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Pantone cranks up the whalesong


what's with all the 'whalesong' headlines?

- i just don't understand...


The Great White

The audience cackles as Sony launches Crackle


spot on!

Sony is a wildly mis-managed corp... i imagine the half-baked approaches, mis-managed projects, and insipid DRM-only approach to be the result of raging internal corp wars among the suits running the different divisions...

Microsoft still just re-Surfacing Windows


MSFT needs to reinvent in six years or less

- said it before and i'll state again:

MSFT needs to reinvent by 2010 or it will be dead...

witness the patent machinations...

GPL sealed MSFT's fate back in the late 80s...

Linux sealed MSFT's fate in the 90s...

MSFT is dead, dead, dead..