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Google shows off Project Glass augmented reality specs


Re: Finally!

Imagine these tuned for sex... "Lat: 22.5453N; Long: 36.4255 W; Alt: 4,500 Hdg: 225; Spd: 475; Thrust: 2.5 G-Forces Per Cycle; PenetAngle: Unk/Indet; Gyrat:2.5kps; Durat: 2.5s; Nutat: 225 kN; AmbSnd: 27.8 dB; Humid: 68.7%; Own HeartRt: 148BPM; MateHeartRt: 179.33 BPM; Knock Factor: Indet; Orientat: F-t-F; Syncopat: Unconvent...

PLASMA GERM BLASTER GUN invented for cleaning skin


Re: If 5 minutes burned through 0.025 mm...

Burned to a crisp, hhehehee... Just as long as they are not burned into CRISPS.... Wouldn't want THESE to be recycled into snacks...

Would give a whole new twist (not the Twists snack, mind you, hhahaha) on "Soylent Green is PEOPLE"... Just recycle the detritus left behind and have trucks vacuum it up like the ones that steal used cooking oil from behind restaurants.

Butt ass for 5 minutes, this tech could be a BOON for the adult toys industry... 5 minutes to 30 minutes of pulsing plasma....

Call it "PlasMastics"....

Then again, it could be useful on public transit, too. A seat sensor would know when someone stood up, ostensibly leaving the seat. Then deodorizers and "plasmatizers" could sanitize seats vacated by some of the most mobile and formidable germs/bac(k)teria (If V'ger had a say in it, hehehehe) that get to a seat by way of expelled vapor(s) and perspiration.

For certain situations, like MedEvac, this might be useful in a sort of sleeping bag enclosure for non-bleeding persons (or pets?) in transport to medical facilities. Just zip up the person and plug the bag in to the Ambulance. Don't know if this would cause any brownouts if plugged in en mass...

Plasma bibs for drooling adults, anyone?

Of course, these sold in the hundreds of millions could spell doom for the atmosphere...

Apple products now found in half of all American dwellings


Re: Not where *I* live...

Where i live is in my household... One street number, no unit or apt nbr. Same entry, shared storage and laundry.

As to the other comment, the point is that some of these polls are pointless. All that story did was adcertise more apple. The pollsters could have just monitored train and bus passengers and reported on apparent users based on devices in hands being apple devices amont non-apple devices visible.

The other point is that ... Well, given the hostility, what IS the point?


Re: Not where *I* live...

It's a FACT, down-thumbing human/RNG frack. How can you conscientiously down-thumb something you cannot prove one way or the other? My landlord who DID own an iPhone moved with her boyfriend out and they were replaced by 4 older people.

Good GODs, the down-thumb should come with a "Justify downthumb and unmask your handle and e-mail address for credibility" function.

Jeeze, the mentality of some people (human or random number generator going after posts...)


Not where *I* live...

As far as I know, of the 8 of us in one household, nobody owns ANYthing from Apple. Two couples downstairs, 4 singles upstairs. Varying levels of income.

Workers worry about pay cuts from Apple, Foxconn pact


Defect Rate

I imagine that one true metric of whether the OT hours truly are bad for individual employees is the reject/defect/error rate.

How many phones are binned/rejected for technical errors in assembly? How many have defects due to human hands? How many packaging tools-or-wiping-items--shouldn't-be-packaged-with-the-phone errors are there?

I have no idea, so, I'm asking. In some companies, ruthless, mandatory overtime might induce people to black out, damage products, or die from poor health. This leads to another question: How many employees do not return, due to eroded health, new organ problems, or mental burn-out due to the mandatory overtime?

And, how many of them are single or married? I imagine that Foxconn hires mostly or only singles for work on the factory floor. I imagine sex in the dorms (one of my Chinese friends likens the dorms to "jails"/"prisons" because he says many of the workers are restricted to the buildings... that, to me, may be unlikely unless it is a probationary thing. Otherwise, how would they spend their earning? Or, are they working to save and to wire money to their parents, but don't care about leaving the perimeter of the city-factory?) simply because un-terminated pregnancies means employees involved could be even more distracted and the living arrangements coordinators have to reshuffle people if they are assigned by shifts.

Say, speaking of which... I wonder if their factory dorms are hot-bunked like subs and ships of old, but some surge/illness quarters thrown in for good measure. Would save a lot on construction costs.

'Thermal cloak' designed, could solve major chip, spacecraft issues


Re: Hot or Cold Pre-Staged Engines

Say, down-thumber,

Would you care to justify why you down-thumbed my comment? I was trying to seriously explore means of heat dissipation, but you got personal, or you clicked the wrong comment. So, how would YOU go about dissipating the mammoth amount of heat that would be generated, in the absence of water, wind, or a transference medium to do it in a fast manner safe for travel?

If you're going to do juvenile or vendetta drive-by-down-thumbs, then please supply a non-down-thumbable, rational explanation to EDUCATE an uninformed rationalization (not muses or jokes, but explorations). If by chance you hold 5 degrees and key positions, keep in mind that a down-thumb is silence, not convincing assistance. Or, you're being a bully. Either uprate or don't rate, but unless you've got a provable, real, meaningful reason to stab someone's comments, then go away. I don't stab people out of the blue like a drugged-up slasher on a train. I read comments, and those I like, I uprate. Those I cannot figure out, I move on. Everyone's got quirks, but scraping people's quirks causes stress.


