idea now that I am doing somewhat better and working as a contractor (who has an CRAZY tax bill)..... the difference between this proposal and the current lobby inspired system??

It is fundementally fair.

Let the flame war commence (I'm sure someone wants to have ago.... afterall at no point did I suggest that the iPhone could be used in the tax system some how) >80)

Greek mobile wiretap scandal unpicked



As usual when the conspiracy scent is sniffed... lots of people point the finger at the NSA, CIA, MI5, KGB etc...

Now KGB, MI5 (maybe) or another counties agencies I could believe... but NSA is pretty ridiculous.. they already have this data without having to go to all the hassle of getting people to physically get into the exchanges.

This is mobile phone traffic we are talking about. Mobile phones put this data on the air in the form of RF energy... something the NSA and sister agencies have had satalites and ground monitoring stations listening into for decades. And yes the sats are almost certainly sensitive enough to pickup spill from devices as weak as mobile phones. Yes there is some mild encryption in place, but for an agency that has dedicated the last few decades to cracking codes used by governments its hardly going to be a challange. >80)

Gardener offers mouthwatering 'mow and blow' deal


Sorry again

Even better... apparently they can ferterlize your plants/lawn twice a year.... snigger snigger snigger >80)

Google slapped with libel claim


Hang on.... whats his biz again??

So Mr Retkin sells domain names??

Surely by his own (twisted) logic, that would been if I bought a domain name through him... say www.brian-retkin-is-a-nut.com and published offensive ramberlings about him..... he would himself be responsible, afterall if he did not provide the domain name, you would never find it by IP address!!

This is the most stupid thing I have read since Rufus >80)



DVD ripping to be rendered impossible?


Why bother??

What I cannot understand is why the industry keeps doing this.

It has long been accepted as fair use to move Films, Music etc that a user has bought legally from device to device as that user required, for instance to listen to music in the car or watch movies on your laptop when staying at a hotel...

By impossing restrictions to these accepted rights and generally handycapping genuine users who have legally bought content from using it in a fair way they are just creating yet more bad will from those users and more and more will turn away from buying content which is unfairly priced and comes with unfair usage restrictions (what am I gonna buy a copy of a movie for home, a copy for my PSP when on the road etc) and turn to pirated material.... price it fairly and let people use it fairly and they WILL NOT BOTHER spending MANY hours working out how to steal it!!

This is even more pointless as they will never beat the pirate community, they can only hope to occasionally be one step ahead for a short period of time.

The content producers like to blame us for their prediciment.... but they created the piracy market through their contempt for their customers.

Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


Other subjects for the Dinner Party...

Maybe we could put an article in the Guardian that this new fangled Oxygen is evil and may (but don't sue us if it doesn't, because this is after all just idle speculation) damaged your kids!!

Then we could mobilize lots of crazed and concerned parents to make sure that schools exist in a complete vacuum for the saftey of their children....

FFS, we have had things running on 2.4Ghz for decades.... I wonder how many of these ludites are sat using their DECT cordless phones to complain about all the WiFi that is making them ill, their kids have 3 heads and (hopefully) their sperm count to fall >80)

Cloudmark takes anti-spam to the edge


Anti SPAM....

I agree with the comments about country filtering being unsuitable for many orgs.

The bit in this article that realy scares me is the comment about having the MTA scan outgoing messages.... "There's so much going on in your network that's not through your mail system, and if you can't detect that".... what?!? surely your firewall should already be dropping port 25 from anything that isn't you SMTP server??

Also, most people structure their networks such that the mail servers and MTA solutions sit in a DMZ area straight off the gateway... so very little is passing through your core network in any case. So filtering at the edge makes little difference to most users (after all you are still going to want it to traverse the firewall). I agree that in most cases outsources solutions such as Messagelabs offer better protection then any MTA based solution and have the added advantage lf filtering BEFORE the edge of your network, saving wastage of your far more sensitive and expensive internet connections >90)