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Antarctic base staff in drunken Xmas punch-up

Jim Hunter
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It's people like them....

...that spoil it for the rest!

Not that anybody will read this: Stuck out here in the middle of the North Sea, just a bit south of the Dogger Bank, we will be spending New Year with nothing stronger to drink than Schluur and Kali-ber.

Long gone are the days of beer out on the North Sea Oil/Gas platforms.

Still. I'll be back in on Thursday for 2 weeks off.

Happy New Year to all@El Reg

Vietnamese cops jailed for death row pregnancy ruse

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Where's the IT connection?

.........Who put the RAM in the RAM-A-LAM-A-DING-DONG

I'm on me way, forget the coat!

Girls' school head condemns bubblewrapping of kids

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About time too......

....the natural behavior of children is being swamped by the paranoia created by the Health and Safety Gestapo.

While I’m not advocating the return to children working in mines and in amongst large items of rotating machinery, they need to learn the principle behind “If you stick your hand in a fire, it’ll hurt” .

I have kids, and the youngest boy (only 6 ½) plays Tag Rugby. Last Sunday he was sent off the training pitch for contact tackling, something they are not supposed to do until they are playing Under 9’s. All his team have the natural desire is to get stuck in and play the “Big Game”

After the training session his mum made him go and apologise to the Coach. Which I would have done had I not been at work. So he learns to play to the rules, listen to the coach, and get in the team.

Apparently it was a bloody good tackle though.

US man blasts stubborn wheelnut with shotgun

Jim Hunter

@jolly & @Dr. Mouse


never worked on Minis, but I do have a Triumph Speed Triple with exhaust studs rusted to oblivion. I've tried the usual including WD-40

I have now got to up the level of aggression. Although I think I'll stop short of the shot gun!

Sozzled Oz footie fan tattoed with 'gay' team tribute

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Stripogram councillor rocks Devon Lib Dems

Jim Hunter

Devon knows...

.....how they make it so steamy!

Ok Ok I'll just go and get my coat

Suit blows £105k in London bar

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Just read through the article and the comments. (Interesting bit from Mike Moyles) and then thought:

"I'm half way through my 14 day shift on a steel island 15 miles south of the Dogger Bank; 75 miles from the nearest pub (Scarborough). Great!"

I can handle it, no realy I can!

Jordan names sprog 'Princess Tiaamii'

Jim Hunter

The bit that worries me is.........

......... I consider myself to be fairly level headed, and not a bit bothered about celebrity lifestyle. Probably like most people who read and comment on this site.

But I can't help myself from standing and staring opened mouthed at this and other weird showbiz behavior.

It's like watching a car crash

Daily Mail slammed for online bingo hypocrisy

Jim Hunter

Re: 40%

"... and the younger people go for forementioned social aspect... i dont see them all saying "lets go round Jims and have a few rounds of bingo in front of my 17" TFT"..."

So that's what they do when I go to back to work on the Rig!

MoD boffins in Cornwall GPS-jamming trials

Jim Hunter

Jasmine & Rob


It look's like I have hit a nerve!

When I'm out on my Speed Triple the last thing I want to have is something telling me I have to turn left into the next field.

As for not knowing where "bacon and sausage come from..." I tend to plan a little ahead, so I know where I am going. So I am well aware of where the "bacon and sausage" come from

Remember "Perfect Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance". Eh, Rob?

My comment was aimed at those users who assume that the machine is right, and that it takes priority over the other things that you need to do, while driving,such as looking out for other road users. I use a GPS based accident blackspot warning device when I'm driving, but its located out my field of vision. That way I'm not going knock Jasmine of her motorcycle.

We are in the honeymoon period with these devices. Just wait for a number of RTI's (Road Traffic Incidents) to be attributed to distraction caused by Sat Navs. Then the "Ban It or Tax It" Mentality in Whitehall will be on the case.

Jim Hunter

Off on a GPS Tangent

Is it me?

But why do people who use Tim Tims and the like have to stick them to the middle of the windscreen and block a big chunk of their view of the road ahead?

Personally I'm not keen on taking instructions from a box the size of (soon to be illegal) Fag Packet. Sorry-Cigarette Packet

JK Rowling badmouths eBay

Jim Hunter


.... so all the organisations including the NHS that are prepared to offshore all their database handling, records, financial transactions etc. have considered the implications. After all it only takes a very small number of people involved to flog a lot of ID information

Perfumier concocts Paris Hilton chokey scent

Jim Hunter

Available for.....

23 Days only?

Or does it follow you around for longer?

Notorious car clamper facing Asbo

Jim Hunter

Liquid Nitrogen....

....Brings back memories

But on a more serious note, "Alan" is right about the Government today; totally betrayed the sound principles that created the Labour Party in the first place.