Hot or Cold Pre-Staged Engines

Sounds like any serious space travel involves the success of Mitsubishi, Frigidaire, Hyundai, and a very, very powerful cable to tow the heat source, and to tow a HUGE amount of water.

But, once water is boiling in a towed vessel, how would such boiling be reduced in space? Towing heat balls and transferring the heat, hoping the temperature drops with each transfer? That would -- depending on the engine heat, life support heat, computing heat, human body heat, and space heat -- take a lot of thermal balls.

It seems that space travel will become a great deal longer with navigational waypoints for cold zones determining the flight path. But, if not enough touchable icy comets and dark sides of moons exist along the route, things till boil to a head.

Maybe multiple pulse rockets will be designed to fire, attain desired velocity to course, then jettisoned when the heat is too unsafe to tow or use. But, instead of merely abandoning the engine module or destructing it, it can shut down so that it can be used by a compatible ship taking the same shipping lane.

Come to think of it, engines could be staged at multiple direct path points and ships would just eject and thruster-park ditched engines, then coast to the next engine way point, then hitch a thrust ride off of it. Wash, rinse, repeat. But, any staged, hitched, and ditched engines would need computers and navigation systems, and may either be self-parked prior to first hitch, or carried in clusters by an initially-towing system.

Hot or Cold Pre-Staged Engines

What say ye? I'm not claiming it's novel, but I also cannot recall having read this idea elsewhere and "imprinted" with it.

Apple slapped with second Siri senility lawsuit


Re: Siri's lack of context is annoying

Talk in monotone like a computer. Remove extraneous words. Enunciate clearly. Speak with an even pace.

That is the nimbleness that a lot of users lack. People jacked up on coffee and dragged down on doziness won't help. Especially long or gnarly accents. (In ~93, I figured that out when dealing with the then-newfangled auto attendants and voicemail/auto response systems. The best fun was dealing with the one that only took button presses, but said "Oh" instead of "zero"; "There IS NO extension: two-three-six nine-five-five seheven-three-ohh-two ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh-ohh" Til the company president snapped for me to knock that off and to turn down the speaker volume, heheheh....)

Report: Facebook working to improve its 'search' technology


LOL! Mac's

It's fun and funny for me when I observe a Mac or some Apple computer (desktop or laptop) in a movie, in an advert, or where ever.

But, isn't ms a huge investor (or end-vestor) of fb? I wonder if they now have a pre-screening clause (or claws) that will require regular, 'ole PCs showcasing win7 and those coming tiles.

But, as for fb search. I refuse to use bing. If i inadvertently click it, I back out and explicitly go to google to search. I still have a little grudge against them, not hate or rage, but I am not beholden. Besides, to me, fb should give users a choice, not have searches default to bing. But, with 800M users, this is a way to ratchet up ms' serve-up numbers for advertisers.

Is Zuckerberg running FB's advert arm or running ms' advert arm?

Lucy in 3.4 million-year-old cross-species cave tryst


I wouldn't saw "we" won out... I'd say we "blended"

Considering how some humans look (not color, but SHAPES), it's a wonder the blending "took".

If humans were labeled like oil, we'd have some labels such as "Crude, dark/drak, sweet, haggard, stately, gaunt, hunch/haunch, beanstalk, curmudge, lank, spliced, de-spliced, respliced, disrupted, incongruous-fusion, or dreg..." (Well, assuming there are anthropologists who have dark, sweet, crude senses of humor...)

What'll be kewl will be to find a bunch of glowing, but non-smoking/not-bashed-in multi-colored orbs that do currency in quatloos alonside holograms of the bodies they escaped (pigeon-toothed/buck-toed, Z-spined, opposable-glanded, opposable elbowed, double-jointed kneed types...)

However, my first thought was "Hera???"

Acer set to unleash 15in fibreglass MONSTER


I have one of those odd-ball model Acers branded as Gateway

NV55SO9u, which I bought ~ October 2011.

It runs mostly quietly, and with 8GB of RAM, runs about 2.5 hours with both PCLOS and VirtualBox running win 7 inside, and it runs faster than my HP Pavilion dv7-3065dx Notebook PC (but which has only 4 GB of RAM and is 17").

So far. However, what baffles me is that Acer/Gateway did not include an LED to indicate whether or not the caps lock is on.

Zuckerberg flies to Shanghai for Apple Store visit


Maybe he's Admiral Zuck

And he's coming with a junket/flotilla of trinkets and dowry?

But, Baidu and company will likely fiercely beat him back. They don't even want Yahoo!, IIRC/IIUC.



Re: Fermi Frightens Me.

Here is my current subroutine in play: "God" is a glitch in the program, an unresolvable subroutine that was reconciled as an anomaly to be proved later due to the expensive clock cycles consumed on the analysis. The program became delusional and spilled the 1s and 0s into its simulated beings whose firewalls and IDS were no match for the halo-effect of expended energy, thus imprinted with more glitches. Essentially, God is part virus, part Trojan, part worm, part spam, part bot, part honeypot and part honeynet. The whole s/hebang embedded in the infrastructure -- and for those codebases that took it to the hilt of the simulated coccyx, the end-frah-structure.

Maybe Fermi frightens and tightens?


Re: Fermi Frightens Me.

"Why would we bother putting aliens in this simulated universe?"

Maybe because we to some egg stint are mass-o-kisseds?

