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FBI 'planted backdoor' in OpenBSD

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Hillary Clinton comes by it naturally - biometrics etc on international (as opposed to domestic) dips.

Just figures.

...65 Druid LFG


WikiLeaks.org resurrected in US of A


The Stocks

...would damage their self-esteem and we can't have that.


On a side note, started Everquest up again.... 68 SK LFG....

US Army 'to issue every soldier with a smartphone'

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Remember Obama's Blackberry

The NSA 'secured' his BB so he wouldn't have to give it up - inside track so political folks in-the-know can buy some stock in RIM?

The military knows who is in power and since the Vietnam war is very cognizant of that fact, don't you think buying a mil or so BB's would be looked kindly upon by the current administration?

.... 68 SK LFG

Top secret payload fired into orbit aboard private rocket


Hmm, mind filled with malicious thoughts...

Should have been Spam and Chocolate Mousse (bad ass with a Thompson hehe).....

Besides, it's already been done - What happens when you send a female cosmonaut into orbit with a yeast infection? Space Cheese!

-screw the door, jumps through window.....

(and I was even in voting lmao)

Microsoft wins tasty US federal gov agency cloud contract


Online..... lol

The Feds learn nothing from Wikileaks or their defenders. Now they can be touched much, much easier.

Just wow.

PayPal banned WikiLeaks after US gov intervention

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Point to consider

The Feds have taken over many businesses in the name of the Great Recession - not a far fetch to be taken over in the name of national security.

Times are not what they once were - witness the Wallyworld/DHS BS. Nation of Snitches... ahhh memories of the Stalin years - just brings you back.

Note: I give myself a fail on this one - it's coming from so many directions now, makes you want to turtle-up instead of dealing with it.

Facebook revamp gives away even more info, warn pros


feminism rears it's head....

Must be a tough political environment where you live.

What the little wife and I call each other has no bearing on our roles in the family and society. My wife has her areas of responsibility that are just as if not more important than my mine and I know it. Must we conform to your theories and judgements of how the world should be even though you know nothing of who we are and what we stand for?

I stand by for your reasoning.


Man, I feel your pain lol

Same deal here. Little wife likes her FB - had to isolate her laptop from the rest of the family network. A nice quiet, safe, FB sandbox to muck up.


Duh. This is facebook....

Big Red Truck.

-Captain Obvious

CNN flashes gay todger over interwebs


Damn. lol.

Glossed right by that one this morning - saw 'California' and 'Prop8', just said 'Meh,' - what's Bernake up today?

Rather than outraged, I'm just amused.

Go figure.

My Droid EXPLODED mid phone call, says Texan


US health insurance Part Duex


IF the US Government could run anything efficiently and UNDER budget, I would support a national healthcare system - but it cannot no matter which party is in control, they all talk out their ass.

IF Obamacare was the greatest thing since sliced bread, why did Congress exempt itself from it? The 'Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander' rule applies here.

IF I got elected (they would bury me long before that), my family would be set for life. Take note of you favorite flavor of politician, if they were not a millionaire or better BEFORE they became a 'public servant', they damn sure are AFTER they were elected. (Anyone mentions Chris Dodd to me gets it virtually in the nads - his money is in his wife's name - check it)

The scariest sentence known to man is: "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help".


I can say from my own recent personal experience that it's hard, very hard to keep a family covered with health care, we have zero right now. I have a thumb that needs a stitch or two but I dealt with it with bandaids and liquid bandage (burns like hell but works) because I decided food was more important. Yeah, it sucks.

I said recently I own a very small smb and have for the last five years. I took a position with an EMS company four years ago to glom on to their group insurance. Nice gig, was able to conduct my business as long as their stuff was first. That continued until February this year when previous changes in Medicare the year before, cut reimbursements to EMS by 50% and forced the company into bankruptcy. The company was purchased in a fire sale at that time by a VC management company and I was promoted to CTO for the EMS company. Epic. Fail.

-> Always get it in writing and always document everything. I have email going back to 93 ;) <-

Given a nice raise with promises of more to come, company car, actual IT budget, etc. All for selling my soul - which was not expressed to me at the time. Looked like The Opportunity from my POV. I worked my ass off for that company, my own business went to idle and dropping clients (was a 'suggestion' by CEO), put my marriage in danger for that Big Push, and screwed up my own health (dropping 60 pounds in six months). I built their website to their designer's specifications, launched it for the push, and had the cleaner polished 2.0 version on the ready rack. Right after the push, I was laid off September 30th. Ha HA.

