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DARPA uncloaks unTerminator for $2 million robotics challenge


Boston Dynamics Rock!!

I mean, they probably will end up building terminators by accident but these guys are awesome. They've built some of the best robots I've ever seen. Big Dog is incredibly impressive even if it is noisy!

Here's their YouTube channel... http://www.youtube.com/user/BostonDynamics

My little boy must've watched Big Dog Evolution a thousand times! (That's when he's not pretending to be Cheetah!). Ah, yes - check out Sand Flea too.

When you think of robots being kicked by a 7 foot marine you imagine them falling over. When a robot slips on ice you imagine it tacking a tumble... Just check out Big Dog!

Note - I do NOT work for Boston Dynamics - I just really appreciate their nous, determination & focus. Basically - it must be one hell of a lot of (hard) fun working there!

Incidentally - IEEE Spectrum have a iPad "Robots" application - my lad likes that a lot. We got it for free during national robotics week (USA national I guess).

Game over for legendary 1980s games designer Mike Singleton



I know you can't hear me now but "Cheers! Here's to some wasted hours!"

Ballmer reprises 'developers, developers, developers' chant


I almost ashamed to say that...

...I REALLY love that video! Ballmer's a complete loon. Gotta love him!

Some lovely soul has put the best bits of Steve together here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8M6S8EKbnU

The old Windows advert is just superb. Then there's...

"We're just gonna keep coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and coming..."


Got a non-iPad tablet? Weirdo


I still sharpen my own quills.

Torvalds dumps Kernel.org for Github after breach



As you've never had any access to Windows source or any idea who has had access to it it could be littered with back doors, insecure security, simple coding errors leading to exploits.

You also have no way of checking for them even if you wanted to.

Seems to me all the kernel hackers have to do is diff the source between now and just prior to the breach. They can see all the changes. It takes time - but with many eyeballs on the job it's no big deal.

TBH I can see why Mr Stallman and friends dislike BLOBs in the kernel now.

Sharp shows off 8K4K hi-res prototype telly



She's a Samsung booth babe!


I saw her here http://www.engadget.com/2011/09/01/live-from-samsung-ifa-2011-press-event/

Or... is she a "celeb" I've never heard of?!

Asus NX90Jq 18.4in Core i7 laptop


Excellent, like it, two five zero zero

Big screen, useful for doing me music stuff... no firewire... hmm... less of a problem than it used to be. Plenty of expansion - Audition/Fruity Loops and chums will look fabulous of that big wide screen. Given the size I won't loose it in a hurry either.

2 and a half thousand quid...


Asus... you owe me one cup of coffee.

Microsoft disputes Apple's 'App Store' trademark


From the company that brought you...

"Windows" and "Office"

and sued "Lindows"...

"Sock Shop" "just" sell socks...

What's the point... I give up...

Shuttleworth spears Natty Narwhal for Ubuntu 11.04


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Quizzical Quail?

Queer Queen Bee?

Questionable Quahog?

My fav..

Quirky Quetzal.



Maybe you're using Ubuntu in a different way to me.

I use it as a desktop, C++, Java (Android) development environment and a little light web work. I also use it to recover data from other peoples dead laptops via various HD enclosures and a "I'll read any damn card in existence" front panel... and it works well. It plays me tunes, runs QtCreator, Eclipse et al and I've yet to find an HD it can't read and recover.

10 has proved itself to be better than 9 (compiz runs better, wifi works even better and the email/IM integration is very nice). The UI feels improved to me especially with stuff like Desktop Cube turned on.

I was actually pretty impressed when I updated from 9 oh 4 to 10 oh 4. That takes some doing!


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