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What's the golden age of online services? Well, now doesn't suck


"Today, I sit here with my 1 Gigabit-per-second (Gbps) fiber connection that is horrifyingly slow. Trust me, though, it was the bee's knees then."

If your 1Gbps feels slow you're doing something very, very wrong and it probably is everything except that fiber which is the problem on your network.

my 2 cts.

Brother, can you spare a dime: Flickr owner sends mass-email begging for subscriptions


Re: Why?

Or these people already pay for o365, Apple and/or Google and they said: flickr can f***k off, I've enough online storage coming out of my virtual hindside. I know I do.

And that is the real issue here. There is no real reason to use flickr or smugmug anymore. Their value proposition is gone.

Smugmug/flickr only can survive as a digital portfolio site for pro's. I wish them well with that, that market is oversaturated as it is.

BOFH: Oh DO tell us what you think. *CLICK*


ALT-A? a BOFH should know it's CTRL-A, SHIFT DELETE.

basic BOFH 101, course 1, lesson 1, page 1.

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'


can someone please shine a light on this for me

What I still don't get:

What if Ecuador granted him an ecuadorian passport. next, add him to the diplomatic mission. tadaa: diplomatic immunity. OK, granted, appearantly as David dawson above states, this can be revoked in the UK (most likey passed as law after that lunatic in the libian(?) embassy who shot a police officer 20+ years ago) but still, he must be sent a notice, and by that time he is already in the air in an ecuadorian airliner/goverment jet. problem "solved". ...or is this train of thought too simple? what's the catch? why didn't this already happened?

forgive my lack of knowledge of uk's laws: I'm dutch. On the other side of our small pond diplomatic immunity is still that: immunity. even when you knock your children around so hard that your neighbours complain to the police and let your drunk wife ram 4 cars with hers.

the russian err.. "view" of this incident: http://rt.com/news/netherlands-apologize-russia-diplomat-938/

(we don't have police in camouflage in the netherlands so that part is mosty likely false.)

if you can read dutch or can be bothered to do a google translate:


it's a fun little read... this is the most neutral...if you go to telegraaf.nl it's more.. colored ;-)



Bradley Manning: 'I'm sorry my actions hurt the United States'



TL;dr: traitor? really? just watch that movie again and say that again with a straight face. the true traitors where in that chopper.

I truly really cannot understand how he can be labelled a traitor after seeing what he exposed and you guys repeating that line. I just can't.


watch that. again. hear what the ******* say. hear them. and they are free to this day. they are. they killed unarmed civvies(and worse: kids) and just shrug it of and go back to base for icecream.

he hurt the USA? how? It hurt itself! The USA covered up warcrimes!

cause that's what you see in this movie: warcrimes. the slaughtering of (innocent?) people. that wasn't an act of war. it was murder. plain and simple. the really disgusting part is the killing of the people who are trying to help the wounded (the van).

When i remember correctly, in the aftermath of this all wikileaks released everything, including names of operatives on the ground. that was just plain stupid, dangerous and criminal. but that was never the intention of manning. that was wikileaks, not him. He was a stupid kid who gave them all and trusted them with it. wikileaks (assange?) proved to be even more stupid and untrustworthy.

Should manning go to jail for exposing this shit? hell yes. he had a job and swore to uphold all. he didn't.

but any longer? no. well, maybe a few years, but that's it.

What he has gone through is just barbaric. (that naked shit, no contact, 1 hour excersise, 5 mins sleep, etc.)

I'm not saying the USA is bad blahblahblah 'cause it isn't. It stood up several times in the past when it was needed and we (europe (and asia)) must be eternally grateful for that. but when you do something wrong face it. just face it. that wins respect.

He did (most of) his time, he didn't kill anybody. he didn't harm anybody. others did that. make it a few more years and let him go. that 90+ years is just plain crazy.

How the clammy claws of Novell NetWare were torn from today's networks


Re: Nostaglia isn't what it used to be...

I also worked IT (and still do) in that period and we also booted Netware for winNT. not because it was better... it was easier. much, much easier. no more painfull client installs which always f*ed up. no more mucking around with those crazy never good behaving print queues. We missed NDS. but we gained so much stability on the clients that we never ever looked back.