COBRA is a mandated by the Feds supplementary health insurance for covering the gap between your previous insurance and getting new health insurance. This coverage requires $1294 a month from somebody who just got laid off. My business was in a shambles and barely making payroll. Oops. Fail. I went into the hospital for fours days and no fault found. Morphine pump was nice, I got some rest lol. But now I owe $41k to the hospital and other various bills from the specialists. And they want their money. Meanwhile I find out that the 'help from da govmint' concerning COBRA expired back in May 2009.

Nobody said life was fair.

Thing of it is, The Man ain't going to keep me down. Turns out that I can get coverage from Cigna (private healthcare insurance) for $456 a month. Interesting, no? Why the disparity in price for the same coverage? I'll leave that to the non-fat intellectuals to decipher.

I'll get everybody paid off, always have.



Due to one of two reasons.

1. He's young and that's as far as his memory goes back.


2. He's old and like most Americans, his memory only goes back to the last news cycle.

Helluva thing, isn't it?



Mass mind control artist condemns El Reg to obscurity



In any discussion, the first person to call the other a nazi, loses.

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Damn - now you've done it!

I've been reading The Register a long time, a very long time.

I listen to Rush on occasion.

I've said some things here that *might* not be appreciated by some. Too bad.

I own a Smb (five employees so emphasis on the S)

I can barely keep the lights on after the Great Recession (over back in March or something, wasn't it?).

And I've done my share of bitching about it.

And now:

Every damn Fed or equivalent Government Type will be watching us now!

Yeah... think about that.

Unfeasibly vast amphibian found croaked on video card


Climate Change Business Opportunity

ok, I'll play...

Picture this folks! A large factory in Buildanythingyouwant, China with six, that's SIX! assembly lines with THREE SHIFTS worth of smiling young workers! So you see we can handle as many orders as need be and can add capacity at 300MPH!

THINK OF THE SAVINGS! We can add value with our product as well as increase YOUR sales by GOING GREEN and SAVING THE ENVIRONMENT!!

Now how many Green Frog Fanless Heatsinks© can I anticipate for your first order of video cards?


Running for the door.....

Horror AVG update ballsup bricks Windows 7


lol - in the age of Google

There is - hold on - a Windows Home Server for Win7 (now with Power Pack 3! lol).

Total Google Fail. Please return your carts to the Apple Garden.


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On the first part you're ok.... Then you mentioned 64-bit XP.

64bit XP was something to toy with but couldn't be used in a normal office environment - it was a 64bit driver wasteland, none to be found anywhere.

Even today with oh say SONY(!), zero support for most things - had to pull a 32bit Vista Business boxen out the other day so the little wife could do her transcription thing, not even Win 7 Pro 64bit drivers.

Unless you were lucky enough to have one of the three printers HP supported back then, I call bullshit.


The post below me?

ESET is a good antivirus/antispyware product and when my clients insist (the theory that anything you pay for is better - I used to try and point out the benefits of Security Essentials, but they evidently get that with their mothers' milk so it's a pointless endeavour (( "our" for our Brit cousins - yet the Reg's spellcheck wants American English lol)) ) on buying AV, that's what they get.


I posted something here somewhere last night about my longish day yesterday - I was doing a job for an adult education center installing new GED software on a new 2008r2 server and......... sigh...... this is why I dread going there: THESE SO-CALLED STUDENTS F-UP ANYTHING THEY TOUCH...... ahem excuse me. I have to clean and update a mix of XP Pro/Win7Pro and one lone Win98 (don't say a word!) BEFORE I can do a damn thing. <blood shoots out eyes> the fun part? No common virus/trojan/etc, everything from everywhere, things I've never seen before, errors never seen before..... all different, all requiring a different response/software. Sigh. Little wife understands why I might come home late and sometimes maybe a little cranky - took her with me as an assistant last night... and she got edumicated. (bwaaaahahahaha bout time!)

Moving on.

The machines with XP have full-on ESET protection and they were the worst of the lot - one had like 38 infections (bastards) etc etc according to NOD - why? ESET knew about it, warned about it, logged it, and the miserable bastards clicked through it... The machines with Win 7 ran Security Essentials - yeah clogged with bs these folks find and install, but no ohfuckware. SE pretty much lets those same miserable bastards understand that cleaning is better and no option to click-thru. That helps and was proven to me last night.

It's no damn wonder Apple and iGod Stevieboy do what they do with a walled garden - people evidently have to be protected from themselves.

And that's just a crying shame - Think I'll stay home today and contemplate that reality.


