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'Liberator': Proof that you can't make a working gun in a 3D printer


Re: Idiot

"Erm? Name me a State of the US which was a country before joining the US. Most of them were colonies of other countries, Great Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands etc..."


Student claims code flaw spotting got him expelled from college


Re: These computer laws need real exemptions for security researchers.

I think they overreacted, but I can see why they got upset.

It's one thing to notice a vulnerability during development of an application and report it to the university, for which he was rightfully praised..

It's another thing to fire up a vulnerability scanner and start hammering away at the system to see if it was fixed. This is a big no-no. As any pentester will tell you, you don't do crap to someone else's system without a signed contract.

I think expulsion is going to far, I would have limited it to some kind of official reprimand.

Won't follow Apple Store rules? How 'bout an iTASER TREAT!

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Re: Routine US Police Occurrence

@Fred Flintstone

Normally I'd say you are being a bit melodramatic, but you actually (accidentally, probably) hit on a valid delineation that's used for police weapons.

Currently tasers are considered less-than-lethal (in the same category as tear gas, pepper spray, pressure points). Basically if someone is being a twat, an officer is allowed to use these items to subdue a suspect.

The next step up from that (before just shooting someone) is intermediate weapons. This usually means a baton. A baton in the hands of someone who is calm and knows what to do can subdue someone with nothing to show except painful bruises the next day. In the hands of someone who is panicking/doesn't know what they are doing, it can kill someone.

Tasers should be moved in to this category. They should ONLY be used if it is the only option besides shooting someone.

Sheryl Sandberg offloads $41.5m in Facebook shares in just 6 weeks


Re: I can't remember who it was said about...

Keep in mind that the earliest investors were venture capitalists. They support a lot of companies that end up failing in the end on the off chance 1:1000 ends up like Facebook.

For them to cash out isn't necessarily a bad thing, they have to return the profit to their investors to pay back for the other 999 startups that didn't make it.

Bye Bye Moto: Google pulls plug on Motorola Korea

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Re: Alas, poor MOTO

+1 English Literature reference

Microsoft Security Essentials loses AV-TEST certification


Re: Get the commercial ones for free anyways..

@hplasm Why wouldn't they?

Virtually every corporate network out there uses antivirus because nearly everyone uses Windows. Everyone out there uses Windows because the de facto standard for every productivity application written in the last 20 years has been Windows, and rewriting all the programs would cost more than the various headaches Windows causes.

Not saying that it's right or even wise, it's just the way the world is.


Re: Given that:

@ChrisCabbage It may be free but it's crap.

Go download Avast (Free) or AVG (Free). I've found that Avira has a pretty good detection rate, and I splurged for the paid copy without the popups.

Asteroid miners hunt for platinum, leave all common sense in glovebox

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Re: This is assuming the products are the same

"So, yeah, the numbers don't really add up now, but there's no way of telling how the numbers will change in ten years time once they've actually done this."

The point the author was making is that they can't finance themselves for 10 years at a loss. “the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay liquid”.

Evildoers can now turn all sites on a Linux server into silent hell-pits



Guess they shouldn't have been using ... oh .. wait. Crap.

Design guru: Windows 8 is 'a monster' and 'a tortured soul'


Re: What's new?

@Eadon So the solution to having a horrible OS is to install Linux and run your productivity applications inside of a VM that runs the horrible OS? Don't you end back up at square one?

While I love Linux too (Xubuntu to be exact), what people need to realize is that most companies don't run Windows because they like Windows. They run Windows because Microsoft Office and the last 20+ years of industry standard productivity applications are written for it.

It's easier to deal with the issues surrounding Windows than it is to rewrite all of the productivity programs and retrain the staff.

Sarcastic tweeter jailed for mocking Communist Party


If this had been the United States instead of China ...

... cue the massive flame wars, accusations, black helicopters, CIA rendition teams, ect.

Since it's China everyone simply expressed mild disappointment.

DreamHost nightmare attack sparks passwords reset


"DreamHost’s database servers was illegally accessed using an exploit that was not previously known or prevented by our layered security systems" Translation: "Our third rate web app that was written by an intern 3 years ago got pwned by an SQL injection"

HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest


They could receive an order to start keeping logs for an account as part of a warrant.


They aren't hackers.

They are a bunch of skiddies that don't even understand how TCP/IP works.

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic




A DoJ survey estimated it at 1.5 million.

Iranian activists deface UK genetics website


Because ...

They probably haven't replied because you are a nutter.


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