So yes, the netware server was.. cleaner, more stable. but the user experience was dreadfull. the Novel 4.x client had a 24-32 MB footprint. which was too much on for the PC's of that time with (Win95-98) 32-64 MB RAM. way too much.

Novell's client is what killed Netware at our (and many other) shops. Not MS.

It was a no brainer: let your users crash and burn with the novel 4.x client or let them work....

Inside Intel's Haswell: What do 1.4 BEELLION transistors get you?



"Am I the only person surprised that Intel hasn't used a bigLITTLE design? (ie, one with a much-simplified core for housekeeping when there's very little going on, sharing state with a much faster core to which it would hand over when things get too busy). Can they dynamically shut down so much of a core that they don't actually need to use silicon real-estate for a separate housekeeper-core architecture?"

in short: yes they can. we are talking about intel, the biggest chip company in the world.

Big little is a strange concept to begin with. You only need that concept when you 're power management of the "big" core is not up to snuff.. In intel's case it seems like it is.. The biglittle concept always seemed to me to be very unelegant: you only "bolt on" a small core and waste silicon there when you can't power down the big core sufficiently. in my eyes the biglittle concept is the poor man's solution to a big problem.

my 2 cents..

Review: HTC One


Re: No microSD AGAIN

NO Microsd is one, sense is another.

I burned my fingers once to many in the past on HTC "phones" to ever buy another. I guess that is their biggest problem: the complete junk they made in the past. My past experiences are a big no no and I go out of my way to tell everyone that HTC... well... maybe not. mkay? Maybe the One is the One. but it's too late to matter.

GPU-stuffed monster cracks Windows passwords in minutes


from wikipedia:

"NTLM version 2 (NTLMv2), which was introduced in Windows NT 4.0 SP4"

I will stop right there with my citation.

So wow. a fantastic rig can crack a over 13 year old password hash.

which has been superseeded by a new version (and many since) since NT4 SP4. in case you forgot: NT4 SP4 was the OS of choice for the Nazi's to power their enigma machines. It was also used to launch V-2's. the russians re-utilised it for their Tsjernobyl power plant. that didn't work out that great. anyway:

that's old. and now, a gigantic rig.. can crack the password hash... from before that?

oh wow. oh wow. oh wow. (to quote a great man.)

so good for you! now go crack those WinNT 4 SP3 domains!

non-news. that's what this is.

Ten badass brainy computers from science fiction


WOPR you mean. Joshua was not it's real name.

..how about a game of chess?

BlackBerry 10: AWESOME. If the hardware matches it, RIM jobs are safe


Did you ever really paid attention to the playbook?

I guess not. Its really stupifying to see all these journo's falling over exclaiming how great bb10 is going to be.. Newsflash: it's already here. On a device you guys, including you dear writer, written in the ground a good 1.5 years ago. A device with an OS which makes ios & android feel hopelessly outdated.. Example: button(s)? Really? What's the use for that when you have a touch screen? Bb "gets" touch. Another one: real multitasking, no suspend to background ios shit. A real taskmanager. Etc. Etc. Pb os/2 (joke) and the upcoming bb10 os are real "modern" os-es. This is Written on my playbook. The best 200 euros i spend in a long time. And no, i don't work for or affiliated with RIM.

BOFH: Hasta la Vista... luser

IT Angle

Re: "Not sure this is just vista."

no no, you're wrong: adding P2P and other crap on a Vista system is like putting a 2nd turd on an pre-existing turd. It only gets nastier, stickier and stinks more. This was a turd story, do not try to change it to a car one!

A turd is a turd. it never gets to be an Aston Martin!

(maybe on one or worse; in one... but never ever be one.)

Latest iPhone hacked to blab all your secrets


IOS, bleegh but morre serious

Steam also uses Webkit!

So now, the unholy trinity on a (windows) PC; IE, Flash & PDF is made into a Quadrility (if that even is correct english) IE, Flash, PDF .........& Steam

all your games are belong to us... and then some..

are you paying attention, Gabe?