Selling Apples to Japan: Complicated as a Nipponese typewriter



I have an old IBM heavy metal keyboard around here from a 286sx that has that "L" for an enter key.

Lovely thing, letters and keys that are still new looking, clack clack lol - suitable for beating the shit out of anything within range of the 6' coiled AT cable and going right back to work.

Good Stuff.

None because I can't think of anything witty right now - longish day in ITland.

How I saved the Macintosh


Doesn't matter, Mr. E!

That was a damn fine article!

I'm not a Mac fan per se(1), but that got me to think about where I was and what was going on at the time - no need for details but it was enlightening to say the least. Most of these folks here now are just too smart for the rest of us from back in the day - silly bastards! lol. They'd all die without their internet-based tech - First-Wavers I call 'em.

Don't let them get to you, they don't count!

(1)I secretly desire an iPad - the wifi version for dinking around with and using as a kindle - just cannot justify the price to the little wife (who has extraordinary power over my tech purchases it seems....)

WTF is... up with e-book pricing?


Full Stop.

"The simple fact is that a virtual product is worth less than a physical product."

Wrong, it's worth whatever people *think* it's worth.

I used to be heavy into EverQuest and I know it's happened in other games where people would pay real(?) money for plat, equipment, and special items in Real Time(tm) to use In-game. Virtual made-up stuff for cash... At one time you could use ebay for selling items - whole guilds would focus on Real Time cash ventures - sucked if you were questing that item...

If you really want to get into it, money(Pound, dollar, yaun, ruble, euro, etc) is only worth what you and others think it is - it's also virtual and not tied to *anything* real. Wrap you head around that.

When you think about the psychology and social engineering behind it all, what they charge for ebooks is really a niche issue.

Apple throws a wobbly over Steve Jobs dolly


<waves dead chicken>

For His Jobs' Fanboi Shrine of course.


Indian village bans single girls from mobile use

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Oh Hell Yes!

And we would have statistics of people who lopped off a body part, which body part, accidental body parts.Fanboi fights over the Apple iSabre vs the Android StreetLopper and the new laser color to be introduced, power stats, ip lawsuits, battery life..... the list goes on.

Good stuff there!

Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M


The One Thing...

...That I like about RIM and their Blackberries is that they seem to piss off other countries with their encryption. That's a huge selling point with me and it makes me smile.

The iPhone... well, Mr. Jobs is one of those people that, for some reason, you want to punch for absolutely nothing at all - you know of what I speak, some stranger walks by and the hair stands up on the back of your neck? There you go. You tend not to purchase for salescritters you don't like.

Android. Looks like a possible avenue and would be useful to me, but I still haven't seen anything at Verizon (VZ has the best coverage in East Tennessee - ATT is great out West but sucks monkey balls here) that has as big a screen/real estate as my Storm 2.

The asbestos overcoat with the BB Server Express manual hanging out of the pocket... I feel a heat wave coming.... lol

US may disable all in-car mobile phones

Paris Hilton

pretty girls too

Just yesterday I politely stopped at a crosswalk at a local college, mostly to watch this pretty little thing walk by, and was rear-ended by another pickup.

Ah, distracted by the pretty little thing crossing the road, eh?


Distracted by his pretty little girlfriend sitting close beside him in his truck. Go figure how to ban that. (wait.... burkas. Rather take the accident)

Anyway, it was a 20-30mph hit - my F150 didn't even scratch the bumper, however my hitch destroyed his. Fair exchange.

Paris is a distraction.

Exposed: leaked body scans published online



Of which the Feds have none.

It's all in presentation, the coders for the machines could have used the data from the scans to display damn near anything they wanted, so why a "nekkid" picture? Could have been wireframe display, could have displayed a EQ toon, anything.

It's like no one has ever seen 'Total Recall" - recall (lol) the security checkpoint where Arnie jumps through the hugeass display screen in that movie?

You would think TSA would ask DARPA for god's sake!

In other news....

If Obama and Napolitano would take their families through the no longer enhanced but a 'resolution' pat down and then the backscatter imaging machine with the smiling camera crew, I'll be cool about it.

Thinking about it, I couldn't stand by and watch my wife and kids go through that. Betcha Obama would lose more respect in the world than he already has if he stood by. Pretty sure Michelle would come unglued before Barry.

MS freebie anti-virus scanner auto-downloads provoke more anger



Just fucking leave right now and don't come back.

I fucking swear these stupid motherfuckers.....


