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BT Tower is just a relic? Wrong: It relays 18,000hrs of telly daily


Homing beacon

An old school friend used to live right at the base of the BT tower when he was a student. No matter how drunk he got anywhere in London, he always knew the right way to go to get home.



Two things

Two great things about this game:

1) It was the first game (at least that I can remember) that showed game developers could actually make a game based on a movie / tv series that *wasn't* a complete and utter bag of cashing-in bull-crap.

2) Its the only game ever where I managed a triple headshot from a single bullet!

Happy days

Ten Android games


And another..

Don't forget 'Great Little War Game' and its follow-ups.

My girlfriend is always complaining that I spend more time playing this than talking to her. But then, pretty much anything is better than talking about fluffy kittens / pretty dresses / celebrities, or whatever the hell else it is that women talk about.

Descriptive Camera develops text instead of images


Open to abuse

"The designer did throw in the option of sending the picture to available online friends for a free description instead, though."


This is a picture of...wait, what is that? It looks kind

of like a shrivelled frankfurter sausage and two

scotch eggs covered in hair?....oh, no wait, it can't be

... oh sweet lord! Gross, Dave, seriously gross


Reading plays host to live ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE


Reading demolition

Why not let the zombies out onto the streets? Then maybe they will knock down the whole of Reading, too. Come to think of it, Slough is only just down the road, why stop there?!

RIM stands, staggers, falls again


"Like a drunk in denial, RIM keeps telling us it is absolutely fine, before staggering around for a bit and finally collapsing in an unresponsive heap"

Presumably, RIM will soon release a statement telling us that they love us, that we are their best mate, before challenging us all to a fight and ending with a few rambling lines from 'We Are the Champions'.

Videogames caused riots says plod


Thats odd...

I don''t remember the mission on any GTA game where, just because some guy you never knew got shot, you have to go on a looting / burning / mugging rampage

ALK CoPilot Live Premium HD


Re: Open Street Map client for Android?

Yep, its called NavFree - http://www.expansys.com/navfree.

As the name suggests, its completely free. Maps are stored on the SD card so no lag with downloading on the move.

I've been trialling it and generally its pretty good. My main complaint so far is that occasionally the navigation can be a little ropey (got very confused when trying to route me to one particular address - took me a terrible route when I knew a shorter & quicker one existed). But hopefully these will get ironed out over time.

Sure beats forking out £25 smackers for CoPilot for very little obvious advantage!

UK tech retailers are rubbish


We've all got a story

A couple of years ago I needed an SD card reader as i'd just bought a new digital camera and needed to download a couple of pics in a hurry. I went to a few stores and all found that most places only sold multi-readers for £10 plus. When I asked an (and I use the term loosly...) "assistant" in Comet if they had a cheap reader for just SD cards, he told me that single readers were actually *more* expensive than multi-readers, and I could be looking to pay up to £30 for one!

I eventually found what I was looking for in my local Pounderama...for a quid, obviously.

Yemeni assassin hits York man with spam death threat


Noel Edmonds...?

"Deal/ No Deal?" Could it be that your correspondent has annoyed Noel Edmonds recently?

This would certainly be an interesting way of spicing up an otherwise tedious gameshow.