Maybe we actually like and need fear, "from outside". So, if we only have ourselves to fear, even in a fermented simulation, the next, evolutionarily real stimulation is simulation of fear beyond our control.

In short, we may be wired to stupefy ourselves on a regular basis....


Re: Fermi Frightens Me.

Even if your A and B are real (and, i, too don't want A or B to be the case), we should find ruins or artifacts of some sort, eventually, unless the timescale is billions of years since their demise.

Even so, it would really be inspiring if we find telescopically planets with climates. I mean, I'm so irritated by people who winge about the rain. Unless one is caught in a death-bringing flood, say in The Philippines, Brazil, a mountain range in China, or Tennessee, people need to quit bitching about the rain!

When I look into the stars at night, on a clear night, and when I've looked into starfields through telescopes (as a visitor on an open tour) at CSM (College of San Mateo), mesmerization, euphoria, hope, are just a few indescribable emotions that come to mind. I also feel a sense of disappointment, despondency, and irritation that the might not be reincarnation, and if there is, we're very limited in our ability to derive utility and excitement from "coming back again".

So, when I look up and see clouds, rain, and imagine being a bird, I cannot HELP but feel that RAIN IS ONE OF THE MOST *BEAUTIFUL* THINGS IN THE UNIVERSE. So far, in my limited reading, we have not as a species found, recorded, and published actual existence of planets that have landscapes, oceans, and rain and climates that are just right for us if we were able to arrive physically at them in a space craft with a drop-ship. But, it would be nice if when we can arrive one for colonization that there are no advanced life forms to displace or send into extinction. Arriving a few billion years before evolution as we understand our own evolution means we should be likely to do damage to an environment that is mostly lush forests, swaths of deserts, and arable-capable fields/plains.

THAT could be the holy grail: Finding lush, uninhabited planets within 20 light years, giving us a chance (yet another chance in our continuum) to try to work together as a PLANET and not a system of power-jockeying, bork-minded governments bent on domination and subsumation of other cultures or consumer bases.


Re: Or possibly

Maybe god literally hip-spewed out into the uniwerse, a partly base and acidic blend of life stream? Life has a rhythm, a melody, once we tune in to it. We can swim in it and still be on the shore. We can feel the current, but not be sucked in.

That must be that unseen matter/force that keeps pulsing and pushing the uniwerse to expand. Now, if the uniwerse expanded and contracted rhythmically, it might be a cosmic orgasm, adding more musical terms to life.


God.. Your God, My Gods,

The Cylon god or gods.. s/(t)he/y(it) can be big enough for us all, hehehehe....


Re: and something I've just noticed.

That's just a temporal anomaly. Probably a backdoor to Section 31, intercepting logs for unauthorized off-world communications.... You'll be contacted later when the Temporal Integrity Commission re-aligns your place in the timeline for exposing the glitch....

Female Chinese astronauts must have no scars, straight teeth


Re: Bad Breath

Til you have a spark in a panel, and all that ripe fuel-high-oxygen content make that cabin go bust.

Gives GasPanic, Flatulence, and venting a new perspective.

I guess worries of BO could spawn ancillary industry work where the bulkhead liners are special (spacial?) absorptive padding.

The alternative is menthol nasal strips or nostril plugs. Otherwise, NostrilDominous would take over...

Apple tightens grip on tablet market with iPad 2 and 3 pincer move

Thumb Down

Re: I would NEVER buy a product that is so massively produced in quantity and of ONE

You're missing the point... (And, my response is to the abusive, knee-jerk responders who down-mod someone based on the person's personal position rather than consider the person's feelings about choice/preference...)

When I buy shirts or pants, they rarely have labels. So, a plain white shirt or a green one being one of a millions copies is not the point. I expressly don't buy clothing with makers' labels emblazoned on them. If they cannot differentiate their goods sufficiently, that is not my problem.

A laptop, that's different. Each one is made in limited runs. And, they change in months, if not weeks, with features that may be GONE or a sales price that may EVAPORATE if not bought soon. There are not 5 million identical models of my chosen laptops. They all have some limited increments, partly due to technology advancing daily, partly due to marketing. Some are recognizable despite minor changes, but at least they are changed. What does Apple do with iPhones and iPads re visual appearances?? Would most laptop makers crank out the very same case and argue that the innards are what matter? If they did, their sales might plummet.

With the iPhone, it changes in appearance only once a year or two. Cars, laptops, mp3 players, LCDs, desktops, blenders, battery-powered drills, autos, and more change in weeks or every 6 months. iPhones? Apple is too successful and artsy with great talent to fuse tech with beauty, but is drunk on its own 3 successful models, milking them bone dry. If they don't offer up new simultaneous models, then they INVITED and deserve assertions that they are stagnating in design. They are forfeiting the chance to be subject to consumer scrutiny beyond a solitary style change every 18 months or so. They're being uuber cautious, maybe needlessly too cautious.

But, as for a phone, one would have to be an absolute moron to suggest I ignore the sheer multitude of a given model in the hands of millions of drones (doesn't matter whether it's Sony, Sanyo, Apple, Nokia, or HTC or Samsung). When I bought every model, I considered what I wanted in a phone, how it fit in my hand, whether it was likely easy to slip from my hand, how scratch resistant it was, how shitty or ugly the power charger looked or how bulky it was, and how removable the battery and (later) the data card was. THEN, in the final consideration, I asked myself "How many others are whipping this model out?"