Australia claims it invented cutting-edge tech before rest of world



....quite possibly the first and last thing they invented... it was such a technological leap by Steve Rocks that it stifled innovation until the Brits showed up.

And look what happened then. A whole civilization destroyed by a really really sharp rock salesman.

So when the time comes and you want post to Facebitch on your iPad or reach for your iPhone to report about the aliens landing.... remember the Abos and their iChopper.

Mine's the coat.... oh bloody hell! -> just runs for door....

Apple’s iPad lead will face pressure from Google and Nokia


do a study on mob mentality.....

...why did people buy millions of pet rocks in the seventies?

North Korean PDA hits shelves

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rumored 3G network.....

Betcha Kim Jon-ll has an iPhone.... Which begs the question: What sort of apps does Kim download from the Apple iWalmart?

Things that make you go "Hmmmm.... I wonder?"

Mozilla delays Firefox 4 until 'early 2011'


ribbon loading instead of whirling infinity thing...

I liked that little detail - kept crashing and brought me back to FF 3.6 (major cluster on the 0day).

Tried the latest x64 Minefield and it seems stable atm - ribbon history though.. sigh.

Odd to see anybody say anything good about IE....

Cameron cocks up UK's defences - and betrays Afghan troops


Crazy Bastiches.....

And what happens if somebody with a speedboat happens to bump into that one carrier in dock, causing a largish hole?

God help you folks.....

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again


My 2010 F150XLT

Has Microsoft SYNC installed and I like the hell out of it.... Voice commands, hands-free cell phone - even says my son's name correctly!

This would upset me tremendously... couldn't stand hearing Jobs' voice coming out of my speakers... "I'm sorry, please repeat command - Our records show the person you are trying to reach uses the BlackBerry system"

Foxconn fires back at abuse allegations



Yes, I *do* need an 8 core cpu to browse the register..... I like it when the BIOS takes longer than the actual booting of the OS....... lol

Google robo cars drive selves on public streets


You euros have no clue about America, do you?

Let's start with geography and history.

Europe has been populated since God was a little boy and because of that, there are towns everywhere within 5 to 10 kicks of each other (or let's say a days' walk back in the day - the day? "he must be a King, cuz he's not covered in shit like us") . Each euro town (seems from this American POV) is self-contained - Food, restaurant, bar(s), various repair shops, etc. Not so in your american towns, at least not anymore due to the Walmart Effect. American towns are further apart, probably due to horse transportation and wagon travel being faster and covering more distance in a day compared to walking during the founding and expansion of the US. There are changes with distances between the east coast and west coast as well as huge differences between the "fly-over" states. In Arizona I had to drive 45 miles to the nearest food store, in Tennessee only about 7. The east coast (orig. 13 colonies - think of that) probably closest compare to the euro set up with towns/cities layout.

Bottom line it's not easy to "not use a car for everything" in the US. I'd rather ride my horse to work but there is no parking anywhere so I drive a little 4banger GMC Canyon (want a Ford Fusion- mpg up to 35-36 hwy). Side note: How come they can't build another Geo Metro? Had ac, would do 120MPH (shake you to death hehe), and got 48-50mpg without a damn thing tecchy about it? Better than a freaking Prius without all the baggage? Answer me that.

Moving on.

"never gonna happen as American politics is controlled by the oil business"

Personally I'm still waiting for cheap fuel from the "Blood for Oil" war..... (love the Brits for perfecting the use of understatement).

American politics are a bigger joke here to us than anyone could possibly claim from the outside. You cannot trust them, they have not a clue what it means to live within your means, and there is not ONE of them I would let babysit my kids unsupervised. That tell you something? They exempted themselves from Obamacare..... if it;s good enough for the goose, it's good enough for the gander - tells you something else about Obamacare doesn't it? Fun Fact: When elected, a US politician may have made $70-$100k a year previously as lawyers 99% of the time, but yet when they finally retire or get voted out, they are worth millions? What the FUCK is wrong with that picture?


I am an American, in the older sense of the term. I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe any and every person has the means to provide for themselves within themselves and not be 'entitled' to be provided for by any government. The crap about our immigration and things 'americans won't do' is crap. It is not beneath anyone to dig a ditch (I have and probably will again) for pay, but as long as the gov handicaps people by giving them the means to actually sit in gov housing, watch tv, and get fatter than hell, that won't change. I am not elite, I am a guy with a wife and kids. A week and a half ago I was laid off from a company where I was allegedly CTO (lying bastards! Screwed again with about $10k worth of time unaccounted for- we'll see about that lol). Yet after a week of going WTF? I am just going to fire up my own business again so I'll never be in that position again.

