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Net think tank: Phorm is illegal


But will they Bite ??

As per info, its still advisory ! WIll the govt actually put a stop to this madness ? Will anyone get a High court stop/stay order ?

Is there any way to stop this sly information grab attempts? Can the company be closed down and public interest litigation started? Class action suit anyone?

I doubt it!

BT admits misleading customers over Phorm experiments


Big Brother's Uncle....


Nuff said.

Has your shifty foreign neighbour got 16 mobes?


Its called outsourcing

The police who are supposed to be doing the surveillance have outsourced their work to the Joe public. So why not dissolve this force and we all become self regulated anti-terrorist enforcers (Suspicious or otherwise)?

By the way when has surveillance worked for a determined Terrorist outfit?

Like all other goverment departments, we seriously need an Audit of Cost Effectiveness of such stupid and horrendously expensive measures.

If they can increase the cost of Passports. ID cards and other services to REFLECT the true cost of providing such services, can they now justify the billions spent on surveillance with increased number of terrorist arrests?? Its got be pro-rata and reflective of services provided. Same logic, innit??

MInes the bulletproof one with extra pockets for 4 mobile phones I carry.

BT preps 2000 per cent evening call price hike


Bollocks Iain!

Its the monopolistic price hikes that everyones about. How can you justify 1 pence calls to USA/CANADA and 3 pence to Autralia?NZ etc by indirect providers, against when calling my next door neighour 10 metres away (even in the evenings) is going to pur me back 8 pence for first minute??


You must be big shareholder of BT ! Hogwash.

Dead Vulture


Its really funny (& sad) that one can call USA/Canada for 1 pence per minute anytime (1899.com and others) India/AUstralia/Far East for 3 to 5 pence per minute and my next door neighbour for more than 6 pence setup and 1.5 pence per minute! Distance of 5000 miles versus 5 metres. Where's the logic here?

BT AND OTHER PROVIDERS HAVE REALY STITCHED THIS UP (LLU & ALL THAT. UMBILICAL CORD TIED TO BT). Bcos people need broadband, its a vicelike grip they have on you. As a necessary evil.

There's just no excape from the greedy bastards.

Even if there were mass protests a-la French farmers, could we get far ? Unlikely in my opinion. US brits are wimps in that sector.

Isnt there a lawyer amongst the Reg readers who can take this up as a public interest class action litigation ?

Blood tears since the regular ones dried up long ago!

NASA reveals Moon's rugged south pole

Paris Hilton

Fair Question

With the development in optics and imaging power, surely someone has to be able to "show" this Flag/pole/equipment etc that were left behind almost 40 yrs ago?

For that matter, wheres the youtube video of the downed rogue satellite?

I stil think its a ploy to spook the Russinas into an arms race and drain their purses, a la Reagan ! Or maybe more funds for NASA now that the blinkered American's appetite has been whetted.

Paris because she can see her eyelashes, at least.

Microsoft cuts Vista price


About time

Yet it still is a blessing in disguise for the £99 computer makers and Linux. THe more they keep the prices up, the better penetration for other distros and hardware sellers of these cheap machines. It beats me now why software more expensive than hardware?

Keep it up MS. Doomsday nearing.

Apple optimistic it will sell 10 million iPhones by year's end


Who cares ?

Nuff said?? Is it really a newsworthy IT angled story anymore??

Tiscali boss faces board showdown as sell-off rumours swirl


Bad news

This would mean bad news for UK customers and prices. Surely they did rock the boat when they were giving BB for a little more than a tenner(albeit 150 Kbps!).

US cruiser nails crippled spy-sat on first shot


Wheres the proof?

After all hoopla and hype, its inconcievable that Russians and Chinese would have let this opportunity go without filming, tracking, monitoring this shootdown. If they can film the shuttle 400 miles above all the way down, why not this one?

Any chance that it may have missed and the hype survived? Cmon YOUTUBE, where's the clip?? Any amateurs out there have a clip or two?

Should be fun watching it all!

Sky broadband customers blindsided by SMTP switch-off


Does it stop MSN messengr?

Funny its all happening now. Last few days everytime I try to Login to MSN Messenger, get a stock reply " we are unable to connect,........possibly because of a problem with your internet connection" . Now im very much on the internet (all day), can access hotmail regularly, but not thru Messenger! Anything to do with the server? Any help appreciated.


Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!

Jobs Horns

Im off Yahoo, then

If this goes through, Im outta Yahoo and anything to do with them (including emails and portal home page.). Nothings sacred with Microsoft anymore.

Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official


Pravda - Russian?

How does it explain Russian fertility and population downfall? Maybe theyve all turned veggies since there was no meat available during the 90's upheavals?

Pirate Bay hits ten million peers, one million torrents


Cocaine lifestyle under threat ?

Keep it up Pirate bay ! Cost reduction for RIAA is like shooting yr own foot. How else would they sustain their cocaine lifestyles?

Would love to follow this suit and wish The Register to give it all the airing!

T-Mobile unlocks iPhone, charges €999

Thumb Down

What next then?

So Vodafone have done it & t-mobile got its own back by bumping up the price. So does it mean Vodafone will offer any cheaper then t-mobile? Will they try something similar in UK ? Can any other UK operator ty this? And give reduced price in the name of competition? Would be interesting.

Its still a cartel here in UK.

Orange and The Cloud hook up for Wi-Fi

Dead Vulture

Price ?

Its all well and good. But at what price gouging level are they punting this? Knowing them, surely its not going to be all good news.

