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Linux ecosystem spins around Red Hat

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Matt, ex COO Canonical?

Matt, we were happy for Canonical when you joined them, that hopefully you'd be able to help Ubuntu in some way or another to move ahead. But you've been such a disappointment. You blogged big time about your entry into Canonical. Then within a couple of months, you left Canonical. OK that's fine, but damn, I don't think you should be referring to yourself as previous COO of Canonical, WTF did you do there? You don't deserve it. You left before the seat of your chair got warm.

Stop irritating us by referring yourself as ex-COO of Canonical, you are not worthy of it. Shame on you to ride on the coattails of Canonical by trying to associating your name with them. Please remove any reference to Canonical in your byline. Many of us think you are an asshole for doing this.

Aaaah, that feels better now that it's off my chest.

A young and pretty Linux server OS that takes a bit of work


LXDE not from china

LXDE is not from china, according to lxde.org: "The LXDE Foundation e.V. is a German registered non-profit association supporting the Global LXDE community."

Microsoft's fear of an OpenOffice


Oracle shivers?

MS is worried that Oracle may once again take up the battle axe, this time pouring resources into OO. If Oracle can re-engineer OO into something that will lay OO-haters to rest, then MS has a fight in its hands...and mind you, Oracle can be one mean competitor...would be fun to watch the sharks battle it out

ARM chips put on their server boots

Gates Horns

So what?

so what if it is dominant for non-trivial systems? the bottom line is that the trivial systems are still putting billions every quarter into microsoft's pockets. stop burying your head in the sand


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