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Microsoft bans all plugins from touchable IE10


Technically Incorrect

The approach uses what Adobe calls a "captive runtime," a version of the Flash technology bundled along with the application. Captive runtime is one of the features of the soon-to-be-released AIR 3 that accompanies Flash Player 11.

And because Metro runs Web apps, not just Web pages, on its IE10 engine, Adobe's customers can package their Web content for that environment, too. Both Web apps and packaged AIR apps can be sold through the Windows Store,

Samsung outs MacBook Pro lookalike laptop


Another Mac FanBoi Fail

It seems the Register is getting as bad as News.com and Gizmodo in the biased apple love.

And nothing like the awesome pillar of techs journalism I used to love and trust.

The laptops above share no real similar nature, and as CNET has had to admit in previous apologies, that all laptop makers have been trying to make thinner lighter laptops and that the MBA was not really a first.

If you look at the shape, the dimension the curves, the track pad placement, they look nothing alike other than sharing typical laptop form factor. Even the author of this article said it does not share the same looks. Contradiction?

The Register is no longer the great Vulture, its a Mac Fanboi and its a very sad day.

Prune your list of authors, weed out the paid and unpaid Apple bias.

So that we can have the tech news we used to love.

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know

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They deleted all my posts pointing out the biased fan boy rubbish in this article and their review. Guess the reg has lost all integrity it now feeds from the hand of Apple.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Yup love how he claims speed or power is an OS thing,

Whats funny is the 7" can run honeycomb. and you can make the 10.1 act as a standard usb device if you want.

And its not like there is much difference it all runs the same apps, there are very few honeycomb specific apps in the market less than 5% of all apps.

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spot on

This article was written by a fanboi almost as bad as that brooke boi over at Cnet.

I have an Ipad2 and the Samsung, and I love the samsung more. For many reasons, plus flash support ;)

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security

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You said it better

Well said, I didnt have the energy to pick apart this obvious piece of terd of an article but it looks like the reg is getting like Gizmodo and just publishing paid fluff pieces.

The register is starting to lick the hand that feeds instead of bite it.

Next thing you know we will be drowning in mac loving technical fact devoid fluff pieces.

Although Brooke Curuthers over at cnet news is the lead disciple of mac distortion these days, is giving gizmodo a run for its money, the only difference is in gizmodo you can literally buy the commentary directly.

Its why I don't bother with tech blogs any more, they are handy only for pictures, so called tech journalists are just paid whores who have no BSC or relevant understanding of tech they just roll on their back open their legs and write positive fluff about lame tech.

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Fluff piece mostly fiction.

Paid fluff piece perhaps, the ASLR by any other name is nothing new.

More over OSX was the worst security offender in the world with 1500 vulns as per securnia.

And MS has had dep/aslr for over half a decade already, if you dont know the tech dont write about the tech. Go back to the PR agency that spawned you evil fan boi.

Yes, the new Android movie rentals use Adobe Flash



So in 2018 when the HTML 5 is more common, and css3 is working and the worlds worst data transport ajax is refined, and websocks start to fix all that is wrong with ajax, we will have a technology, that not all browsers support properly that does what flash 2004 mx did 14 years earlier. And probably not that well.

So what amazes me is how so many otherwise intelligent people are such HTML5 fanboi's despite the fact that its a terrible idea in a long line of bad ideas.

Ten... fantasy gadgets you wish you owned

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Um everything here


IE is tough on Flash cookies but ignores homegrown threat


One problem here

They do know that the LSO is actually used for allot more than just being a cookie, its used as a local application store for all information in a proper web application.

This means that if you had a web application in flex or flash that for example stored your user preferences etc, or was a more full blooded application, then you would be breaking that application.

This is going to damage allot of user experiences for the worlds most dependable environment for web applications.

Hmm come to think of it I think that's the point. This is a great way to get users to delete a whole pile of application data stores under false pretences and ruin the dominant RIA platform for them.

Memo to iPad mimics: No one wants a $799 knockoff


Have you tried :)

The LG is not a good example, give the touch screen on the Galaxy S a whirl, in my country the LG is the cheapest device you can buy. I agree it has a horrible touch screen its ancient in its tech.

Try the galaxy or any of the comparably priced ones you will find that it works even better than the apple ;)


More annoying generalisations from Fan Boys Comparing Next Gen Pricing to Old Gen Products

Normally I expect this level of piss poor insight from Gawker not from The Reg.

The Xoom is to be compared to the Ipad 2 not the Ipad. When the Ipad 2 comes out compare prices, but comparing new kit prices to 2 year old kit is stupid.

Compare the Galaxy Tab 1 price to the Ipad if you must.

I could go on but really like I said this is the kinda piss poor reporting I expect at apple pays my bills dot com aka gizmodo.

Group Test: smartphone satnav apps


Um not to point out the obvious but you forgot to put Garmin in this review

Whats up with leaving out the industries biggest and probably most consitent GPS prodivder.

Also I find my tom tom devices (gf's car nav) takes very odd routes compared to Garmin, Ovi Maps and Navigon.


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