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Morrisons launches bizarre Yorkshire Pudding pizza thing


Such a versitile foodstuff

Toby carvery for a buffet breakfast so you can enjoy breakfast Yorkshire puddings with breakfast gravy (it's got tomato sauce in it) then this magnificent mash-up abomination for lunch, at dinner a proper pud with sausage, mash and peas with a sweet yorky pud full of ice cream. You follow all this up with a hearty food coma and lie to yourself that it will never happen again.

Incidentally, my local morrisons is within walking distance so at least I can burn off some of the unhealthiness of eating it if I fetch one, right?

Vue denies cinema phone ban plan


this is a title

I’m struggling to think of a single film that couldn’t be found on bit torrents before the UK release date,

I’m sure its been said before, but when I start reading rave reviews and people saying how amazing a film is from America only to find I have to wait a month and a half longer to watch it here that’s what makes me mad, that’s why people go and get it from the pirates

And as for taking phones off people because there an annoyance, why not go for a faraday cage?

just go and get each room covered in thin wire mesh, if its done well it will be invisible, you wont even need to coat the whole room just the ceiling and the walls at the end of the rows of screens,

Turn the whole place into one hell of a faraday cage, and its problem solved, staff radios will still work as there all going to be inside the cage, but there will be no signal for texts or calls, and certainly none for mobile internet

ta da!

Incidentally, anyone know what happened to the plans a while back to develop an camera and laser system that could spot a camera lenses (or its CMOS or something like that) by its reflection and shine a laser in to it to make the recording unusable?

Or what about just stringing up a garland of IR LEDs around the screen? Eyes will see it with no problem, cameras not so much

All these will cost money its true, but annoying the hell out of your customers by forcing them to hand over phones will just loose you it in the first place

Think tank rages at NHS' £700 bill for fertility clinic porn


or . .

take your own smut in with you maybe?

Sod hedgerows and fields, build more base stations



Rather than convincing the NIMBY’s to have these things put in why not make a simple change to the planning process,

There is loads of time for the morally indignant to protest and get the planning permission refused, but its really not that easy to add you view that you agree with what’s being built and give it your thumbs up,

If this is added, yes, it might be abused (I’m thinking of tesco asda and similar who can use there clout to push it,) but if you make it a simple only people on the electoral register living within X miles of the site can have a say then where is the issue? (Might stop all the people who protest at the building of nuclear power plants regardless of where they are in the country if you only let those who it affects directly have a say)

If it’s something like this to add better infrastructure to rural areas I'm sure you can find more who will welcome it than will hate it on principal to get it put up

PARIS threatened by the bends


@ JBanner

thats plastic no? stops it being a PaperARIS

True Utility Scarab and KeyTool micro multi-tools


i used to own a scarab

many many years ago, it was a nice useful tool until, as it aged, the tools down the sides became loose, and there is no way (apart from a little jiggery pokery with a hammer on the pins) to tighten it up again, so the blade and screw drivers would be open in my pockets without my knowledge,

after it shredded the inside of my pocket and a couple of fingers I had to replace it, but its still sitting on a shelf at home as its still a nifty pair of pliers,

I would recommend it, but the quality and how long it will last is reflected in the price, (so get 3 and use them one after the other)

PARIS acquires visual tracking capability



i love how this is coming along, cant wait to see this thing in all its glory on the drop day!

Microsoft: Hotmail fix coming soon to a browser near you

Thumb Up

hate to point this out but . . .

you dont need a hotmail account to use msn, just pop over to the microsoft website get any other email address verified under the passport thingy (windows live id?) and you can log in to msn with it,

i have been using my gmail addy for msn since the day i got it, leaving my hotmail email for dust