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New UK immigration IT system late and £28m OVER BUDGET


They should've let the immigrants build it.

It would be on time and budget.

Demand for Ruby, Hadoop and HTML5 rockets, C devs still best paid


@MrLion Birkbeck College, which I realise is not the best university in the country but at least allowed me to do the degree whilst I was working full time. Whilst managing to work full time and study can look good on a CV, I understand that I can still be pushed down the pecking order when compared with applicants from 'red-brick universities'.


English is not my mother-tongue but don't worry, I continue to work on improving it and I coped in my last 5 years in customer-liasing roles.


Thank you for your advice, much appreciated.


Knowing just java is not the point...

I never said I know Java only. I'm quite good at SQL, XML, and recently started learning C# and know my way around cloud computing, but that's not the point. The point is, I couldn't find find Grad Mobile Dev roles, especially Android, that pay £35K, as this article would indicate. I just don't think that this is the case. AS I said, 80% roles for mobile devs for Android are contracts, the other 20% are lowly paid or require previous iOS work. I would be very happy to be proven wrong.


Where are those 35K grad mobile dev roles exactly?

I'm this year's 1st class hons graduate, with an Android app build as my final project. I was looking for Android Roles since July and guess what I found ? Bugger all! The reasons being the following:

- very lowly paid (18K-22K on an never-ending Mobile Grad Ad on one of the popular job boards) by a certain recuirtment agency "specialising" in mobile development

- when I spoke to this agency, and said that I'd like to get, a bit more than that, they said "And when did you get that figure from?!" . And then I never heard from them again.

- there is very little of them in permanent scheme

- 80% are on contracts, which are not ideal for fresh grads I'd think. At least not for me

- OR they require previous iOS work (probably for companies who want to port their iPhone apps to Android) - a double skill-set which is probably very hard to find. OR I am just a very weak candidate indeed.

These are my thoughts on searching for an Android Dev Grad or Junior role in London for over three months. In the end, I have been employed as a pure Java Dev. I'm not regretting, but it's a shame I could follow the mobile dev, something I really enjoyed as my final uni project, in professional environment.

Dubstep ringtone wins Nokia compo


like something out of a Chris Morris programme

That thing "The Cake" users listen to? It's this !


Soho ?

The fact that you think that Soho is still the centre of kids' cool, is enough evidence that you're totally out of touch ;) *

* it's Shoreditch (apparently)

Dinner Spinner


Broken promises

http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/unhappy_32.png Got very excited when at first attempt it spun me out a Chicken Based Cookie Dinner in under 45 min, but then couldn't provide a recipe :(

Xbox 360, PS3 prices to fall this summer


250GB xbox 360 on amazon

The 250Gb xbox 360 often drops to £160 on Amazon already. That's the price I paid for it 3 weeks ago. I can't imagine the console to go lower than that, it's a steal already.

Ten... over-ear headphones



Sennheiser wins again, lovely. They make the arguably most popular DJ headphones (the HD 25's) and equally popular in-ear ones CX-300's, both of which are reasonably priced and offer fantastic build and sound quality, so they would know how to make quality gear. I am however pleasantly surprised with the colour they've gone with the headphones reviewed here. Brave but effective.

Carphone Warehouse wins Moto Xoom exclusive



1280 x 800 + DualCore cpu + Honeycomb = sex. I am tempted.http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/go_32.png

iControlPad: The answer to mobile gaming control 'mares?


improve design

The idea is great but the design downright ugly plus it looks like it's made of rubber or really cheap plastic? Make sure that the design is sturdy and attractive and I'm grabbing one for my Desire HD to play SNES games on it.http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/go_32.png


improve design

The idea is great but the design has to be improved because being just black all over it looks very boring plus it looks in the picture like it's made of rubber or some cheap plastic? Improve the design to an attractive and sturdy one and I'm getting one to play SNES games on my Desire HD. Hope The Register will get one for a review.http://www.reghardware.com/Design/graphics/icons/comment/go_32.png

An HTC named Desire. OK, two HTCs...

Thumb Up


I so cannot wait for the Desire HD.

The Z is pretty neat too, my friend is a fan on QWERTY keyboard so he's getting this one instead.

Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800


No res upgrade = fail

It could have been a killer device if it the res of the screen was up there with flagship Android and iPhone phones.. Instead they've opted for the same res as the 9700 Bold (480x360) which screen is half as big.