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Tor usage up by more than 100% in August


Re: Tor prevents anyone from learning your location

Good point, one can of course manually set an exit node so that you always appear to be located in one geolocation, rather than the default random selection at startup.

But the article seems to be suggesting that they know the *origin* of Tor users, hence the stats that show the recent increase in use from US, UK and India, for instance.

Or did I read this wrong, and all they're saying is that there's in increase in Tor traffic from certain exit nodes?


Tor prevents anyone from learning your location

'Tor users in the US and the UK made up a large portion of the total in August. Around 90,000 Americans were connecting to Tor daily at the start of the month, but that figure grew to around 150,000 daily users by the end. UK daily users grew from around 16,000 to more than 35,000.'

As the Tor Project itself describes it, 'Tor prevents anyone from learning your location or browsing habits.'

So how do they even know the location of the new Tor users?

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s 14in Core i5 laptop


All that glistens...

'features actual chromed metal edge trim – a flourish to broaden its appeal beyond the boardroom'

Think you'll find that that trim is cheap plastic painted to look like real metal too.

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM


Re: the MS angle

But is that a case of 'No, Mr Netbook Vendor, we will not sell you Windows at all to preinstall on your netbook, if it doesn't meet the Redmond criteria'.

Or 'No we won't cut you a special knockdown price for Windows 7 Starter to maximise your profits, if your netbook doesn't meet our criteria' ?

So in order to make a living, vendor takes the cheap OS deal, restrictions and all.

Anyone hear that rumour that Microsoft basically gave away copies of Windows XP to its manufacturing customers in the early days of the netbook, to discourage them from dabbling with Linux?

Intel: dual-core Atom netbooks on sale now


Competition in the rear-view mirror

Intel's been making a dual-core Atom, the 330, almost as long as the original N270 introduced two years ago.

Okay so its TDP was a little higher; but the bigger reason for now letting Wintel netbooks finally go dual-core may be related to healthy competition from the iPad and impending ARM tablets...

True Utility Scarab and KeyTool micro multi-tools


Relaxing of rules?

On a flight last week from Heathrow T1, I was surprised to see a sign that indicated that blades of up to 6cm, such as on a handy Swiss Army knife, are now permitted in hand luggage. Had to ask a security staff member to confirm this in case I'd misread the poster somehow. Anyone else noticed this change?