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NBN Co, Turnbull, issue contradictory broadband speed promises

Prof Null

Not my Bleedin' Network

Curently I have Optus cable and it tests at 15 mb/sec download. Recently the NBN installers put a box on my wall and now my servce provider wants me to migrate to the NBN where I will get 12mb/sec for a slightly higher price. This is preposterous: Why should I change to an inferior service? Where the heck is this mythical 25 mb/sec service? I won't be downgrading unless they force me to.

Oh yes, to JamesTQuirk, I doubt we will be seeing 4K TV in a hurry: it's too expensive and for what? At least the move to HD was a visible improvement onscreen.

'Turn to nuclear power to save planetary ecology from renewable BLIGHT'

Prof Null

What? Have these people learned nothing?

Never mind the military aspects of nuclear power, just consider the mess running nuclear reactors creates, then take a look at the energy cost of mining and refining uranium (or thorium) and then add to that the cost of getting rid of all the nasty radioactive waste. Renewable energy is the only way that we can keep our technology going (at a reduced rate of consuption) without turning even more of the world into Chernobyl - type areas.

Where are the Geothermal power stations? At least solar stations are being built on a bigger scale nowalthough nobody has yet tried to store large amounts of power from one to cover the night hours - but Geothermal seems to me to be the only viable 24 hour power source that does not pollute (apart from the heat released, of course) - is it because the drilling technology required is owned by big oil, or is that just conspiracy rumour?

Intel's embedded security strategy faces tech obstacles

Prof Null

They are gonna do WHAT?

So let me get this straight: the "security software" will be hardwired into the chips right?

. . . . . so any bug, error or weakness will also be hardwired into the chips too.

Sounds like a whole lotta product recalls on the way to me - unless these firms can create perfect bug-free code. Riiiiiight. NOT.

Nice ideals guys, but I won't be holding my breath.

Opera: Firefox tab sets? We've had 'em for years

Prof Null
Thumb Down

Scuse me, but is this an improvement?

I can already collect and group bookmarks in folders and sub-folders.

Why do I need to do the same thing with Tabs instead?

Does seeing a thumbnail of the page help me any better than a bookmark mini-icon and it's name? I suspect not. At least with a name I can find things regardless of scale.

Worse still, it means I need another interface flip with key and button action just like switching between programs or windows: BAD. NON-visible.

here is my way of web browsing with Firefox: with a bookmark sidebar courtesy of the "All-in-one Sidebar" addon (free).

- It has all my "tabs" (and aren't the same as bookmarks?) visible at all times, No buttons or keys required.

- I can organise and group them any way that I like, at any time.

- The bookmarks run down the side of the browser window - and for most screens, that is a big empty space otherwise as web pages are often shaped more like a paper page, narrow and tall.

- It already exists.

Ah, but my comments will probably make no difference. The same stuff as us reasonable folks already had will be reprocessed, rebadged and peddled again as something that supposedly is New And Improved.