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Virgin offers unlimited action for a fiver



This on the same day OFCOM publishes a damning survey on ISPs unlimted speed/package

and praising Virgins ability to deliver near enough advertised speeds.

Once again, B******S all!

Ofcom demands ISPs close 'upto' gap


Here we go again

So its still all about advertising "correctly". Thats what OFCOM exists for? As if we needed to know about slower sppeds. Why cant they just prosecute instead of submitting their "findings" and survey reports to another comiitee?

B******S all. Wasting taxpayers money on inane surveys.

Brits luv broadband. True


Sure- what a revelation.

Who'd have known? But for this survey, we would all be living in the dreamy days of Dial up and AOL charging by the hour.

Thank goodness for such surveys, which bring to light the desires and aspirations of our people.

Now how about giving actual advertised speeds, when the whole country gets less than 50% of the advertised speeds. More survey needed for this to happen? ya ya

What sealed Nokia's fate?


It was in 2006

After the last/best iteration in the form of N95 (8GB) it was all downhill. N97 was so hyped up (great hardware- mind you) but clinging to the dated and tired Symbian killed it for most users and there appeared to be this epiphany that all was not well henceforth. I tried SE Satio (but again felt let down by Symbian 60)

In my opinion, apart from the bureaucracy, its this clnging to Symbian that did them in. The final straw was the collective ego in not having Android on their phones. (IOs was not an option. MSWIn7 was not yet developed fully). Meego and Maemo were just a fleeting idea in this collective, given a lukewarm reception ... and their blinkers were on for the threat from Android.

The rest is history...........

The mighty have fallen in the smartphones race. Its all over,in that area.

Nokia's 15-year tango to avoid Microsoft


Android on Nokia?

Surely all those talented engineers can come together and make programs that will allow porting of Android on to all the symbian S60 phones ?

It will reignite the passion for Nokia hardware and everyone wins. Will also breathe new life into the whole hardware ecosystems.

SURELy someone can do this.

It's official: Nokia bets on Microsoft for smartphones

Jobs Horns

How the mighty have fallen !

Earlier post mentioned 6310i as the high point / pinnacle of Nokia desginers. I Differ. I think it was the N95 8GB and also the N97 (hardware & designwise), only to be let down by S60 v5.

Had to return mine 3 times and then forever, only to settle for SE Satio (again the same pathetic Symbian experience despite hardware being top notch.).. Its still boxed with the screen protection wrapper still on.

Wish what could've been. Sigh. Why oh Why?

Italy sues Microsoft for box-bundling bungling

Gates Horns

Can I Join?

As EU is supposed to have harmonizing laws, can I join this class action as a European? When EU forced it upon them, they DID agree to have a choice of browsers when first setting up a new machine or re-installing.

So I guess this suit shoud succeed and we can all rejoice. We just need the choice and clear pricing of windows OS in the overall cost of machines.


One more point..

Cant we have the same laws for mibile phones ? Just imagine, Android on Nokia top range handsets/hardware (eg N97 or no Se Satio) would be super, or even on the Best of Apple hardware.

Because Samrtphones are almost defacto mini computers.

How about it ? Now that would be REAL fun and competition.

Raised res iPad 2 to sport four-core chip?

Paris Hilton

Thanks St. Jobs

Finally, it will make for a nice expensive Photo Frame costing more than £1000, plus monthly tethering and beholden to the Jobs Mobs for 24 months.

What a wonderful feeling will that be.

Paris, I dont mind being beholden to her!

SK Telecom to bring LTE 4G mobe data to Seoul


What About UK?

Now only if BT , Voda,3,TOrange etal can take a leaf our of them!

Alas - grateful for small mercies and data caps, throttling..............

Time to drown our sorrows.

Dixons warns on crap Christmas


Crap Christmas

It was a white one for me!

Oh wait, you meant Dixons are crap, surely.

Apple refuses frozen iPhone repair

Jobs Halo

Apple is right

You use it AS WE TELL YOU. If you use it on your left hand, warranty is void. If signal drops, its users fault. It its cold, its your fault.

We love your money, not you, undertand?

St. Jobs is always right, and if you dont believe, read the previous line.

Android's Gingerbread finagled onto iPhone


How about other phones?

eg; Can they port it onto a brand new unused SE Satio? Brilliant hardware but oh...Symbian. Or onto a N97 ...same story abt Symbain.

Ofcom clears way for 3G kit on 2G spectrum


Whats different?

All operators have 3G licenses. Will it mean change of handsets?

Snowstorms knacker Acer sales



Wake up, Cameron Colley, they were happy sell the the rootkitted sony Cds? They were happy to do the BIg Pigopolists bidding gratefully.

