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Red Hat at 30: Biggest Linux company of them all still pushing to become cloud power

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Seme here

RedHat have a arrogance to them and this facade of OpenSource makes them no better than the other large tech companies working in the OpenSource space for profit.

Take OpenShift - they took Kubernetes wrapped it in forked OSS software (istio etc.) made it demonstrably worse by not tracking upstream or contributing back making the move from OS 3.x > 4.x more complicated then just switching distros. This pig headedness and not playing nice by actuall contributed them back lost them a lot of business.

Also the per core licensing that requires licensing machines being deployed in DC's stinks of Microsoft play here.

Don't get me wrong they have driven some really important linux projects but they are not the warm fuzzy opensource bastions the 'Merican linux podcasters like to tout, because USA USA.

Google reminds everyone it too can launch a ChatGPT-like chatbot … waiting list

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It wasn't built to compete with ChatGPT it's been around a LOT longer.

China offers world its COVID QR Code movement passport at G20 Leaders' Meeting

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This is literally China trying to implement their Social Credit Score under the guise of Covid.


New TLD redirect?

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Re: New TLD redirect?

Agreed, just let people go to either theregister.co.uk or theregister.com it's a British publication, don't give in to the US rubbish... keep the .co.uk i hate the new redirect.

Wearables are now a two-horse race and Google lost very badly

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Re: I remember Watch being laughed off at launch

I Had the original Series 1 watch and used to swim in it just fine, even outdoor swimming in Salford Quays.... I now have the Series 3, it's strengths for me? Making me lose 5 stone in weight and getting fit. I wear it all day every day, Series 3 has about 2 - 3 days battery life (less if you exercise) is easy to use and I get streaming music whilst leaving my phone behind for an outdoor run. It's a marvel!

Outside of fitness can I still pin point the killer feature to say to people you should get one? No... not really.

Microsoft's DRM can expose Windows-on-Tor users' IP address

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Re: transparent proxy

Errrr ipconfig will just return a private IP address? e.g. not your WAN IP address...

You can buy Windows 10 Enterprise E3 access for the price of a coffee

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Re: The Question Remains....

The problem is most corporate web apps are still activex, flash or some horrible Java monster... We are forced to use ADP for our payroll, they recommend a "modern" browser of IE7,8,9 or 10 no other browser works.,. Horrific.

Should space be a biz-free zone? Join us on June 22 to find out

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If you let businesses in space...

You end up with Weyland-Utani corporation, look how that ended up for the Nostromo?!

Damn you ash!

A cracked window on the International Space Station? That's not good

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Re: Cracked windscreen

Gavin's on his way...

Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends on July 29th

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Re: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I had this issue, basically set Windows 7 up without turning on updates, download and install Windows6.1-KB3102810-x64, Reboot

Download and install Never10, Check for updates, the time goes from days to maybe a hour and you install without Win10 shite being pushed down.

Jobs a good'un of course i only run Win7 via VMware Fusion on my Mac's.

Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple

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Meanwhile those not looking for linkbait

Have been using Safari on multiple computers for years with absolutely no issues.... meanwhile Chrome's revocation of RC4 encryption has basically broken a load of sites... well done Google.

iOS storing enterprise credentials in directory anyone can read

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I call Bullshit

Where are your sources for 8.4.1 adoption? IOS 8.4 has a 70% adoption in it's first week and thats across devices from 4S - 5 - 5S - 6 iPad 2 +

How is that a fail? The level of "journalism" at the register and it's anti apple attitude is boring.

Amazon snubs FTC: We'll see you in court over kids' in-app cash blowouts

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Re: Easy access?

hmmm no, amazon have to be the worst!!! I got suckered into Prime, and it's shite.

Their customer service is zero, nothing, nadda I bought some beyerdynamic earphones from amazon because, well, i may as well use that next day delivery i got suckered into, and they broke within 14 days .... Amazon were NOWHERE to be seen, they are illegal scheisters and they hide behind apple with everything. Have you tried finding a customer service number anywhere?

Look at the blatant monopolistic behaviour with book selling and their music service is shite.... RIP Lovefilm.

Can't think of a worst company that deserves to be hauled in court and embarrassed.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

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It would be interesting...

To see how many people learn the CS suite via bootleg's or dodgy old copies that go on to Pay full whack when they use it in their jobs / make some money....

Adobe risk eliminating the casual starter who would have learnt the tools this way and therefore the knowledgebase would disappear making Adobe products either less attractive in business or push the price of hiring Adobe Pro's up in the future.

Seems like a chance for other companies to up their ante.... I wonder if this was a reason Apple has started to once again push Final Cut ?

Apple releases fix for iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 connectivity cockup

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The Bitterness is strong....

Anyway, getting past the anti-apple Register brigade and commenters. This update (6.1.1) has fixed the problems I had with network dropouts on Vodafone (Eeven toggling Aeroplane mode on/off didn't work).

