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Avoiding data retention will be as easy as eating a burger


sorry to be thick

I don't get the article. I understand from it how data retention can be easily avoided, but how does that connect to the statement that meta data equals whole contents, where is that statement supported, and would circumvention via public wifi not work precisely because the captured data does not include the content (from which sender and recipient could be identified)?

Also, I am not able to parse "In short, everything that will be recorded is all data". Could someone help by rephrasing?


Huawei Ascend P6: Skinny smartphone that's not just bare bones


It's not upside down

If you stick your hand in your pocket, the wrist will be at the top. So if you pull out a phone, you'll be holding the edge that was top in the pocket near your wrist. In other words, you'll put the phone into your pocket upside down and hence a headphone socket at the bottom is perfectly reasonable. In fact, it always bugs me that my phone's is at the top.

Booze makes you clever, having none makes you stupid


Have you got cause and effect the right way round?

Seems to me stupid women do not drink at all and clever men drink moderately.