WTF should I willingly purchase any phone model that is in the bazillions? As for a car, I don't have one. But, I've owned a silver Honda Civic, a metallic blue Acura Integra, a forest-green Honda CRV, and a similarly green Nissan Altima, and in two cases, where I outright purchased the vehicles new, I picked colors I saw very few of. In the case of the Altima, I ditched the gaudy/gang-attracting rims and replaced them with the more staid set the owner sold me with the car (he had 1 set on the car and 2 separate sets of differing styles).

How fracking DARE anyone downmod me for making a personal choice. I buy goods, but goods come in variety. They are varied because makers have a motivation to vary them. People want variety. WhyTF can I not have a free will to have variety, express it, and defend it without insensitive people jumping in like juveniles without truly using their brains? I don't expect Oreo cookies to be varied in color and shape. Lucky Charms? Fine as they are. Froot Loops? Fine. Big Macs? Don't assume I want BMs to be sold square or star-shaped. Dockers? Most I don't like, unless they fit well, since I don't like gaudy, baggy clothing. Jackets? I flip through every last damned jacket on a display before settling on one by color, fit, and number of times I have seen it on a transit vehicle. In some cases, I do buy one that I have seen and like, but is not going to be one that I see in the dozens every day in my walking and riding. If that hurts the big labels, TOUGH.

As for "extremely shallow life"... Is that what readers are thinking of me? I have a phone because it is a useful device. But, if I'm going to be looking at my phone all day, I don't want regrets. There are plenty of Android phones i WILL NOT pay for nor use if won -- just because some of them are not my style. It's not as if I'm a cop or soldier or paramedic who has to work with equipment as it is issued. I make a PURCHASE, and we all as consumers have a right to choose from the available variety, do we not?

I really feel that pissed off apple and android fans got pointlessly polarized over my comments. Unfortunately, for them, I am unwilling to embrace the concept of BUYING an Apple phone. I've previously stated in other threads that the damned phone IS kewl looking it IS attractive. I simultaneously love the looks, but not the size. I admire the loyalty, but loathe the obsequiousness it garners. But, they (the virulent ones, that is, not the utilitarian ones) cannot accept that I won't BUY one. Would they marry or date someone who has an identical appearance? Imagine holding hands with your throb, only to every other block seeing 825 duplicates of the "model" of your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend. Imagine that. Then, reflect on my comment about phones' appearances, especially if your car or house are under orders to be repainted to be identical to dozens of surrounding neighborhoods.

Once again, Apple has deep enough pockets to sell alternative, attractive models. Wait til the 4.5" or so model comes out. Care to guess how many iPhone 4/4S users will ditch their current model for more display, despite their idol saying the phone was perfect as it was?


Oh, and yes, THIS down-mod is (IIRC) my first EVER downmod in any kind of forum. I'm sick to death of assholes who do drive-by downmods when the content they're downmodding was about someone's PERSONAL choice, rather than a threat or outlandish position. My position is I choose to be different when available choices permit me to be different. Yet, hostile opponents construe my position into my being some sort of no-life hermit.


I would NEVER buy a product that is so massively produced in quantity and of ONE

nearly singular design.

Were I to do so, I'd thoroughly hate myself for becoming a damned drone. I am sick and tired of seeing the damned same phone every other set of seats I pass on transit. In a 60+ seat car, I might count 20-25 phones, and SEE at least 15 iphones. They're easy to spot, and only the multitude of protective cases offers any real opportunity to "differentiate" oneself from other iPhoners.

If Android were on only ONE model of phone, I'd try to steer clear of them, too. Fortunately, phone makes and models in the NON-Apple world change.

My rant is not about inherent security, jailbreaking, rooting, or privacy. It is about stylishness and design diversity. I'd swear some boffin or story writer picked up on my and others comments in the past few months on this very matter. My next phone likely won't be HTC, but Galaxy because I want Korean bits natively in the phone, with English as the 2nd, not primary interface. But, I also want more screen, and I want a phone that will be in limited runs, not cranked out like potato chips, cookies, and canned carrots. Same with cars: if EVERYbody and their granny drove my favorite car, I'd probably switch cars just to not be another drone.

Apple needs to spend some of that flush billions on new styles of phones to show that it STILL CAN design what people want. But, I suspect they are afraid to fail, and since the two iPhone styles are still drawing in drones, they have no incentive to change it, other than increase the phone size to the 4.6" that is being reported. Even 2 years ago, i ranted that the iPhone WOULD HAVE TO increase in size if any reason to accommodate giant men and women who look ravingly stupid pecking along on some tiny gadget. Duration typing has got to be rough on percentile outliers. Besides, even without height and hand size percentile comparisons, compare the 2 iPhones to the ever-increasing sizes of Android phones. Pundits and even Apple (IIRC) said from on high that HTC and Samsung and Motorola smart phones were WAY TOO BIG, pushing the envelope. Well, people are able to get them into their purses, wallets, breast pockets, jeans pockets, and even just carry and use them. So much for pundit andn Apple proclamations. Apple has to relent. And, no, it is not primarily or JUST about making more room for upcoming chips. Apple, I dare say, is responding to "size matters". Retina means NOTHING when 10s of millions of drones can look over and see non-Apple phones with relatively gigantic screens displaying more than good enough images and text. After all, how good does text NNEED to be? It's always improving anyway, so, a big phone short of a 5" phone will keep forcing Apple to relent ti "size matters".

Warp-Speed Planets?


