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Government tips last dollars into NBN

Steven Collins

Re: $20,000 per household!

They don't seem to be addressing black spots at all, at least in Adelaide. We live 20km from CBD and have no ADSL at all. Our suburb is also not yet slated for NBN any year soon.

IBM: 'Your PC will read your mind by 2016'

Steven Collins

Is IBM suggesting we buy from spammers?

Big fail from me! And noone else picked up on this?

Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL

Steven Collins

What is being missed here though ..

.. is that the Internet was never, is not and never will be suitable for children! Keep them out!

Spyware mum foils pervert

Steven Collins

Are we all forgetting something very basic here?

The Internet never was, isn't and never will be a place for children.