The Story: Yes, good and fine for densely-packed places like that but won't be sensible for the rest of the states. I wouldn't care if the car drove itself, be pretty cool to sleep on the way to an appointment with a client lol. Wouldn't mind a bit.

Tesla Motors: Our cars don't burst into flame, but our emails do


Actually the Reg kinda did.......

"Ouch - blown off, again! Well, we may be slightly jaundiced journalists, but at least we are still reporters here - we didn't give up, sell out and go over to the dark side (PR)"

Maybe not quite, but there is a hell of a lot more commercial than the Reg was back in the late nineties. I understand why, one must do as needs must, and El Reg was feeling the burst internet bubble. What ever happened to "The Rock" or whatever it was with Lester Haines and..... his name escapes me atm?

The Reg was funner back in the day...

vBulletin sues ex-devs over 'from scratch' competitor

Thumb Up

SMF is still around....

Works well enough for a forum and they seem to keep up with it.

Apple buys out $1bn data center squatters

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Buy gold instead

Fox News might have a point......

--- lying here in a hospital bed with the tv changer stuck on Fox.....

intolerable cruelty........

sigh... I have 2 minutes to the next morphine hit..... got one of those PAP (idk...patient activated pump?) hooked up to the iv........ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Gates Horns


<-- Gates, even though he isn't in charge any more and has turned into quite a charitable fellow.

<<<<---- Gates is trying to buy his soul back........ won't work.



Lived there in the early seventies and it was nice back then. Now though the hippies, gays, greens,and goobers run the state - can you imagine the lynch mob that would show up at His iHoliness's's's's's's house if he tried that?

It would seriously freak all of those groups out. Apple would get a shock they know it, thus the $1.7.

hmmmm... no peace sign.......

Flying gyrocopter jump-jeep gets $3m from DARPA


M! Abrams

The M1 Abrams main battle tank uses a gas turbine engine with a huge automatic transmission directly bolted to it - had to remove and install them back in the day.

Several interesting things with the M1. you don't hear the engine coming, you hear the track first and then they are right on top on you. Sound is no issue. Navigating around northern Germany, we didn't melt things - if a car got too close, at most it would take out the windshield and bubble paint lol. We heated up our MRE's on the exhaust. Did more damage with the tracks than anything else (except for that Monastery I hit (Brit command post) the archway and looked up and it was built in 1272- I still feel bad about it.)

Anyway, you can have a direct drive gas turbine and they are quiet enough considering it's essentially a helicopter engine.

RIM reports middling results

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...the best way to deal with governmental crap will to run your own BB Express at home? With a suicide telnetable box for self-destruct?


Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job

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Really stupid...

...but don't you think the guy might have possibly thought that Twitter was the same as being...... here?

.....cue ominous music.......

Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP

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I really, truly, earnestly, hate working on XP anymore. The more my clients adopt Win7 Pro and Server 2008, the happier I am from an IT standpoint. Easier and faster to deal with.




...because you're using a Home Edition and expect it to run on 512MB RAM?

Getting the flock out of here.....

Mozilla puts brakes on auto Firefox updates


Minefield (firefox) 4.0b7pre 64bit

Works great on my Win7 64bit machines.

The only reason I even looked around was freaking Facebook on my wife's laptop and desktop was eating the HELL of the cpu(s) and the damn fans ran constantly at a high rate - no more.

Calmed everything down and Minefield is sweet to use.

Need a "Delete FB" icon.... ya'll see the previews on Zuck's movie? .....vomit......

Dell Streak causes user fury


It's called "H&D"

As in "Hate and Discontent".

I have been doing it for years..... Well just since I went into IT back in the early 90's.

It's what we do.

Blighty suffers 'real shortage of serviceable conkers'


Sarah Bee.....

Well aware of how the Register works (and Google for that matter)

I still have my Reg Vulture lapel pin from the late 90's/early 2000 - do you?



Google is your fiend, not friend.

And I was forced to when I ran into the Kirsty Allsop story.......

" Oddly oddly onker my first conker"


wait..., what?

is a conker? No IT angle, and this Southeast American is confused.

Minding my own business, drinking first cup of coffee, catching up with things I want/need for the company and now this......

iPad scammers hack Kirstie Allsopp's Twitter



having to google brit-centric stuff this morning......

First it was conkers(" Oddly oddly onker my first conker") and now who the hell Kirstie Allsop is........

too damn early yet....