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Gonna be so cool when we finally get into space, float among the stars, work out every day, inject testosterone...

Ernie Mercer

Re: Any side effects ...

No. It's replacement therapy, to restore testosterone to normal levels.

On Earth, the shots are given once or twice a month.

It’s baaack – Microsoft starts pushing out the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: Any love for Windows 7?

All the Windows 7 updates since the middle of last year have disabled my USB ports. No keyboard, no mouse. Had to restore the hard drive on another PC using a backup.

It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors

Ernie Mercer

That's better than my experience with last month's "Quality Rollup" for Win7. It disabled my USB ports. No mouse, no keyboard.

I had to use a backup to restore my hard drive using an alternate installation of Windows 10.

Finally: Historic Eudora email code goes open source

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Re: Still use Eudora 7

I still use Eudora also (

To view HTML content, enable the "Use Microsoft's viewer" option.

I don't have seem to have any trouble opening opening attachments or links.

FYI: There's now an AI app that generates convincing fake smut vids using celebs' faces

Ernie Mercer

I think a similar app was used to create this video, featuring the Trump "family":


'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'

Ernie Mercer

Re: Improbable

I'm a retired engineer with experience in analog and digital design. This scenario makes no sense to me.

US voting server in election security probe is mysteriously wiped

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Re: @big?_john


That's not how you spell "infrequent."

SCARY SPICE: Pumpkin air freshener sparks school evacuation

Ernie Mercer

"Air fresheners" are nothing of the sort. They add perfumes and fragrances to the air that can be toxic to some people (me).

Pastor la vista, baby! FCC enforcers shut down church pirate radio

Ernie Mercer

Re: I think someone may have reported them

My complaint didn't say anything about them being unlicensed, only that they were interfering with other FM stations. I also gave the frequency they were operating on.

Ernie Mercer

I think someone may have reported them

The FM broadcast spectrum in the US is very crowded. As far as I know, The FCC doesn't go searching for rogue FM stations.

A few years ago I started getting interference on an FM station that I listen to. It turned out to be from a station (also run by a church) that was overmodulating its signal to the point that it was interfering with other FM stations. They probably did it because it made them "louder" than other stations. I don't recall them ever announcing their call letters, so they may have been unlicensed.

I complained to the FCC about them, and a few months later they were off the air.

Feds raid dental flaws dad

Ernie Mercer

Found another article that has more detail:

Very helpful. Thanks!

Ernie Mercer

What's not clear in the article is who he reported this TO. If he reported it to Eaglesoft, that might be analogous to telling a homeowner that his house was unlocked.

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs

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Re: All this has done

Well, the plural of "ox" is "oxen."

Memory-resident modular malware menaces moneymen

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My thought as well.

Gamer ransomware grows up, now infecting UK, Euro businesses

Ernie Mercer

"Only three of 55 antivirus products detect the ransomware"

Which three?

US House okays making internet tax exemptions permanent

Ernie Mercer

I shop locally when I can, and enjoy the instant gratification of bringing stuff home with me.

But a lot of what I want, especially computer hardware and clothing in styles and sizes I wear, isn't available locally. Brick and mortar establishments just don't offer the variety available online. That's when local establishments lose my business.

Sales taxes aren't the issue for me, and many online businesses collect them anyway. New Jersey has a line on their tax return for use taxes on out-of-state purchases. I haven't had to pay anything for a couple of years.

We tried using Windows 10 for real work and ... oh, the horror

Ernie Mercer

Re: Same old

All your base are belong to us!

Fear the Embarrassing Bodies webcam

Ernie Mercer

I wish I could see it in the US, but it's "not available in your area."

Cleveland residents get RFID-equipped recycling

Ernie Mercer

People are very lazy

"the majority continue to put everything in one sack and expect someone else to deal with it"

In my community here in the US, we have "Single-Stream Recycling." Except for large pieces of cardboard (which are also collected), we put all our recyclables in a single container, and they are separated and sorted at the recycling facility.


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