Warp-Speed Planets?

" Planets in tight orbits around stars that get ejected from our galaxy may actually themselves be tossed out of the Milky Way at blisteringly fast speeds of up to 30 million miles per hour, or a fraction of the speed of light, a new study finds.

"These warp-speed planets would be some of the fastest objects in the galaxy, aside from photons and particles like cosmic rays," said Avi Loeb, an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. "In terms of large, solid objects, they would be the fastest. It would take them 10 seconds or so to cross the diameter of the Earth."

In 2005, astronomers found evidence of a runaway star that was flying out of the Milky Way galaxy at a speed of 1.5 million mph (2.4 million kph). This hypervelocity star was part of a double-star system that wandered too close to the supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy.

The strong gravitational pull at the galactic center ripped the stars apart, sending one hurtling through space at high speeds, while capturing the other to stay in orbit around the massive black hole."

Hmmm.. this might fuel plausible "Space:1999"-like shoe ideas... Why write of a moon if somehow a whole, populated, advance culture-planet is fodder?

Facebook: Your boss asks for your password, we'll sue him! Maybe


Re: Flat NO.

Here is what FB can do to prove it is sincere:

Prior to interviews, an applicant would pre-set the authorization code to one of two options:

a = the name of the employer and the name of the interviewing officer, information which will be known in advance in most cases

b = the abort code

c= the continue logging in with pre-interview code, preserving the *a* code in case said interviewer attempts to log in even after hiring or declining the applicant

Then, if asked, the applicant can choose to be serious or play games. If serious, the applicant can reply in the negative, but if pressed for it and if desperate for the job, the applicant can hand over the *a* code and wait for a facebook notification. Even if the applicant ultimately does not land the job, the applicant AND facebook can still determine WHICH COMPANY attempted to log in.

To make things dicey, facebook needs a log in app that requires the eye shot of the person entering the code. That means an employer needs to surrender to the eye shot at the interview before getting the code. If THEY refuse, then you DO NOT want to work there. But, later, in case they try to log in anyway, they might have already surrendered an eye shot from their own phones for logins, in which case FB can link up fraudulent log in attempts directly to a person, so long as the fraudulent log on is not done with a 3rd party under duress to do an eye-supply and take the fall.

Has anyone yet heard of a fingerprint reader-capable LCD? It would be interesting if phones had two-factor logins base on those: key in or swipe in AND press one's thumb on the LCD for a scan.

Anyway, action *c* from above would hopefully help to deter disgruntled applicants from abusing the abuse-deserving fools who insist on having the applicant's password. Punishment and protection would have to work both ways, in case it really is being asked just to weed out stupid applicants, who probably do NOT deserve the job if handing over his or her password at an interview.




FUQIN AYE!!!! GO FACEBOOK. Hair on my neck stood up just now. This is the FIRST time I have ever frackin' fisted the air and hi-5'd facebook!

I hope FB's CTO actually DoEs shut down those snooping employers, and I hope each shut down comes with a "good-bye YIPPIE KAYAE, MOTHAFQQA!"

El Reg Forums FAQ


Dealing with abusers

"Why HTML and not BBCode?

HTML is the open standard of the web. Deal with it, bitches."

LOL! I love that.

My gripe is there appears to be no way to deal with malicious, drive-by, emotionally-loaded down-voters. It is annoying to be down-voted on one's personal experience story by someone who is in no position to verify or invalidate one's story account.

-- Heavy users of the down-thumb should be shown on a dashboard.

-- Down-thumbing should require justification, to ensure it's not a "gang" of like-minded people ganging up on someone with an unpopular opinion

-- A heavily down-thumbed opinion or comment should be given a "rescue" chance by an automated highlighting of the account to solicit counter-balancing. Once it descends into rancor, the virulent of the comments and authors could or should be highlighted, then locked or locked out for a few days with a count-down timer on the locked-out person and the thread.

-- Abusers of the down-thumb should have their abusive history shown on their profile panel so that when people visit a profile they see not only the usual list of comments, but the person's behavior toward other users.

I've made similar suggestions to at least one other forum, but was resoundingly ganged up on and not even the site admins expressed disapproval of the ganging up.

Record-breaking laser pulse boosts fusion power hopes


Re: "or do I err?"


A 10" gummy bear is 1000x bigger than a normal gummy bear.


I didn't look for values for Gummy Tongues, Gummy Brains, and Gummy Hearts...

I found that when querying "Texas is 1000 times bigger than..."

(They are in Raleigh, NC...)

Butt, I suspect that anyone eating a 10" Gummy Bear will prosume (produce and consume) all sorts of MJs trying to send that gelatin consumption back in time....


Re: ...and they're containing it in, ....?

Is any pre-filtering required? Imagine the possible contamination from coins, paper clips, body hair, skin, mites, and a few misplaced fusion pellets...


Re: Dropping spanners on batteries

Did the air sizzle, or did it hum?

jzzzz jzzzzz-zzzzhhhhzzzhhzzz jzzzz jzzzzz-zzzzhhhhzzzhhzzz jzzzz jzzzzz-zzzzhhhhzzzhhzzz jzzzz jzzzzz-zzzzhhhhzzzhhzzz


ngyyeeeenggngggnnnggg ngyyeeeenggngggnnnggg ngyyeeeenggngggnnnggg ngyyeeeenggngggnnnggg



Re: One has to wonder...