Ofcom's 0870 rip-off reforms stumble at the final hurdle


But we are in Ripoff Britain

Dont you ranters know where we live? Is it any surprise that all operators do this? This has to be the most hideous charge ever. Its cheaper( or free) to call my cousins in Canada and USA than call my Bank's local number on the high street, or my very next door neighbour for that matter.

How bad can it get!

OFCOm was in BTs pocket all along and now they suck up to all the other operators.

Consumers? Who are they?

Unless there is groundswell of revolt, we are in for a long ride. Maybe time to imitate the French Farmers.

3's Skype phone is go


Way to Go 3!

This is an ideal beginning. About time too. Unlike Vodafone/Orange etc crippling the handset so as not to use VOIP. What a refreshing change .

Hope the call quality is good enough. Wonder where does this put Google mobile (when it comes).

3 UK brings VoIP to cheapskates


Give them a chance

Lets wait and see. At least they are trying to merge the 2 techs for consumers benefit.

Instead, Look what Vodafone and others are doing? Crippling N95 handsets (off Skype) hoping you will keep paying them stupid and obscene amounts and maintain their stranglehold and hope client inertia to carry them minting.

It was 3 network who rattled the market with Inclusive 500 minutes and texts at about £15 per month before the rest started to imitate inclusive deals, trying catchup. Was getting a bit cosy for them!

I just hope its a big shakeup there and VOIP is standard fare henceforth as part of the package. Well done 3.

UK Government tried to stop EU roaming cap


Screw all !

Its a classic case of "You Screw my customers and I'll screw yours" when they roam and lets have our cocaine lifestyle with Gordon Brown as a guest. After all he benefitted from the spectrum Auction's largesse backed by mobile Telcos!

Payback time.

Consumers ? Who gives a f**k for them?

Long Live Ripoff Britain.

Apple iPhone is AT&T's top-selling handset - analyst


Let me Guess

Who is scratching whose back now? AT&T was sinking (mobile) and Apple has bailed them out. No wonder they give 10% backhander! IN return Apple has an added revenue stream.

Not a bad business decision. But can the Analysts tell what percentage this jump in Sales fgigure came about AFTER prices were reduced?

Which brings us to the real issue. If correctly priced, its a good enough product. Anything higher due to hype is idiocy.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones


One Guess!

It will be priced twice the normal to deter a run on unlocked handsets.

ps. Second guess: A lot of mugs will still go and buy this ridiculously priced handsets.

Where are the chinese clones ?

Asian manufacturers race to ready iPhone-alikes

Thumb Up

I Could buy that !

Sure if the price is right and no encumberances (like 18 month ridiculously priced contracts and Bricking updates) and must do the basics well. Assuming of course they will have replacement batteries freely available as a DIY job!

Innovations can spur competition.

French court says non to pre-loaded Windows on Acer laptop


Anyone wanna try?

It would be perfect to test the waters, besides showing up MS in true light and their licensing models. Would open floodgates, I guess.

Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal


One Word

MUGSFEST ! Well done Jobs. Britons are used to Ripoff Britain, so why not ?

PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook



So if Tikka went in with his frineds and camera (video) and recorded the sorry episode, why doesnt he post it here for everyone to see? Would be a sure entertaining laugh. Might be on for a you tube award for being funny/causing maximum laughter and ridicule.


So post the video and photo of store manager !

Just post his photo and video for everyone to look at. That will galvanize everyone into action and send it to BBC Watchdog. That would be very interesting.

Sky to offer broadband to non-TV punters



Given that even cable IS a Monopoly now, how about using anti-competitiveness/anti trust as an argument to force open network to new players (of course at a price - like BT does and milks smaller ISPs) ? Surely, better for competition ! The award winners have always been smaller players due to good services & support, which they can replicate on Cable network.

Any comments OFCOM ?


Picnic in VM backyard ?

Would they also be able to offer BB over Cable (VM ) Lines ? That would be really interesting. If not, why not ? If all major ISPs can offer BB over BT lines, why not over cable lines ? About time real competition takes hold, isnt it ?

Broadband over power turns on both sides of the Atlantic


Why not adopt Mass market here?

If this is workable, why is it that only BT is interested and that too only for IPTV (money/subscription- I guess) and not for actual Broadband?

Maybe the goverment should insist mass adoption, that way BT stranglehold on Adsl removed, Level playing field for all comers and lower costs for Consumers. Only those ISPs will win who can then provide good service and content.

Now that would be "Broadband for all in Britain" really at work. Are you listening Mr Brown ? Or is he in the Big Biz pockets and too many vested interests not allowing this mass adoption ? I SUSPECT SO !

Broadband claims mislead on speed


Charge Pro Rata

Hows about if OFCOM makes a law and consumers insist that we should be charged pro-rata per the actual average speeds received? eg if you get 4Mbps, you shud be charged half of the normal monthly fee!

Just like phone bills being charged per usage .

Now this would be interesting and the four letter word "upto" will become history in ISp adverts.

Orange launches new assault on English language


Nothing French here

More like the Yanks inventing new marketing gimmicks. Few years ago I came across "Mallingering" !

You guessed it, linger in the mall, when youth had nothing else to do, yet "just Kicking". Equivalent French, anyone?

The terrorists I party with


Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant....awesomely articulated .

Now only if the other mainstream Media would be willing to print these three articles on their front pages and acknowledge how they duped themselves ! Patriotic Sycophants anyone?

Orange simplifies data by capping at 30MB


Doomed from the start

Isnt it a repeat of the much touted WAP (where they wanted to charge by the Kilobyte!) and no one took it up in serious numbers? Corporate greed at its best (worst?) scenario. Guess what, they will say demand is not yet there or market is not mature enough and gloss over it.



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