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Astroboffin gets magnets stuck up his schnozz trying and failing to invent anti-face-touching coronavirus gizmo

ant 2

"...At this point I ran out of magnets."

Dare we imagine the consequences if that hadn't been the case?

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

ant 2

How many engineers does it take to change a light?

Between 1 and a whole institute's worth.

LISA Pathfinder sniffed out gravitational signals down to micro-Hertz

ant 2



I'm not sure I've got the patience to measure a signal with a wave period of 30,000 years!

UK.gov: You can't have our drone test results because... er, security

ant 2

Re: Design the test for the results you want

Much more like the kind of thing Qinetic is used to testing, presumably.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like an AAM... sorry, nail.

Marissa! Mayer! out! as! Yahoo!-Verizon! closes!

ant 2

Not! Me! Good! Flipping! Riddance! !!

DNA-bothering eggheads brew beer you were literally born to like

ant 2

Wow, whodda thunk

Beer can be... "enjoyed"!

You've seen the Large Hadron Collider. Now comes the HUGE Hadron Collider

ant 2


Unlikely to be a hadron collider if it's smashing the pants out of electrons and positrons. More like a Huge Lepton Collider.

Earth-sized planet found at Alpha Centauri B

ant 2

lacks decent space-based planet-spotting kit?

err, Kepler (2,321 planet candidates in three and a half years) is not a decent piece of kit?

Phobos-Grunt 'crippled by US aurora station', 'is a bio-weapon'

ant 2
Black Helicopters

what, not the chinese?

I'm surprised nobody's pinned it on them yet, they seem to cop the blame for pretty much every other unexplained spacey/ITey shenanigan.

Hey, they even have a payload on this baby, maybe it's actually an ApocalypsoBomb in disguise?

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'

ant 2

"the UK company AWE"

lovely marketing coup they've pulled off there - AWE = Atomic Weapons Establishment. And they are soo interested in cuddly 'leccy production, oh yes.

Cornish cow plucked from jaws of death by Navy chopper

ant 2

lucky cow

but this is a sensible use of our taxes why?

Extragalactic black hole particle fountain awesomeness

ant 2

my gob is smacked

think that's the first spacey picture that has made my spine tingle. hats off to the boffins.

Hydrogen powered hybrid stratocraft prangs during test flight

ant 2

why hydrogen powered?

don't the usual low energy density, bulky +| heavy storage problems that beset hydrogen apply at 65,000ft?

They're surely not using it for lift as well are they?

Julian Assange™ applies to trademark himself

ant 2

please stop

the facetious use of the trademark! It's entirely au point but ****king annoying.


China plans city 'twice the size of Wales'

ant 2

serendipity I love thee

never realised 1 brontosaurus was the same as 10,000 linguine, give or take the odd plateful of spag dino-sauce.

Android-powered touchscreen Wi-Fi headphones offered

ant 2

no no, you misunderstand

this is for those of us that have our eyes out on stalks

Robotic High Noon in Colorado

ant 2

OMFG - al qaeda\skynet mash-up!

full marks to the photographer for risking his/her personal safety to bring us such a terrifying snapshot

Iowa police mugshot exposes world's worst tattoo

ant 2


do we have a stupidity threshold?

slaps (un-tatooed) forehead.


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