And some singles still for above £10 (some @£14.99).

Good riddance in my opinion.


Goodbye HMV

Thanks for the journey. Serves you right for sticking to outdated and RIAA/MPAA inspired dying distribution model. You became too cosy and comfortable with the captive market for years.

And Thanks to the internet for showing us the way out.

BT confirms broadband upgrades for rotten boroughs


Will they ever improve?

Still a cheap publicity stunt by BT. What about the millions still lagging? Has the govt. released them any funds for this?

I hate their audacity in pulling this off under the very noses of OFCOM and the Govt.

US woman sues again over XP 'downgrade', seeks class action


Theres a HUGE Gap

Al Jones, from what you say that a preinstalled OS is only £15-20 in the price of a new pc, it would seem that MS would not make any money on such licensing! Especially when considering that retail boxed versions are upwards of £100 plus. So who's making tons of money? The retailers or M$?

So in a court case, if one were to argue for a reduction of about £100 plus (retail boxed Ms OS)from the retailers quoted price of a PC, surely the consumer would benefit and the courts cant argue in favour of MS/Retailer ?

If I remember correctly in these forums, It was in France that man won a case like this? Any chance of it being repeated here as a class action suit?

I would love to see this open a can of worms in how the licenses are discriminately priced.


About time

....Microsfot gets it comeuppance and lose this case.

Can I buy a computer from any of the UK retailers cheaply (ie without any MS OS preinstalled)?. What amount of OS does the PC retail costs ?

This should prove interesting. Will anyone sell it cheaper minus the OS? How about such a test case here.

Mobile operators handed content billing blueprint


Data Myth

The whole idea of Data as a tangible, tradeable and finite commodity is a myth. It is inveneted by the operators (dumb pipes) to keep them afloat by mesmerising the users that they are getting something of real value, when the reality is that they are only dumb pipes tranfserring thru bits and bytes all that the content providers have "made". The only true cost to the operators is maintenance of these pipes and Electricity for these "flows" of data.

And the article above is the logical conclusion and culmination of this attitude. Believe your own lies and they become truth to you. And then foist it upon the paying public..

A bit like the RIAA and MPAA now! Judge and Jury. A snapshot of whats coming, guys.

LG whips out dual-core Android smartphone



Yes ! I want one. How much ? More tech details please.

Three punts UNLIMITED smartphone package


Brilliant - If True

Title says it all.

Also would tethering it once in a while invite censure? FUP ? What about others already on regular contracts who have 1GB included? Any upgrades there?

Many questions in the grey areas yet.

Have you noticed they have stopped punting Skype to SKype free calls loudly? My guess is T-Orange have leaned on THREE to tone down this, since they are going to share the masts and T-O dont want clogged systems and offer simialr deals for a price (Three is free). People have also noticed that once when they were logged on SKype thru their handsets, now they are disconnected automatically and quietly. You can log on only when you need to!

Big business at work again - you bet.

Three tots up iPad subsidy

Paris Hilton

Here you go again El-Reg

Please stop calling this a subsidy. Its HP or deferred payment to you and me.

Subsidy only exists in the mind of dumb pre-christmas shopper who will look at £199 tag and empty his wallet.

Giving away data hardly costs anything to the network.

Its a question of degrees.

"Subsidy" as a term for me would be selling the Ipad at 199 and then letting me choose whatever data plan I desire OR NOT !

Paris, I dont mind any subsidy on her.

Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange


Protect Him

I Implore our own UK goverment (the paragons, birthplace of Democracy etc etc) to Officially give Assange the protection form these vile headhunters A La Rushdie.

In the name of Democracy, transparency, Power to the people, freedom of Press, and all that jazz, headline grabbing propoganda, let them show to the USa that we dont trump up charges for short ends and expediency.

Just take a stand , Cameroon, will you?

Mines the bulletproof one.

Telegraph to charge for online news


Another one?

WOndering if anyone can shed some more light on thelatest Times Online subscription figures! WOuld make very interestign reading.

Paris Hilton

When will they learn?

To adopt new distribution models AND to provide worthwhile content ? Its like squeezing juice from an ever shrinking lemon, rather than growing and sourcing a few more.

One more bites the dust.

Lessons from MPAA, RIAA et al are still not learnt. Typically British disease, the eiptome of which ws our last PM. Squeeze the middle class motorists, let councils screw them further, no investment in infrastructure, AND THEN PAY THE BANKERS 170 BILLION OF OUR MONEY FOR THEIR GREED.

Wonder who are Telegraph's financial advisers to want to do this!

Paris, since I dont need to learn anything new with her.

Apple scraps 'never-formed plans' for iPhone SIM in 2011


So what?