Signal is a lot better stabler and connectivity seems faster now.

O2 / EE did come out and say they didn't see any problems, only Vodafone, maybe a Cellular Model driver??

My battery life on my 18 month old 4S lasts me all day, usually around 24 hours, listening to web radio or podcasts and with x3 exchange accounts pushing :)

Apple confirms 128GB iPad. A hundred bucks for an extra 64GB

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Re: The biggest problem with the iPad...

So a computer illiterate mother in law uses a Server to manually mount shares and browse for files? I call out lies, plus if you had a half decent server you can run iTunes on it, or if it's a Synology NAS they do streaming.... or, you know, use apps like VLC ...

So much hate for Apple from people who think it's cool... enjoy your Android with its laggy UI and spyware in built.

I miss Maemo a proper Linux Smartphone OS.

Apple's brilliant plan to fix iOS Maps: Get YOU to do it

Gary 24

Why do

All the fandroids keep spouting off their Google Maps? It's Crap! Nokia make THE best maps for a mobile device, and from driving to/from Germany on a fortnightly basis using the iOS 6 beta and maps it's really good and thats a mix of autoroute's / motorways / autobahns and town / village roads.

I don't get what the big reaction is.... no problems here and a very happy iOS 6 maps user :)

PCs get touchy ahead of Windows 8 launch

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Why not?

Just use gesture based touchpads???

Apple: You'd want hi-fi streamage from us, not poor-people Wi-Fi audio

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Re: typical apple yet again

What open standards? ALAC is an open standard..... the current 'open' standards for streaming don't work.

Bluetooth is too poor in quality and range, DLNA just don't work very well (i.e. Samsung DLNA doesn't work well with what works for a PS3 Server) and DLNA.

This is them pushing forward to bring sono's style audio/video streaming to the masses...... and let's be honest, you hate Apple so will never buy into it. Hating for hate's sake.... sad sad little person.

Samsung plonks universal search BACK into Galaxy S IIIs

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Re: Fail

No..... morning statements aside.. look at any of the Kia's / Hyundai's and see how much they look like a mixture of the popular German car's

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So because Samsung f**k up, naturally it's Apple's fault? 'cause Korean's never copy anything do that? *cough* cars

Apple MacBook Air 11in Core i5 notebook

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The battery, apple has a terrible rep with regards to batteries, look at the ratings on the apple.com/ukstore for the old replaceable batteries.

End of UK local dialling in sight as numbers run out

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It was bad enough....

when live and kicking changed their number from 0818118181 to 01818118181

Galaxy Tab 7.7 pulled from IFA after new Apple moves

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Why don't all the other companies

That do much more than Apple just boycott Apple, e.g. Samsung should just cease all memory, cpu etc sales to Apple NOW!, Sony should remove all music + movies of theirs from iTunes and stop manufacturing their batteries....

Seems simple enough seeing as Apple doesn't actually make anything.

Russia has 'secret space warplane' to match US X-37B

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It's the Goa'uld motherships coming to destroy earth and take control of the stargate....

never mind!

Murdoch & Co unveil iPad news rag The Daily

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Why pay?

When you can get better quality journalism from news.bbc.co.uk ??


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Alien life in California???

Must be Steve Jobs!!! Apple is a alien conspiracy to take over the world with over-priced substandard products designed to brain wash into totalitarian control through iTunes.,....

Rethinking the iPhone

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you forgot an alarm clock as the iPhone doesn't seem to be very good at that, either!

Teufel System 8 THX Ultra 2 home cinema speakers

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Re: iPod Dock

No it donesn't have a iPod dock.... you need a THX certified receiver / processor / poweramp set to power these. Plus why would you want a iPod dock with these, the sounds too rubbish from a iPod. Stick to Audio CD's :)

Meego goes 3D

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You are wrong

This is about creating a buzz in the developer world about Meego and getting people to exploit the 3D on the newer generation of Nokia handsets, and with a backer like Intel it can't really go wrong, what if this is folly? so what? it gets a lot of tomorrows developers onto the Meego / Qt (portable to Symbian) bandwagon....

Group Test: smartphone satnav apps

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OVI Maps

I know it's 'Cool' to hate Nokia right now with all the Lemmings going for iTarded devices and throwing all their personal data away to google. but...... I have a N900 & a N97

N900's aren't really designed for mass market usage and they haven't upgraded OVI Maps on there for some time so don't even bother.

N97 .. OVI Maps is absolutely brilliant, it gets me from Manchester to Frankfurt without a glitch what-so-ever, the only downside with it is that it can lag sometimes but other than that it's certainly the best Phone based satnav out there in terms of features and quality AND i didn't get a huge bill because my maps are loaded onto a microSD Card :-)