Whether half the lab followed it with:

"Hwonkk Hwonkk-Hwonkk -Hwonkk -Hwonkk!

Hwonkk Hwonkk-Hwonkk -Hwonkk -Hwonkk!

Spatial rift -- OPENING!

Hwonkk Hwonkk-Hwonkk -Hwonkk -Hwonkk!

Hwonkk Hwonkk-Hwonkk -Hwonkk -Hwonkk!

Spatial rift -- OPENING!



TEMPORAL destabilization -- IMMINENT!

TEMPORAL destabilization -- IMMINENT!

Windows 8 on ARM vs iPad: Has Microsoft lost already?


Re: WOA is doomed

So, "WOA" becomes "WHOA"?




(I can hear a sock puppet saying, "WHOOOA WHOOOA WHOOOA WHOAAA WHOooA... WAIT!"

'Now we understand what's required to explode a supernova' - NASA


"Two main scenarios had been considered possible: in one, the white dwarf sucks in and gobbles up matter from a companion normal star, so gaining mass until, overstuffed, it blows up with unimaginable violence. Alternatively, two white dwarfs might collide like vast hypermassive billiard balls leading to a cataclysmic blast."

In space a white dwarf sucks... Is there a black giant that spews?

Two billiard balls? That kind of collision on a cosmic scale would be cat-orgasmic.... MMMYOWWWWW! Cat scratch feev-ur in deep spaces...

Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury


Re: ouch

Maybe the NEW red eye in Retina is the T-1000 jumping over the 800 series?

Call it "Therminator"

Cure: Visine: it gets the red out...

The Facebook job test: Now interviewers want your logins


Re: Like many of you, I work in IT

But, the PROBLEM is is that this sets up a dangerous precedent.

Once the floodgates open, there's going to be too much momentum to reverse the damage. Once a company with no legitimate need to ask it even as a "test question" succeeds, others will attempt it. Eventually, it'll be so common that people will have had it inculcated in them and plenty will not be savvy enough to have an "alternate" account.

Besides, officially (well, last time I read the Ts&Cs), facebook prohibits an individual from registering multiple accounts. Not that people don't, and not that fb cannot handily do proper counts to not inflate redundant, hijack-recoveree, or business/personal accounts.....


Password Meter?

What that a "Peter Meter"? LOL!

(By eye, i quickly discerned the text, and ordinary people should be expected to... But, looks like you got a "Captcha'd Audience...)


Re: Not Facebook, at the time, but now maybe...

To an extent, the need to look at the credit history of an employee or candidate/applicant is mostly legit if the data is destroyed after finding the answers needed.

If the company sends employees on travel with company cards and valuable equipment, it needs to at least have a "baseline" of financial responsibility and to decide whether to take or continue with the risk of retaining or hiring someone as an employee.

But, aside from that, the company should pay up front for the big expenses (airfare, vehicle rentals, per diem, hotel, and known/anticipated equipment/consumables) up front for company activities. Smaller stuff could be set up as reimbursable items. If a company has cashflow issues, then how can it expect to repay employees.

OTOH, in exchange for not running credit reports, employers could judge an employee's trustworthiness and loyalty (if sufficiently compensated and not in financial straits) by requiring the employee to front the expenses and take reimbursement within 2 weeks.

Not taking a credit report for certain positions of employment could legally be seen as a failure to conduct due diligence. It also means a time-biding, shady character could be promoted without any opportunity for red flags to be found.

Then again, lots of well-compensated people derailed or bilked billions out of unsuspecting, overly-trusting people.


Re: toldya!

What is facebook?

facebook is the hugest, most insidious, most pervasive intelligence coup ever devised and implemented. Hell, Zuckerberg is probably the first unwitting inductee to every global intelligence agencies' Hall of Fame, hahhaha.

Hell, ever sophisticated cracker out there too probably mastu*&#tes and salivates to the exploitable parts of social sites such as fb.

Or, how about this: "facebook allows you to connect with your friends, and occasionally, randomly, and reliably, your frenemies to you.


Re: Rights

Last night I was thinking the VERY same words.

However, right now, despite the rage in my words I posted today on this topic, an alternate though I have is this:

Suppose the interviewer really IS ONLY looking to filter out DIMWITS. The moment you supply a "password" (verified or not), you're out of the running.

But, really, they should stick to asking "Why are manhole covers round?" That question got me hired since I paused, reflected, and supplied the correct answer in about 3 seconds. My interviewer smiled immediately and she said, "You won't believe how many people could not give me the correct answer. When can you start."

Kinda shakes your faith in the average human "bean".... lol!


Re: Employers can demand access?

Especially if the co-worker could be tapped to "friend" a "target" employee.

But, that damned facebook cloaking issue means that for now, it's hard to stop someone from coming and going, doing random drive-by snapshots.

So, I guess the workaround is to re-limit all old posts, but that can be very damned tedious.

Maybe facebook needs to get off its ass and allow people to have a shadowed account where friends see one aspect of the subscriber, and others see the "cleaner" side. This means that all friends are not just on a "friend" list, but that "friend" has to supply an expirable password to see more than others see. This would act as a 2nd level of protection. It can be as simple as the two friends going to the chat box, then sending each other a mutual code and clicking on an action button. It should require them to get on the phone or start the process in another off-channel route so they can feel reasonably comfortable they are not being spoofed.

No, fb, you cannot patent this: THIS IS PRIOR ART NOW AS OF MY WRITING IT. Or it is obvious extension of what should be possible by security-minded subscribers wanting more protection.