Is it such a big deal not having a SIm card in your phone. All CDMA handsets in N.America and India (til date) have SIM less handsets.

SO whats the problem here, I ask ?

Apart from the ususal control freakery of Apple jibes, whats there to lose for Fanbois?

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010


Android / Desire

This has been a Game CHanger for the whole mobile Industry and also the Ipad/clone industry. Not even the Apple spin mobs could have achieved this much penetration.

Sony Ericsson confirms Symbian spurning


SE sucks

They made such a big deal about Satio but what a shame. They dont even bother with firmware upgrades. The least they could have done was give away Symbain 3 or Android to port onto Satio, which in my opinion, hardwarewise, is the best and was their flagship phone.

Bunch of wankers. Never buy their phones.

Blighty's carriers to field Windows Phone 7

Gates Horns

Keep trying

Now what about the handsets thats gonna support this platform?

I mean, will they (can they) compete with the £ 99 Orange (San Francisco) and Huawei (Ideos) capacitative screens and the works, smartphones?

Game over, in my opinion. Ditto for Nokia Symbians.

Gates, obviously, since Steve's lost the plot long ago, ever since pushing Vista!

Ballmer: Windows Mobile lost a 'whole generation'


So Go!

Be the good Samurai & fall on your sword. What were u doing for a generation Steve? Banging chairs and ranting ?

'Unlimited' ads are dumb and misleading, says 3


There's Logic there now - They are not Dumb or Charitable.

He is not dumb. Times are achanging and they are still goons at heart.

SInce more and more of the gadgets are coming on stream which uses WiFi and data (Iphones,Ipads,Dell Streaks, HTC Smartphones etc), thats where their next revenue streams are coming from. Voice calls are just so passe!

These b****rd Telcos now need to get their act in order that they can squeeze every extra penny form these data intensive gadgets' use by the eqully dumb populace.

Did you guys really think they've had a change of heart? Or got ashamed despite ASA and OFCOM doing f**k all? No way. Mobile data is the next big thing to pinch pennies from punters.

Previous mobile phones were not that data intensive, so they could get away with the misleading adverts knowing full well that the networks will cope and not many people would bother with the slower speeds and pathetic screens. Come Iphone and other smartphoens, and they started shitting bricks and Official caps started becoming fashionable.Lack of investment in infrastructure didnt help.

Hence these idiots are now putting a gloss on whats up their sleeve - coming.

Which is Screw the punters for data now ! Go over the limit and you pay big time.

Cynical of me ? You bet. Cant trust them anymore.

Google chief: Nexus One was 'so successful, we killed it'


He is right there!

Google Nexus one raised the bar in one stroke (for hardware and software).

Imagine if it was only software they were peddling, how hard would it have been to convince so many manufacturers to "adopt" the android platform without the modifications and rampant cripppling that ccomes with it.

So success, yes. AND a very timely and good wakeup call for others too, to up their offerings.!

Else we might still be suffering the SYmbains and measly Uis of SE/Pre or the imob.

They didnt need to kick ass again. If it wasnt for Nexus one, we would get the HTC Desire or the newer offerings in the pipeline for sure!

Even Nokia saw the light and freed Symbian (playing catchup) cos it was becoming stale.

So here's one for Schmidt for uttering the truth.

iPhone 4 parts cost $188 says pre-hyped report



So how many have been sold till date? Any ideas?

Tell me when its £ 99.99 in walmart.

Jobs tells iPhone users to get a grip


They will still buy it !

For fanbois, it is the Saint's wish and diktat. Anything he says is gospel.

SO what if the signal fades?

Maybe it was designed for 4 fingered langurs with a tiny palm.

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget


Not good enough

In that case why not decommission most of them and stop funding the maintenance too? How about rolling back other legislations curtailing our freedom and civil liberties?

There are more CCTVs now then ever before. How about removing them too?

Seriously, this would make them more popular then ever now.

And remove the congestion charge too!

You think mobile voice is expensive?


And then?

Its universal knowledge they are hihg. WHat would you achieve by the outpourings of the sufferers and their opinions!

Will it make any difference?

One guess.

Finland mulls legalizing use of unsecured Wi-Fi



Now isnt that what free WiFi for all project was all about by the local Municipalities (started in USA)?

Or the Femto cells bogey intended the same?

Wonder which vested interests are behind no adoption of this policy citing security and terrorism!

Something stinks here.

iPhone 4 to slum it at Wal-Mart


Thats OK now

Would be nice to pick one up at $ 99.97 each!

Steve Jobs – Apple's not business, it's personal


He's gone

As mentioned before by me, Steve's lost the plot. Its all personal and when he's gone, Apple's gone too!

