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Facebook's Swedish data centre will be subject to Snoop Law


So, when does it become illegal to pollute our profiles?

When does it become a crime for various individuals and groups who ARE NOT YET criminals to just create tantalizing circuitous BS on their profiles. Not specifically using bellringer keywords, not falsely creating attack or mayhem plans, but just doing borderline resource-eroding stuff that compels scrutiny that ultimately wastes time because it's factually, ultimately harmless?

Example, one way to do this is to just keep endlessly posting text and photo information. At some point, even the investigators/snoops and othe... umm, criminals will become paranoid if properly carried out.

Mozilla delivers Binged-up Firefox browser


Well, *I* won't be committing hara kiri over this, but...

I am laughing thinking about what interesting bedfellows this makes.

Earth escapes obliteration by comet


Confidence is one thing; borderline arrogance another...

NASA, QUIT, while we're seemingly ahead... QUIT insulting the Universe before she decides to whack us one! Occasional quakes are one thing. Don't tempt cosmic tendrils to upstage our puny existence just yet! PLEASE???!!!

Cable employee admits replacing Superbowl feed with porn


Can we say...


Security keeps LA cops away from Google Apps


Title makes it sound as if

Google Apps has TOUGH/HARDENED security. That was my take, until I realized otherwise.

MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data


And no rusting?

I wonder whether MSG can be used as a cheap substitute.

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'

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RIM hopes to distract punters with free pretties


My suspicious mind thinks that the outtages

were systematic, system-wide grafting of new surveillance code for those countries demanding RIM hand over the keys... Other countries not demanding the keys may have been knocked over for a day or so to distract the suspicous. Router error? Likely story...

Steve Jobs: The Movie in the works


No, I've got another draft that says he ...

DOWNLOADS. Downloads into one of those fresh, young Number Six bodies. He certainly doesn't want to be Brother Cavil, Simon, or Doral, hahaha. He *might* have some fun as a Leoben, playing mind games on the tech execs of the world. But, a Number Six can go a lot more places than playing Xena or Hawaii Five-O, hahaha

Who gives a rat about cures when one can just change bodies. *I'd* probably come back as Sharon/Athena, though...(though, Boomer might not be *too* bad)...


"Think about the wife + kids"

Existentially, I'd have a HELLLVA hard time grieving a loved one if I were left a tidy sum over $300,000. They've got BILLIONS.

Besides, he was buddhist (not a perfect one by a longshot depending on whom you ask, but then who IS perfect?), and so he probably inculcated some of his learnings in them. They'll get over his passing, assuming they believe in rebirth/reincarnations/self-improvement/enlightenment/nirvanna, etc.

Grieving is overrated -- unless someone is suddenly and wrongfully taken. Planned, accepted demise/one's owndeath, well thought out in advance, is a helluva lot less painful. Anything after the fact in the way of constant grieving could be seen as pretentious theatrics and showmanship...

Don't get me wrong. I can even cry for deaths in film, but those are compressed into two hours. If I have a relative or loved one or best friend whose impending demise is known some time in advance, I'd try to spend what time I could if the friend is interactive/coherent and such. Besides, all the excessive grieving potentially could delay or undermine the corporeally departed's spiritual departure. Who are we the living ones to deprive the deceased of a trip away from this more than periodic space-faring ball that really is a hell-hole for probably 3/4 of its inhabitants?

Facebook SIM brings social network to dumb phones


Don't be surprised if in about 3 years...

This becomes a way for fb to "hook" everyone or ALMOST everyone into EarthBook... wait, EarthBook is a real site:


But, say fb and "google+ with googlemaps" vie for government contracts to map every civilian and soldier who is not on a security lists. Each government could control its own level of access. At some point, if citizens opt in or not, just conducting a certian amount of 'travel" (digital, physical) or creating a large enough footprint means pretty much any government could or would track any human (or pet, tagged or carrying a connected or permanently tethered mobile).

I bet that fb is moving toward becoming Earth's Human Behavior Modification System mod 0.5.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


"Poncey". I laughed when i saw that, and looked it up, and laughed even more when I saw:

"Pompous tosser", hehehehehe.... LP/UK humor is more lively than US humor, I'll say!