Dutch unleash intelligent robot bins: No ID, no rubbish


Re: It might work in NL,

No it doesn't. Not even on holland. I know, i live there. It just happens as said here above: people are starting to dump en masse in the great outdoors... That's free(as long as you don't get caught) and as you all know: free is very popular in holland. It just takes 4 years for the politicians to notice(next term). This is a new development In a long ongoing war. First they raised the taxes on garbage. Result: people put their garbage in someone else's garbage can. Now this. Result: illegal dumping up by... A lot. Politicians...

Thanks ever so much Java, for that biz-wide rootkit infection


Re: ...for those running as root

Which, if you are not a transplanted M$ n00b, is never recommended.

this should read:

Which is never recommended.

To MS'ses credit they are actively trying to persuade everyone since NT 3.51 (that's a very long time ago, thank you) to please not log on as admin. only: nobody listens. neither do you. or he. or she. or who ever. Long story short: migrating these people to Linux will not solve the problem, only make it worse: they will still log on as root (I'm the admin!) and now will not even have a clue how stuff works in linux.

migrating normal users to linux is a disaster waiting to happen. trust me. I know. for sure. been there. and turned back.

1 in 6 Windows PCs naked as a jaybird online


"if security software is important, why isn't everyone running it?"

I'll tell you why:

because the so called cure is far worse than the disease, that's why!

I've seen hunderds maybe thousands of pc's (and worse: servers) dead in the water because of buggy AV software. I've seen tens of PC's dead in the water because of Virusses/etc. which one is worse? do the math..

every GD AV suite gets its dirty pawns at places where they shouldn't be: in my tcp/ip stack, in my kernel, etc. PC's slow down to a crawl, Disk IO goes through the roof.. It's just a f-ing nightmare these days with AV software. and best of all: most AV processes are hidden so your pc is slow as hell but no way to find out why...

(excluding rootkit revealers but try to explain that over the phone to your mum of 68)

buggy soddy AV software is the main reason people are so fed up with windoze. (my new mac is so much faster.. yeah right, up to the point that the norton Anti vir toolkit is installed)

No. never again. I've a server which scans everything 2 times a day, and everything which comes in, my mail is routed through 3 different providers with 3 different av solutions, (provider forwards to hotmail forwards to gmail which i read.) I've a real dedicated firewall with real logging (no software shit on my pc's ) on top of that: not logging in with root/admin rights and enabling (not disabling) UAC goes a very long way... the best AV solution? RUN ONLY LEGAL SOFTWARE. and be very skeptical about "free" software. nothing is free in life.. wel ok , the air you breath but these days even that is most likely taxed one way or another.

AV firms? nuke them all from orbit, they are killing the PC, and now Android and Mac as well.

in case you didn't got it: This (AV software) is my biggest irritation in IT. they. all. stink.

Cellco execs lay into Nokia's Lumia


Re: It's not about the price.

"I suffer enough with Windows on my laptop, the last place I want to see it is on my phone".

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the real problem. People, consumers to be precise, are completely fed up with Windows and anything which is connected to Microsoft.

Most of the reasons for that are out of MS'es hands (shitty laptops, preinstalled garbage, dodgy AV scanners, virusses, zealous sysadmins/BOFH's with ridiculous forced and rigid settings@work & lets not forget: users who do not use the security settings of windows @home; always logging on as an admin & disabling UAC as 2 of the main things)

but the one main thing was lack of (UI) innovation. and when it came (winpho 7)it was too little, too late.

Even if the Lumia was a brilliant phone it has that thing going against it: Windows? no, thanks.

And to be honest: it looks to me that most of the Nokia nay sayers here have never seen or used a Winpho 7.x device. your claims are wrong. all of them. Winpho is a good user experience, maybe better than android. I have an experia arc and it Blows with a big B. battery life is horrible (10 hours max) and app crashes are very common. But that doesn't matter anymore because the general opinion is already set: windows sucks. period.