Cant Wall street do anything about this corporation which is run tyrannically by one man? Steve wielding too much control ? Sure, thats an understatement. What is the board of directors doing there? Who;s responsible for what? No one knows, shrouded in secrecy, I guess.

He's raised the bar, sure. BUt thats where it will end.

Dont you think this control freakery is getting too far?

Hes admitted it now, Its personal.

Three In-Car Wi-Fi


What use is it then?

I mean, whats wrong with a normal/reguar dongle for £20 which presumably does the same thing? All it requires is a Laptop to connect to and as a hot spot, there are many programs available to make the laptop one!

The only advantage apparently is it can connect upto 5 Wifi gadgets! Apart from the driver, how many passengers are gonna be hooked up at any one given point of time in a small family car?

Reminds me of a bluetooth headset some time ago, wich displayed the telephone number that was calling you (for £80 plus for the novelty). Now who would want to be staring at a callers number when you are wearing one on your ear? Surely the number's visible on your phone anyways.

Products a fail, unless its on a long bus journey and the National Express wishes its a customers to login for the duration of the journey!

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad


Yup Lost the plot - surely

What revived Apple was some new sleek Laptops,Mp3 player and Iphone. Surely he raised the bar with that Ifart and changed some of the Market rules about DRM, distribution and RIAA, which Napster couldnt. He became a proxy for DRM imposed by RIAA as face saving by legalising paid downloads (who killed Napster)

However, to me it now appears that just becasue of the Iphone success, the fanbois believe that he can do no wrong. Worst, HE now believes that whatever he does (hobby) is divine and lapped up by the fanbois doesnt mean success. Its like the deaf/blind following the ........... Steve's an egoistic boss and sycophants support him to the hilt. Thats not success. Ipad is still to find a useful purpose. The new thing (TV for $99 on another post here?) is also a hobby and eager beavers will still lap it up. I can compare BBC Iplayer (without cloud) with that and we already have it. But when Steve launches it, Ill see people like you queing up down Regents street salivating, cos its from St..Jobs.

Market capitlisation is the Wall st. boys' playground and nothing to do with what Steve's latest iteration is. They are banking on precisley fanbois like you to make some more dollars.

Its distorted at best.

Remember the Netscape Navigator market valution when launched? FFS, it was only a browser but the price was stratospheric !

So stop judging Apple by the market cap.

Fact remains, Seve's lost the plot and a sound direction. Wont last. Its only a glorfied Ipod (internet device) with flaky wifi. And a 3g card to get some more DATA ACCESS DOLLARS from you.

Wake up and smell the coffee, available elsewhere, not only in Regant street.



That Steve's lost the plot.

Apple iPad



That will be the ultimate use when it dies or people get fed up/disillusioned.

You see, even in death, Apple has its uses. And Jobs is nearer a Sainthood.

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban

Paris Hilton

Misunderstanding - Dont you guys get it?

Its the lifetime of the product, you morons: which is about 3 MONTHS till a new version with some improvements come along. Thats when the fanbois wil get another lifeline & lifetime purchase options!

Till then keep worshipping St. Jobs for scraps of manna from heaven and be grateful for small (lifetime) mercies.

Paris cos, she cant last a lifetime either.

Jobs Halo

Holy Saint Jobs

I mean he cant do no wrong, can he?

Makes Google look saintly.

Lifetime? Whats that?

Wonder what Jobs' eating/drinking !

Ash cans flights for another day


Id say Nuke it.

It will seal the volcano or widen its mouth so ash can scatter locally. Make it low level (depleted Uranium- like we do in Iraq and Afganistan) and everything will be OK.

I am also in the business of making Ash-proof jet engines. £30 million each. Any takers?

Opportunity strikes. Golden lining to every ash cloud!

Icelandic ash cloud to keep UK skies closed 'til Saturday

Paris Hilton

Nuke it!

Why cant we just NUke the volcano, so at best it will wi.den the mouth and all ash/lava will be scattered locally. Better still it might just seal it off. the small spout is making it worse currently.

Remember we did this in Iraq in first gulf war to put out the fires.

Paris, cos she still burns bright

Apple shrugs to iPad Wi-Fi problems

Paris Hilton

Happens all the time !

Halloway, you are wrong. Its not only Apple who release products half tested. Dont forget, Windows Vista was the biggest beta tester ever in the history of the world. AS some NewZealander described it " as the longest suicide note in hsitory". And its dead now.

So dont always pick on Apple.(im nofanboi though)

Paris,cos she's no Beta anymore !

iPad security broken in less than 24 hours


Whats the usage Opinion?

So whats the user experience like? Anyone throw more light please. Lets have an honest debate about this as against only the bias about paid subscriptions.



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