"The actions of a pompous tosser who thinks their value is higher than it is actually worth. The actions of one who thinks they are either overly stylish, cool or smart etc,... "

The cat came back: Cubrilovic spots another Facebook 'tracker'


"They don't know sheep."

Butt, they DO know $haggable $heep", and haggable heaps. It hurts when they use overtightened or imbalanced shears.

Facebook spurns privacy probe as 'routine audit'


Fight this bullshit

The BEST way to fight this bullshit is to simply not order online, not to fill out surveys online, and not to follow links directly from or to fb or fb-affiliating sites. Re-enter the URL via google. Strip the meta code by first pasting to a dumb text editor, then pasting it into the browser. Hopefully, all that'll be left is temporal information, but not the real clickthroughs themselves. If you thnk that that won't work, then when buying something, research online, then buy later, like days or weeks later, outside of your own zip or postal code, and don't use any coupons or special offer codes if you can live without the enticement.

Samsung offers Apple TOP-SECRET peace deal in Australia


Samsung Practically Winning...

Mwe/Mwo? C'mon, Samsung! You've whittled the apple patent scream to just one patent issue, down from 13. You're practically WINNING (aside from the money spent retooling and filing in court), so why give in to apple now???? C'MON!

Pandemonium as Microsoft AV nukes Chrome browser


3000 CUSTOMERS... probably means

3,000 SITES, which may have 10 named users all the way up to 50,000 employees, of which maybe some 1/2 may be named/disclosed/etc, depending on the licensing strategy the customer was angling for, and assuming ms didn' trojan the servers to report distint accounts and concurrent/disparate logins doing different tasks.

So, hundreds of thousands could theoretically be affected, or maybe just 5,000. MS won't want to admit that in "its" client base, a high percentage adopted or condone use of Chrome, and yet, if it is small, they still can hope that 3,000 SEEMS like a scary number to wary IT departments.

Microsoft staff savage Ballmer at company confab



That company is an unmitigated menace to numerous smaller competitors. MS falling into a middle-aged rut is a GOOD thing. Might give some breathing room to new upstarts and startups.

On that tack:

developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers,

developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers,

developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers,

developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers,

moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun,

moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun,

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moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun, moh-ti-vayshun,


Speaking of jacks and asses... Lots of companies on the roadside

are the flotsam of companies that got JACKED-IN the ass. Either they treaded on or suckled too much from ms and got the crowbar or vinegar -- or both... or, they got steel jacks and rubber balls inserted wrong-way, and are not able to walk right-way...

Now, if his stage-flipping sub was Mini-Me or Herman, the crowd of 20k+ would have been really upbeat instead of beat up....

Microsoft to skim Samsung Android takings


What can Google do?

Hope that Samsung, et al get a bad 69 or 80/20 ass rash and get tired of it before endfection sets in too much.

Google should impose that they dump the fat and go for the GFS (Google File System, or something that can tell those windows machines how to read them) and some EXT4 or compatible system on the hardware chips.

Google can help end those ms bondages just by providing a non-litigious file system. INT WTF, google?

Just like google is sitting on its ass about our phone books. Those should be in a vault, and that vault should have a scratch pad for the being-dialed number, and everything in the vault should be unreadable to apps unless that app NEEDS to call a per-app whitelist of numbers or load some per-app whitelisted URL.

Just another example of google's "don't be evil" falling short. Google needs to step up.

Mozilla forces Firefox 7 on memory diet


I'm a MADman, man... Haven't you heard this one:

"A clean desk is the sight of a sick mind"? I cannot limit myself to just 10 or 20 tabs. Bookmarks are not always enough, hehehhe....


66 tabs open, 23 with pages loaded, and 135 in Too Many Tabs

I see about 345 mb consumed RAM vice 550-640 mb. But, that might be because I restarted the browser in offline mode so the load-up excluded all the graphics. I am sure that if I refresh ALL those 42 named-but-as-yet-emptied tabs, RAM consumption will peg.