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Facebook 'cloaking' flaw allows unexpected snooping


want want want

Employer has your:



Mailing address

Home and mobile numbers

SSN or National ID Number

Drivers license or ID number

Passport number

Vehicle plates

Family names

Medical history

Insurance risk info


Credit reports


And now, not just a mere list of your social profiles and a privileged guest account, but also your password.

Xoreax grids up Windows to goose apps


Why the heck did I keep seeing...

X E R O X?

Writers' alliance throws the book at Apple 'piracy'


Re: In other trades...

Well, why not coin a new set of terms:



What happens if a pimp extorts a fence, or a fence manipulates a pimp? How about pimp on pimp or fence on fence?

And, what of fences and pimps working in government? Or agents using pimps and fences to go after bigger pimps and fences?

(Sawn of Spaten (Spoonerism))

iPad 3 costs Apple 30% more to make than iPad 2


Re: Have I missed something?

I gave you a thumbs up because I too think it is brilliant from a strategy perspective.

However, I don't care about retina. For me, my Android's resolution is fine. My EVO 4G may in fact perform in an inferior mode to the iPhone in some if not many ways. But, aside from rooting options, i really don't want to take from my pocket a phone that is in every god**#mn hand around me. I give Apple thumbs up for making things a LOT of people like or love, but I cannot myself bear to be "just/yet one MORE clone".

I'm NOT player hating. I do recognize that products cost money to produce. But, surely, Apple can make multiple same-year models of differing appearances. Every time I damn time I get on a bus, or on two different transit agencies' trains, and when I'm in a cluster of 8-15 people, 8-10 of them have THE SAME DAMNED PHONE!

Uggh... It's the same feeling as if all cars were of only 3 makes or models, and one have 2/3 of the visible share.

Apple needs to diversify their models to stave off comments of lack of product diversification. Aren't they supposed to be wizardrous artists who know how to marry art and tech?

(Note: I'm only saying this about Apple's PHONES, not their laptops. The 17" laptops look hellatiously nice, but my pockets are not that deep. As for the iPad vs Galaxy Tabs and others, I see more iPads vs other tablets, but I don't see all that many iPads anyway. I don't know where all these millions of them are. I see them mostly on transit, or the few dumb coffee-sipping, sacheting types who forget that almost every DAY in SF someone is being conked over the head or threatened at gunpoint for their laptop, bag, phone, and wallet. So, maybe most of the invisible tablets are actually tucked/hidden in bags in most open areas?

FAA mulls scrapping in-flight iPad, Kindle ban


Re: Frustrating

I've seen people on multiple flights in the 90s using camcorders and digital cameras and such during take-off AND landing, domestically AND overseas, and not once did the flight crew say anything in person or on the PA.

Maybe they're afraid a recording device will capture contentious or newsworthy footage just prior to a crash, depriving the airline of the chance to put a lid on events. Imagine an intact, functioning passenger device capturing the final 45 seconds of spins, aerobatics, and the terminal dive or mid-air explosion only to land in a cornfield or in someone's garden, and ending up on the news after the airing agency makes a pristine copy prior to handing over the original to the FAA and NTSB.

I declare NOW that if my device ever is found and suspected of having informative crash footage, my device may be and can be copied by any civilian, news-apprising party so long as only the news bits get released.

I am not saying impede a proper investigation, but some of them take way too damned long to be publicized, and often the public short-memory-effect works to the advantage of the industry and investigators who don't want pressure to find a cause quicker than they are comfortable with. OTOH, if someone has a film camera and captures footage of a plane from nearby crashing, it seems okay (or not contested) that a TV station gets footage on the air pronto. I don't EVER recall seeing any print on a ticket saying I and my property may be seized to to aid investigations.

If none of that is the issue, then what is? Passenger electronics aren't that powerful to bring down a plane. EVERYONE would need to be simultaneously running them, and possibly actively running illegal transmitters of some kind to really start messing with the plane. Maybe they just want to be in a commanding position to demand everyone's attention. That in and of itself is not bad, but once the safety announcements are made, it should be permissible to fire up one's gizmos if they are low-power like phones in airplane mode, calculators with no real Bluetooth power, cameras with no transmitters or satellite links, and laptops with the antennae turned off.

HP unveils hamper of Ivy Bridge notebooks


Reduced resolution?

Maybe it's to artificially extend the battery life?

Also, I'd like to know whether HP will abandon those STUPID straight-out power pins. Those damned straight-out pins bang against things and risk damaging the power port. They should do what other power supply/adapter makers do: MAKE or PROVIDE a 90-degree bend, and if one is provided, make the plug part by the laptop case short so that it doesn't frackin' desk surface space or get banged by the mouse, by books, or a lamp. I don't know wtf runs through some engineers' or marketing execs minds, but my most recent laptop was most SPECIFICALLY NOT an HP for several reasons:

My previous HP DV x pavillion:

-- straight-out power pin kept banging on things or kept getting banged by things.

-- the front had cheap siliver-metal-looking plastic that hung up on my backpack zipper and tore off

-- the 17" (size was nice) display was way too shiny

-- the 2h 20m battery (under Linux) was a 30 minute battery by month 10, and a 15 minute battery by month 12, and 2 minutes by ~ 18 months. I now is a zero minute battery

-- the fan, when the Pavillion was on AC, ran LOUD, and it was quite stressful, agitating, irritating, and rage-producing. On battery (when the battery was good) it ran quieter

-- it ran HOT before, and the power supply runs HOT still. Both the case and power supply ran hot enough to prompt me to buy and use multiple cooling pads to convince myself that I'd get 4 years out of the hardware

I now is a desktop-laptop-replacement.