Can Microsoft turn this around? I do not know. maybe. probably not. It started with the 2nd browser war: MS lost. than came the phone war: MS looks like Vichy france.. and coming fall... comes the start of the desktop war...(Mac is rising and Android is starting to be a competitor with the transformer like devices) after that: the server war... and after that? Onlive is going to rape the Xbox.. (those last two events are interchangeable. whichever comes first..)

Public opinion rules. and it isn't favouring MS...(or RIM for that matter)

I'm an MS pro (sysadmin), been that all my career.. but the always so very safe bet.... is starting to look not so safe anymore. The Phone is the new desktop. and MS didn't see that one coming.. Bill did, ( I remember a speech about connected devices from fridges to phones, somewhere in the end of the 90-ies) but then he left...

Apple MacBook Pro 13in Core i5 laptop


looks nice...

but so does a super model. the super model also has the same problem: I can't (or better won't )afford her.

just last week I bought an asus laptop (6GB, I5 2430m, 750GB, Gforce 520mx) including an USB 3.0 port.

for... HALF THE PRICE. HALF. one time again: HALF. did I already say it? Half. the. price.

I could literally buy 2 K53Sc's for one macbook pro. 2.

same cpu. more memory. more Hdd space. usb 3. bigger screen. better graphics. 2 hours work time? also check.

but...No apple logo. is that logo really worth 500 pounds?

your end conclusion is very, very correct: "it’s so very, very expensive."

Windows Server 8 plays catch-up with VMware and Unix


long term suicide.

what put MS in first place? ease of use. even a monkey could admin it. hell, monkeys do admin it in most shops! but now... they are going to remove one of the core reasons of their success: simplicity. they say it their selves: uptake of 2008 core is not what was expected. You wanna know the main reason why? because 80% of the admins don't care about the gui consuming processor time.. who cares about that on your quad cpu, quad cored, hyperthreading VT 64 bit 3.a lot Ghz with 32GB ram monster server? that's right. no one. They don't care about the added security. there's an app for that. it's called Trend, Norton or whatever. (woooo it takes 1 whole thread.. luckily i've got 31 more) They just want to change that setting with clicking not typing. An example? I know quite a few companies who are keeping their exchange 2003 install as long as possible. why? their "admins" are getting headaches of this... "progress" in the latest version(s) (more cmd line stuff which they don't want.) same goes for SBS: a lot of shops just stay with sbs 2003..

and now.. they are going to force a whole generation of windows admins to learn a new way of working.... what's keeping those admins from going to learn Linux? or god forbid: OSX server? that's right: nothing. it's just as hard to learn, has all the sexy stuff and is very much more liked by the management: Say that's a nice CAL cost for our 2500 users! that's right.. None!

this is suicide. it really is. It baffles me. they destroyed Novell with the GUI. now they destroy the GUI.

back to the eighties! yeeee! that's progress for you!

with this they forget 70% of their customers: shops with 1-3 servers run by the guy from accounting...

that guy has no incentive anymore to stay with windows. these shops don't use VM's. they don't get it. they need a gui. that guy from accounting doesn't know a cmdlet. He doesn't know how to install mmc on his pc. He doesn't get a "how to admin" course. he may buy a book at amazon (40 bucks tops!) and that's it.

I will stop. this is stupid.

i don't say dat GUI-less is bad. there are a lot of scenario's in which I myself have deployed the core server. it rocks. but I'm (and you dear reader are also) not the typical windows server admin. that's that guy from accounting!

end rant.

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom


my thoughts exactly

yup. you're right. I couldn't put it better. come on guys:

Just keep ignoring MS! winpho 7 does not sell.. so MS is old news! wait... what? so Oracle too, is old news? and MS just lies down on the floor and dies? just like that?


mark my words: they will BUY themselves their relevance. they did it before, they will do it again, hell... the wheels are already in motion. winpho 7.5 is coming, with skype integrated, the xbox badge, finally localised, finally being able to sell it in german, dutch, french, spanish , italian, portuguese, chinese, japanese etc. will make a huge difference. next up: Win8 on ARM/Intel ...everywhere.

back on the subject: the Motorola patents are nice.... but where do they protect Google from the Oracle Litigation? that's right: nowhere. Oracle doesn't play in the communication (handset) field. there are several thousand sticks in the Motorola inventory, but none is really usable to whip Oracle's ass. that gnat just will not go away.