If a page goes errant or the disk drive thrashes its ass off, i yank the ethernet to make everything time out so I can kill the errant tab.

Spotify adds 'temporary' private listening mode after Facebook backlash


Help us Help you?

And, WHY would a company FORCE new users to use facebook? Has to e kickback involved. Help us grow our userbase, Spotify, and WE'LL help YOU via ad dollar credits.. and cash... and premium pllacement on-screen for those elusive eyeballs/impressions...

Some serious backscratching and other activity going on me thinks...

Apple loses bid to trademark 'multi-touch'



It bugs the living shit out of me when well-educated, well-respected coworkers say "Xerox this for me" when instead they should say "photocopy this for me" or something. When we had a Toshiba copier, no one said, "Toshibize this for me, please." Now we have a Konica-Minolta, and no one says, "Konickize this for me/Kinolta this for me...".

I don't Hoover my room, and I don't Shark it, either. I vacuum clean my room's floor (technically, it's not even being cleanend unless I get down on my hands and knees with water, soap, and a towel or sponge....).



"Engage the BSDM or be sued"

En(d)gage in the S&MDB and be USED"


"I have two cheeks, does that make my toilet seat multi-touch?"

Not unless you grab on with both hands and rock it like you're trying to rip it from the foundation.

(Multi-Touch plush Staunch Haunch)



Apparently, Anonymous never heard of "applets". Remember back around 1993 when suddenlty "-lets" took on a new craze with applets, formlets, screenlets, and so on. It got ridiculous.

I wonder how apple would cope with laundromat, washateria...



(same content)...

Diebold e-voting hack allows remote tampering


The Paper Audit Trail Security is BULLSHIT

In 2010, I saw a voting machine go wonky when misfed. It was holding up the process, so the proctor/minder collected the voting slips.

For the SF area alone, search for:

san francisco voting machine fraud sfgate

Windows 8 secure boot would 'exclude' Linux


If security is the goal...

Then, it should be a NATIONAL/GLOBAL mandate, not one from mshaft.

If it is about letting governments have backdoor, escrowed keys, then it should NOT BE ms that is the gatekeeper of those keys.

Stallman et al need to REALLY quit wasting time ranting about Android and kick it into full gear on this EFI/TC chip. Government COULD demand that all mass-maket or commercial/retail consumer computers capable of loading an OS must have a TC-type of BIOS regime, but then, it MUST be an OS agnostic system, not one that helps a piss-ant, ape-jumping company get rid of competitors.

Goddamn microsoft. JUST when I was gradually letting down my hair and easing up on anti-ms ranting, you STIR UP THIS SHIT AGAIN! I hate feeling filled with venom and vitriol, but goddammit, if i had the magic red nuke button, I'd kneecap that company, maybe up to the sternum.

All this benevolent kernel involvement was probably to get on working committees to get legit, timely, deep insight and constant data stream on how the Linux kernel development and deployment works JUST so ms and its root-sucking, jack-ass consortium of fools can support ms in coopting the boot/bios industry to the exclusion of all others, save for Apple.

Now, more than ever, foreign governments need to put a morningstar into ms' ass. In the name of national security, no government should let ms get away with this shit because it means likely only ONE country will have preview or full access to the global escrow.


I still have a suspicion that ms has found ways to infiltrate and fuck up the distros distribution for the most popular distros such as Mandriva, PCLOS, Ubuntu and others. I for the past year have had increasing failure rates of installing PCLOS from magazine pressed/distributed discs than ever. It is maddening to have no clue, and no matter how thin or how fat an install, no matter which kernels, I have very little stability. I have no idea why ioslaves are rampantly failing for me. On FRESH installs, i'm talking about. It's so painful it drives paranoia a lot easier than questionable hardware. Each release of the kernels and update of KDE just brings me more and more frustration. I'm at the point where I feel I'd rather PAY $100 or $200 for someone to install it for me and provide me recovery disks and USB devices. But, i sure as hell will have them do it in a near-cleanroom setting, not from their own media and facility and have an opportunity to jack in some backdoor kit. I may inadvertently install a roge rpm, but it'll be MY error.

