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Serendipitous article

I really love writers who make me rethink how we use technology.

I read this over my morning coffee and made a note to save a pdf when I got to the office. I work at a university in California. My first troubleshoot of the day concerned an art professor who was complaining that the bright new projector we installed made the images of Baroque paintings look too dark.

I met him in the classroom to tweak the display settings for his Macbook. I reset the gamma to 1.8 (Apple has made the default 2.2) and various other tweaks. We never got it perfect, but he's much happier. During the process, we talked about how much we both miss slides, with their color correction and infinite resolution. I sent him a link to this article. I hope he shares it with his collegues.

Coca-Cola and Facebook get touchy with Israeli teens


Neurostim is next

Max Headroom- Season 2, Episode 6-In this episode Edison tries to find out more about Zik Zak's latest promotional gimmick. Zik Zak's is giving away free Neurostim bracelets with every burger pack. You would think that Zik Zak would welcome this reporter, it would increase sales and they are both working for the same Network. Instead, they set out to end his investigation by giving him an addictive Neurostim bracelet. Edison discovers first-hand that the Neurostim is a mental narcotic.

Schmidt: Erase your identity to escape Google shame


Max Headroom was right

Blank is beautiful.


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