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Christ appears in phone advert, secular authorities act

Jamie Edwards
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What's wrong with that?

"gave the impression that [Phones4u] were mocking and belittling core Christian beliefs"

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?

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Opera is a sore loser

I see nothing wrong with listing browsers by their popularity. Opera has sour grapes.

Spammers aim to profit from swine flu pandemic

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How many more "Spammers aim to X from Y"?

As the title.

Apple updates iPhone firmware

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You should have bought a "decent phone" if you wanted those features. It is stupid to buy a phone without this kind of stuff and then moan that it doesn't have any of it.

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I am so glad Apple are such a customer-focused company. They have listened to all of their customer feedback and implemented some really sought after features.

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics

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Anyone noticed that this guy (who took apart the MBP) said:

"Apple is sticking with 32-bit chipsets for their portables, so you'll be stuck at 4GB RAM forever with this machine."

Icahn writes another bloody letter

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Maybe Microsoft's intention was always and only to trigger the internal ripping-apart of Yahoo?

O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

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Digg it..


Remember to dig it

Influential tech pundit says iPhone 'will be 3G in 60 days'

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Walt: No original sources or predictions

If you e-mail Walt (he does respond to them sent via his WSJ website), he will send you back a standard statement saying he was only resonating recent analyst predictions, and making no original ones from sources we don't already know of.

Apple's Time Capsule: is its HDD really 'server grade'?

Jamie Edwards

Mean time to failure comparable to server-grade HDD

Apple have said that the mean time to failure of this hard drive is comparable to that of server-grade hard disk drives, giving their basis for calling it 'server grade'.


Microsoft demos Surface multi-touch user interface

Jamie Edwards

Surface came first

iPhone did not

Firefox hits 400m download milestone

Jamie Edwards


I myself have downloaded FireFox over the last 3 years more than 30 times (between new computers or reformats). I wonder how many others have done the same as me.

Free Software Foundation plans protests at 'corrupt' BBC

Jamie Edwards

"I am sorry, Lin-what?"

People who see these protests aren't going to know what the heck these people are protesting about - and the second someone begins a sentence "It is an operating syst-...." the will zone out.

Why do these people see themselves as entitled to this service on their operating system of choice?

Facebook security glitch exposes user in-boxes

Jamie Edwards

James Wray - Fanboy.

James Wray - Fanboy. 'Nuff said!

Microsoft still just re-Surfacing Windows

Jamie Edwards


So, what exactly is the author wanting Microsoft to do? Microsoft aren't claiming this is something brand new from the ground up. Why reinvent the wheel? They have formed a new layer (new platform) to sit on an existing platform they know well.