OTOH, I sometimes wonder whether the distros themselves may be making things randomly painful by over-providing, or on behalf of hardware dealers who wish they could be part of the build process. In either case, I want LINUX as the host OS, and any windows as a virtualized, sequestered, QUARANTINED GUEST! Not the other way around. It's my CHOICE and my RIGHT, and ms should be fracking happy they at LEAST get a legit sales via a legit consumer purchase out of me since my desired apps don't run well in wine or not at all in Linux.


Drop in sales... only part of the pain they need

Is only PART of the after-effect. For even daring to take part in such heinous acts they need to suffer severe legal retribution, plain, swift, simple, and enduring so they learn to not cozy up so much to a company that behaves like a tyrant yet donates to charitable causes to soften its rough edges.

Would ms and its chairpeople donate if the company's public image were not so under siege?

Blue Screen of Death gets makeover for Windows 8


Recall that mantra?



If it doesn't BODE well, it doesn't BOOT well, so, give it..


Google crams arsenal with 1,000 IBM patents



They should have bought them in groups of 1024x768, and then plexed in a few in some sort of plane-splitting, scintillating way to be a dazzling effect.

Facebook lets users have separated social, er, Circles


I have used the labels for a little while, but i still wonder what would happen if

someday fb hosed up and exposed the names of a user's lists. For example, imagine the huge embarrassment resulting from exposure of such lists:

-- people I cheated on

-- people who gave me STDs

-- people who piss me off

-- people i can't bring myself to delete

-- people who i gave STDs

-- people i wanna sha*, shackle, or gag

-- laid a few times, but never will again

-- assholes who don't repay me

-- sluts

-- dickhead boss

-- people not to mix up lies with

-- i have a crush but refuse to blush

-- bitch pissed me off

-- other embarrassing titles..

Feds probe eBay over Craigslist plunder allegations


Exhaled slowly, the name kijiji sounds like

someone being slowwwwwly electrocuted with concurrent charges that prevent screaming... while synchronized with the sound of varying electricity...

Facebook security profiling doesn't like African log-ins


VPN and fb

Is there a VPN clearing house?

Imagine if companies or individuals all logged in via a VPN, and fb caught on after deep packet and other inspections. I wonder what it would do then. Imagine if the various spy/mal-ware originating countries CHOSE to use VPNs end to end (does fb support VPNs on ITS side of the connection) or at some point use VPNs as intermediaries. I can imagine there have been people figuring out nefarious ways to use VPNs and spoofing to avoid being screened or "discriminated" as hostile or threatening in nature or capacity.


Discriminator and discrimi nation and discriminate shun

Also, in the various military organizations, radars, IFF and other sensors have "discriminators"; they discriminate between various risks in identifying vessel and aircraft threats in a complicated matrix of decisions.

Those using the word "discrimination" were less than precise in their use of it, and probably assumed that the readers wil *infer* that "racial discrimination" is what is being spoken of.

I, too, feel that "discrimination" as a single-word description that contains relevant checks and balances is not in itself illegal. If i make such a decision based on race, it STILL may not be illegal. If I'm running a BUSINESS of selling goods or services, I should not court a lawsuit by denying people based on race and publicly saying that race is the reason, or class or other visible or invisible components are the reason. If I am renting apartments, I cannot legally set up a homogenous enviroment and claim only one color or economic standing can rent from me or buy my units.

BUT, if i am renting a ROOM in MY HOME i don't think anyone has a right to say i MUST rent to someone i don't like the appearance, smell, eating choices, and so on of. As a property renter or housing sell, the job is to generate revenue from all qualified members of society if those people are interested while units or supplies last. But, coming home... no, home is one's last refuge, one's abode from the rest of the world. If I choose and publicly say before or after (but not in the advert) that I want ONLY someone of a specific race with or without a reason (maybe I want to learn a language or learn how to cook based on a specific race/culture, or maybe I grew up in or became fond of a specific culture), then neither i nor the advert medium should be penalized. After all, when people join dating or hookup services, they are allowed to specify what they are interested in.

Apple plan to rate shops etc by number of iPhones visiting


How many confessional boxes will show up in those reports?

