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Look out! Peak wind is coming, warns top Harvard physicist

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Re: One question I have always asked myself

Its a closed system. All the power extracted will be returned as waste heat. I was going to say nearly, but in the end all of it minus whatever radiates to space.

The latest tech firm to be accused of tax dodging: Microsoft

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Re: The solution is simple


Because you like your job. Did you consider a salary is also an economic good for you and for your country? Even more so than a tax.

Sounds like MS has found a way to contribute to your economy despite imprudent tax policies. Quick! Outlaw that as well!

Swedish boffins: An Ice Age is coming, only CO2 can save us

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Re: Ice age?

RHD Rule:

Wrap your hand around the earth . (figuratively speaking). Fingers with the direction or rotation. Up is with your thumb.

I got so confused trying to do this I think East is toward my adams apple.

Cockatoo grabs his tool, manages to get hold of boffins' nuts

john 112

max plank institute

The situation is even more indeterminant in the case of the Werner Heisenberg Institute. The mere act of observing their web site creates a new instance of the institute.

Mexico to Apple: You WILL NOT use the name 'iPhone' here

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Thats good news. so having the name first counts, even when being sued by a company with more money than that you have? What a concept.

john 112

Re: Hey Hombre

Math is not your stroing point I can see.

Businessweek: 'It's Global Warming, Stupid'

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Re: Why the Denial? @ Sean Timarco Baggaley

you mean like vineyards in GreenLand 600 years ago?

Or do you mean like the Hudson River frozen solid enough to drive horses over it a hundred years ago.

Give it up. Go BS someone else.

Why the Apple-Samsung verdict is good for you, your kids and tech

john 112

oh no

my program double clicks to zoom. I dont even have an iphone. who knew. ssh dont tell apple.

1 MILLION accounts leaked in megahack on banks, websites

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Re: SQL Injection

unless your organization is retarded and has outlawed stored procedures.

Nutter bans Apple purchases over environmental fudging

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the battery is glued in place

So the person who designed my old GM (model redacted) car to require the engine be hoisted to replace the thermostat moved to cupertino after the bankruptcy?

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'

john 112

Re: My first thought was that Bill Gates didn't have any..

One MS idea:

1996 XMLHttpRequest - invented ajax and basically web 2.0

2000 made it into Outlook web access

2004 Picked up by Google in GMail.

There are many more. The heck. We can hate them for costing too much and constant skullduggery but have to give credit.

Apple's HTML5 bet against Android extermination

john 112

Oracle lawsuit

Maybe Larry Ellison will have something to say about Google dominating the earth with technology he paid for.

Java jury finds Google guilty of infringement: Now what?

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Re: Pandora's box??

Clearly a person or a company should be able to patent and or copyright his work. If someone pays to make a language possible in one sense he has a right to own the language.

What seems wrong is lashing the patent whip after a language is commonly adopted. If we knew in advance that java is a locked in proprietary language, the same as c# and fundamentally different than c++ or php developers might make different choices.

Fundamentally, to me, it means use c# and c++ on windows, c++, php or something else on linux,

Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs

john 112

Long Live Megatron

1)Take the smart phone app that uses a camera to make your phone 'transparent'. Only of course, add in /edit images to taste.

2)Take the glasses that Data on Star Trek wears. Install on head, adding the smart phone app

3) add ear buds with software similar to the transparent phone themre.

Now you have the human robot. Reality fully controlled by google. We can make it do anything we want. Have sex with grapefruits. Walk out of windows. sign checks.

Boffins render fibre obsolete

john 112

Smells like Victory

Napalm can also be sued to communicate. No fibre needed.

john 112

smells like

Caution: Use of neutrino cell phones may cause nausea, raise the dead and incenerate small cities.

Please use responsibly.

Ford: kick your car to open the boot

john 112


Great remind me not to buy this car. Please no follow up stories about what Yahoos figure out they can do to your car or what your car does when the sensors are on the fritz.

Brit pair deported from US for 'destroy America' tweet

john 112


Here we go and give our cousins a warm welcome and what do the no-sense-of-humor louts do? complain complain complain. did they want a tour of Guantanamao too?

George Lucas: 'No more Star Wars'

john 112

Good _ quit watching his films after the revenge of the stith stuff

Well up to the last muddle he made good films. Guess we all get old. I have decided not to watch anymore of his movies anyhow. Hint, its called a 'Movie'. When they call them 'filns' the danger of pretentious rubbish is acute.

Water utility hackers destroy pump, expert says

john 112

I can think of one reason no one has reacted to this incident. If you follow the link you get a report, but no detail whatso ever. So how to react? What SCADA package? Network details? default passwords?

Its very common to have mfg/scada networks separate from the office network and theoretically with no access to the www. But we all know that there is no perfect isolation with Humans involved.

Project managers do it with diagrams

john 112


PM is the one who makes things as complex as humanly possible, thereby checking off the maximum number of jargon credits. If there is any time left also blocks necessary fixes and re designs until after the catastrophe is upon you. Then asks ;how come you did it this way'.

Maybe if we give them sufficiently entertaining graphics tools they will become absorbed in making pretty pictures and get out of the way.

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops

john 112

defense is insurance

Have a nagging worry.

Western defense posture in general seems to be to downgrade and assume the future enemy will be idiots on camels.

When you really need a defense force is when you have to face someone scary, such as the chinese which regret to say are still on the horizon.

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash

john 112

Windows is not intended as flight critical software. Nor Linux. Nor solaris.

Ahem. Someone is lying.

From my now dusty memory of commercial avionics there are 18 fiery hoops to be leapt through to make flight critical software. None of them begin with 'insert tour off your windows/linux/solaris dvd into a dvd drive.

It is not likely to be true that the as intended design was to override needed maintenance. Lots of engineers earn their pay calculating the impact of maintenance and maint intervals on the probability of Aunt Millie getting killed in a crash.

Those calcualtions assume warning sytems, pre flight checks of critical components.



Control Surfaces.

That are checked on every takeoff. They are commanded up. And down. Except in Spain. Now someone wants to blame the erp system at least until they can make their getaway.

Ellison wrestles Google to strangle 'unofficial' Java

john 112

Need a successor to C++ that learns from java and c#

What the world needs now is a new programming language that is not owned by a single corporation. C++ is a very good programming language that is not owned by a single company. I like java as a language. On windows C# blows java out of the water because of performance and simplicity. By contrast C++ is faster than both languages, uses less memory but has the dreaded segfault.

MS had the concept of a c++ with memory management. Is that patented?


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