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Computerised stock management? Nah, let’s use walkie-talkies


Re: Feet like flippers?

I'm a size six-and-a-half in EEEE fitting. The only place I can reliably get shoes that fit is widefitshoes.co.uk. They provide scales that you can print out to measure your feet, and I've been very happy with the shoes I've had from them -- no more buying seven-and-a-halfs and then walking around feeling like a clown :-)


Firefox reveals new look: rounded rectangles

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Re: @AMB

+1 for Seamonkey. It's effectively Firefox + Thunderbird + a whole load of other useful stuff, with a sensible, usable GUI & none of this translucent-menu-on-a-dark-background nonsense that Firefox goes in for. I've been using it for donkeys' years now, and I highly recommend it.

ICO clamps down on nuisance calls, slaps £90k fine on Glasgow firm

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Happy to see this happen. These people were one of my principal reasons for getting a home phone system with a built-in blacklist feature. I just wish the fine was higher.

Perseid meteors 'thrill star-gazers'


perils of stargazing

Went out into the local park at about 11:30 last night, as it's the only place with minimal lighting

(apart from the streetlights on the horizon). Saw three shooting stars, and was then accosted by a bloke who wanted to know if this was my first time stargazing, and did I want a shot of his whisky?

Retreated with honour intact, but made a mental note to bring a big intimidating maglite next time :-).