Blast me Father, for I have sinned! I have endguaged in idolatry, gluttony, lust, greed, and sinful thoughts and deified a male for the products His... Forgive me, his company created. I gave more to his cultporation than to charity. I have purchased more phone skins than I have taken Holy Communion... He gets more of my time per day than you... Forgive me, You have gotten out of me in my entire lifetime. Oh, Lord, wait one... I have an appountment at the Users Group.


Craven and...

No surprise.... Earlier this year, I suggested that apple execs wet their pants in ecstasy creaming over the crop of iphones on their master plot board. But, really, how the hell is this worthy of a patent? The uspto is craven and f*cked...


Missing iphone?

This probably means apple is using hidden and open tricks to not only tally icream zones, but to hunt down specific iphones

Patent wars: Apple attacks Samsung in Japan


The, ACER should sue Apple for taking the face-on look to iPad...


See time index 10:36, of page 21 of the screen captures.


Google feeds patents to HTC for assault on Apple


I wish somebody would do this for Lotus SmartSuite...

But, obviously, enough devs are too afraid to risk irking IBM and the so-called unfindable original patent holders who could suddenly pop up to reap a mint off of IBM and any forkers of the S/Suite look and feel.

What programmers need to start doing to circumvent this bullshittery in patents is to devise code that lets the END USERS say to an app, "Be a chamelion and copy THIS for me", and the END user could then to a good extent have tech and code do THEIR bidding instead of what a marketing department and a legal team want.


Or, he's Brother Cavil... he'll turn up again, though.

But, the the two dissenting lowers might have removed some of the tele-encephalic inhibitors in some of the Raiders. Maybe some of the Centurions may become angry...

Most bosses monitor or block social-network use at work


Or, they maybe be

Outliers and liars, too, lol!

Galaxy Tab 7.7 pulled from IFA after new Apple moves


Ganging Up... Is the floodgate opening?


THIS is a way to legally blugeon apple one way or another, either in court or by warchest accumulation with the apparent ability to make apple think twice about selfish and obtuse lawsuits.

Anti-trust? Anti-competitive? Or, anti-apple-assault-initiation?

To shamlessly quote myself from my immediately above post:

"think that If most of the current tablet makers unite and gang up on apple by reducing their pricing to razor thin margins, then they will effectivly deny apple an ability to charge inflated product premium pricing. It will lose money was wasted on lawyers, and be forced to just cope with the market on merit."

Are the floodgates going to open up and make apple hop rocks to avoid being wash away?


Guess where else on TV a near-iPad or pre-Ipad can be seen... Not Trek, either...

No, it is not Star Trek. It is Battlestar Galactica, in a Season 4.0, Disc Two, Episode: The Ties That Bind, aired April 18, 2008.


At 10:23 seconds, Kara Thrace, sitting in her cabin in the Demetrius, a data tablet is visible sitting on her desk.. At time index 10:26, she is actually handling it.

Is that an iPad, slyly pre-announced by Apple? If so, it would have been in the year 2008. I seriously doubt Apple in 2008 knew it was going to finally lock the iPad look to what it was when announced in April 2010. Has Apple EVER pre-announced by 2 years something it dearly though was crucial to its survival? I don't know, but I doubt it.

In Razor, also in 2008, this Acer Tablet:



was seen. It is not as thin as the one later aired in the "The Ties That Bind" episode.

Some more images:

Starting here:









Now, the tablet shown might be the same as in Razor (I haven't read all the comparisons and screen caps), but from the face shots only, the tablet Thrace is holding, if really not shown on edge, could be confused as a prototype iPad.

Now, why isn't Acer banding with Samsung, or did the two secretly band but are not talking about it (or, did they discuss it openly and i simply not read about it?)?

Seems to me, Apple grabbed an opportunity and ran with it. The Acer or whomever's tablet Thrace is holding is displaying the notion of picture in picture, which implies interactive capabilities, probably just like one might expect in the ages ago Space: 2001 tablet.

Yes, it's been said many times that the courts threw out the look and feel argument by apple, but the screen interactivity displayed in 2008 would seem to be prior art that can be claimed as a valid defense by any the crosshairs of apples buckshot-spraying attorneys.


