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Best Buy slaps 'God Squad' priest with cease-and-desist order


God Squad vs Goon Squad

Minnesota-based Best Buy’s PR boss Paula Baldwin said,,,,, "It sent the cease-and-desist letter to Strand “because of the unfortunate similarities between their logo and ours. "This was a really difficult thing for us to do because we appreciate what Father Strand is trying to accomplish with his mission. But at the end of the day, it's bad precedent to let some groups violate our trademark while pursuing others."

I too struggled because of the unfortunate similarities between the products sold at Best Buy and their competitors. But, at the end of the day, I decided its bad precedent to deal with a company that has leaders so obviously devoid of leadership. This issue should have been settled in-house without the adverse publicity. Reminds me of the current firestorm over the Manhattan Mosque....the American people are tired of hearing "legalistic nonsense." BB doesn't deserve my business any more than Obama deserves my vote.


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