It was replaced by a recent quad-core, AMD-based Gateway

My laptop purchases (for my personal ownership):

9/5/11 Sony Vaio, ~13" cost $1299; died due to controller cable problem because of excess removal

~ 1/2008 Gateway, 17" cost me ~ $800, still runs, but battery is a gonner. Bad aspect ratio for CAD, but it is still decent for running older CAD drawings and playing music files

~1/2010, HP Pavilion, AMD CPU and graphics, mentioned above ~ $700, runs hot, loud, and non-mobile unless I buy a replacement battery, only 2 GB, I had to bump it up to 4GB

10/2011, Gateway, 15.x" display, 4 cores, came with 4 GB, which I bumped up to 8 GB

I admire the reported (and purported) battery life of several Apple laptops (in 2010, I watched a guy for 8 hours nurse his 17" Apple laptop as he programmed and surfed (mostly via consoles, hehehe, but he still toggled in and out of Expose or whatever that is), but no way in hell I'll pay those prices! Well, not unless IBM/Lotus reactivate and improves Lotus SmartSuite and port a version to run on Macs... THAT would be well worth jumping to a 17" Mac, even if SmartSuite cost $500 and the Apple laptop cost $2,000 -- so long as it still gets ~ 7 hours for that screen size.

If HP wants to see me buy a 2nd HP laptop:

-- make a 90-deg bend pin

-- make the batteries more manageable by Linux-oriented battery management tools and STOP using proprietary BIOS calls kludged/foisted by MS/BIOS/HP decision-makers.

-- make the 17" laptops about 1lb lighter, to say, 6 lbs vice 7.8

-- make the laptops run cooler

-- make the laptops run QUIETER

-- get rid of bogus flashing and tear-off cheapo plastic

-- ditch the ejectable CD/DVD and go with a slot

-- price it at $800 or less

-- endow it with 8 GB and BAN THE RESELLER from stripping the RAM out of the system and jacking up the prices to get the RAM restored

-- keep a physical kill switch for the radio (wi-fi, blue-tooth, etc.)

-- keep the antennae in a port that can be opened and the antennae removed at will by the owner

-- make it possible to remove or swap hard drives-- better yet, install reasonably-sized Solid State drives and provide, say, 3 or 4 ports so that one can be the OS SSD, and multiple others can be removable/hot-swappable data drives, or one can be an OS failover/RAID-like drive, or simply a periodic clean copy of the default OS setup

-- install a lifetime, 5-minute battery to enable the owner to swap out battery sticks without shutting down

-- make a y-splice connector accessory or build in two power connector ports so that when on AC, the owner can swap in or attach an external 6-hour battery that has its own pin and power supply.

Microsoft SharePoint exposes privates in sniffing hack


Suppose it goes beyond Sh(c)are point...

Suppose that tactic:

"Context Information Security said the hack relies on tricking a content management system user into browsing a webpage controlled by an attacker, possibly in response to a spam email. If the user leaves the tab open then the attacker can use frame-sniffing to run searches on SharePoint just like an internal user."

works if i simply browse to a page, but leave the tab open -- in either my computer's browser or my handheld device/phone...

I think I may have to make sure more diligently than in the past that when I open tabs from non-related sites, I close the others, then flush the cookies, then re-spawn the browser. not efficient, but....

Wait... that I what I'm hoping to achieve when running two, *different* browsers...

I think if it works (whether it is a new exploit or has been since day one of HTML, then users may want to think twice about having multiple browser tabs open. It's bad enough poor sandboxing and the risk of cookies being read by other cookies' masters' sleuthing code.

LightSquared sheds a lonely tear as Sprint legs it


Subspace and Tantalus

Their revenge will come when they create subspace comms devices -- and a Tantalus field network to rid themselves of opposing execs, hehehehe

Apple slide-to-unlock spat with Samsung hits the buffers


Re: These people are just pathetic

The next iPhone will have little thumb dials (like Star Trek's communicator), and they'll claim a trademark the terms "change the dial" and "dial to a new channel"...

Smartphone users sue Apple, Facebook over mobile app privacy


How far in speech can I go without getting a warrant on me in every country?

If this is true, heads need to roll. Every programmer and exec involved who didn't fight this internally deserves to be sued into a corner so black-hole dense s/he will make him/herself unborn and not come back for 5,000 years.

This is why I don't give responses to the birthday apps and all those damned facebook games. I reject even relatives, because they are being stupid and not considering that putting my details in some fracking 3rd party app is an act that deprives me of my right to selectively say, "NO".

Facebook and all the others KNOW and calculate their decisions to create these data dragnets.

And, governments that are data savvy know it too, and that is why so far they are mute on this. Social sites are the Data Hoovers the governments themselves claim they are not allowed to be, and though there are rules, laws, and constructs, these companies operate in flagrant impunity.

If their buildings implode or get ransacked by human hands, or collapsed by quakes, floods, or hurrinados, I will clap for every person whose data was vacuumed by surreptitious means.

Privacy is supposed to mean privacy, not a la cart access.

Maybe someone should start passing out small cards warning kids not to grow up data-dumb, and to be data-privacy-concerned.


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