Possibly this is a reiteration of something already said, but...


I think that If most of the current tablet makers unite and gang up on apple by reducing their pricing to razor thin margins, then they will effectivly deny apple an ability to charge inflated product premium pricing. It will lose money was wasted on lawyers, and be forced to just cope with the market on merit.

That said, I am not at all verse in international and national business law or anti-competition laws. Maybe it is the case that they CANNOT band together, even though apple has some 69% of the market.

I think much of apple's fear stems from the likelhood that these non-ipad vendors will end up competing on price, and if they do undercut apple, apple wil lose $hitload$ of money it does not want to be 'deprived' of wresting. With next to no competition, those who crave expensive tablets will have no choice but to pay. If the Samsung, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Motorola and other tablets drop to, say, $425 max pricing, and curb expenses to manage to eke out a profit long enough to force apple's hand, they will also wedge apple and force it to come up with a product strategy rather than a litigation strategy.


So, then just because we CAN, should we order up

Realdolls that look like Jobs, and then desecrate his image? He and his goon army might demand all the sales and pre-sales inquiry records, and swathes of people may fall into trouble just for daring to express impropriety of some sort.

OTOH, I would imagine that SOME people would just order the doll to sit him in a corner, voluntarily, in probably larger numbers than those coerced (for fear of punishment or execution) into hanging up pictures of "Dear Leader"

How Apple's Lion won't let you trash documents


Un-Extra Screw... Go Multi-Disk Systems

One way Apple could deal with this perceived or actual problem is to make the user data go to a physically-removable medium, one that is EASY to remove and is USER-findable. When the machine goes to service, ALL the user should need to do is to pull the data disk out. The system disk remains. It, too, could be removable, but at least for privacy, the data disk should be removable so it can be owner-scanned off-line, too.

This is why I like laptops with dual bays. Ideally, i'd use one disk for data, and one (however much space is lost since the OS won't likely use 50% of the "OS & Programs Disk".

But, the developers of apps need to be flogged to re-write apps to refuse to run on a system disk and to install ONLy on a data disk. Well, that would require all manufacturers to provide dual-disk as a default, not an option. It'll sell more drives, but the consumer will pay for it. But, when flash drives take over, there'll be no excuse for not permitting the user to take the data out of the chassis, and for not rewriting future programs to behave as progs on the system, data on another medium.

This admonition applies to Linux and Windows as well.

But, at least ONE major player will not like this: Law enforcement. That community will likely demand that compressed, encrypted, disavowed shadow copies be kept no matter what the legal ramifications.

Apple seeks product security boss after iPhone loss


SFPD conducts internal probe...


"In response to recent media reports discussing the alleged loss by an Apple employee of the item at a Mission District bar in late July, San Francisco police said that four of their officers later accompanied two Apple employees to a home in Bernal Heights. Apple had tracked the lost item to a house in the 500 block of Anderson Street.

Police said the Apple employees met with a resident there and searched the home but did not find the item. The employees did not want to make an official report of the loss.

Police spokesman Officer Albie Esparza confirmed Wednesday that the department has begun “an internal investigation into this incident.” Further details were not provided."

I bet the internal investigation will lead to severe disciplinary actaion against the officers involved if it is determined that they facilitated a corporate search/ransacking of a private citizen without proper warrant authorization and/or for letting CIVILIANS do the searching with police acting as an intimidation force.

If it is determined there was no warrant, and that apple's "employees" or investigators or contracted device tracking people illegally searched, then Apple should get something more fierce than a recommended minimum 1 year. Jailing Jobs won't work. He's a dying man. But, Jailing the upper 25 cognizant employees and leadership, plus a $200,000 fine for each corporate officer involved, and if apple pays their fines, then jack the fine up to $1,000,000, AND then fine apple itself $250,000,000 to show that corporations will not be allowed to sway police, judges, courts, and media in some publicity stunt. They might do swaying in other illegal ways that are part and parcel in lobbying, but not in THIS kind of case.

Go ahead... hit me with thumbs down...


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