Also it will be hard to use them against MS, same reason as Oracle: MS is mostly software, not hardware. Moto's patents are almost all about hardware.. so they can only really be used against Apple and Nokia... and the past big three in comm's (Ericsson, Nokia and Moto) all played nicely among themselves in the past: they all cross licensed each others stuff like crazy in the 90-ies/early 00's.

which makes them only really handy against Apple...

12.5 billion just to irritate Apple....wow... they must hate them very much.

Deep inside AMD's master plan to topple Intel



that's why your name is jesus: nobody except your father understands what you're saying.

you win by default.

Jesus Wins. Fatality!

Apple tops Microsoft market cap, revenue, and profits


yup. True.

No german, Dutch, French, polish, whatever: only English.

even the "app store" (or whatever it's called) doesn't work outside UK/US/AUS without some tinkering.

My guess to why: The current winMO is like what Win3.0 was: a big fat open beta for which they even get paid by some! (7% market share in the US) only in te 2nd half of 2011 the real WinMO will arrive together with (how convenient) the new Nokia's. I've seen Winmo and I like. A lot! but here, in Holland it truly is a beta experience: no appmarket among others, So I decided to wait...

Didn't you find it..strange there are only a few Winmo 7 phones? even from the most die hard MS partners? Current WinMO isn't ready yet, and they now it. Every phone producer knows it. they just didn't tell the consumers.


1 product makes 50% of turnover/margin (according to this article.)

1 product. one. let me spell it out O-N-E. the Iphone4. does that look like a healthy base for the future?

looks more like a one trick pony. what happens when that pony breaks a leg? or gets runover in the coming 'droid storm? (LG 2x speed, Galaxy S2, Experia Arc/play, etc)

are they (Apple) going to sue every global partner(Samsung now, foxcon next?) they have?

Charly S. would say: does not sound like WINNING!


everyone is already writing of Nokia. I still have a problem with that: It's the slumbering giant in the dark corner. What happens if Elop gets it to finally awake with the MS dosh?

I'm saying: the race hasn't even started yet: it's really starting this summer. tough times ahead. for Nokia, MS and yes: Apple too.

back to the issue of market cap: MS is diverse: Consumer(Xbox), Workstation(Wintel) and server(exchange/SQL/etc) markets. Apple is not. MS can take a hit in phones. Apple can not.


like it or not: St. Steve is Dying. (not that many people recover from (liver) cancer. better: none in my experience. money can prolong, but that's it: prolong.

Can someone else focus the company the same way?


MS is the comeback kid: they always where late to market, but when they truly entered the shitstorm began..

(PC DOS vs MS DOS. Apple/AtariSt vs Win3.1. Groupware/Notes vs Exchange. Netscape vs Iexplore. Sega/Sony/Nintendo vs Xbox. )


Winmo7 LOCAL sales are being held against Android and IOS GLOBAL sales. Winmo7 is NOT localised yet: it only supports English speaking countries. like it or not: 80% of the world is NOT english speaking. or reading. localised version will start to appear this summer. and I suspect they will be launched with a lot of rattle.. And I also suspect that then, Winmo7 will start to sell a lot better..

thank you for reading and sorry for the long post.

Garmin Asus Nüvifone M10



you cannot know how much I agree with your very objective observation.

Garmin is utter and complete sh*t. A garmin is guaranteed to take of 10 years of your life, just by irritating the flying sh*t out of you.

There is only one place fitting for a Garmin: Trashcan! after you danced on it, put it on fire and exorcised the device. (that last one is important!)

There should be a Health warning on every garmin device:

WARNING: This device may cause dangerous high levels of blood pressure. It will irritate you on obscene and dangerous levels by creating utterly useless routes. Do not use if you have a heart disease, astma or are pregnant.

Mine got a flying lesson. It felt so good watching it shatter on the pavement!