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Who will kill power companies? TESLA, says Morgan Stanley

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Re: One problem


let's let everyone make up their own mind about the site, but after looking at the provided links, it's obvious there's more to those stories that isn't being reported.

DreamWorks CEO: Movie downloaders should pay by screen size

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Maybe the viewers should be based on the size of the content producer's ego?

Obama prepares to crawl up NSA's ass with microscope

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Re: Sounds like he's hiring marketers

This is his modus operandi , he's convinced he's right, no matter what the topic, and the only two reasons people don't agree with him is because A-they just don't understand the topic, or B-they're racists.

To address A, he uses marketing, he thinks it's just a matter of 'selling' his ideas to the public.

To address B, he uses the media and those who have an irrational love of all things Obama.

WTF is... backend-as-a-service?

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While this is completely engaging and obviously a great addition to the list of ASSes.. err AASs available, I have developed the new service that is is the penultimate service to be provided by cloudy providers..

It's called CEOaas..

It's human interface portal or 'HIP' will process any natural language request or API call and provide the best advice any human CEO could provide or better. Boards across the world will be astounded by the cost savings appreciated by this service, and the increased efficiency made available.

The benefits are apparent, the results are at least what you're getting today, if not better.

Sign up for ASS err.. CEO-AAS today!

Cameron demands Brits BOYCOTT angry-troll-infested websites

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evil Ozzy must be stopped

It's a crying shame these reckless musicians write about suicide etc and then won't take responsibility when a child acts on the thoughts that were purposely promoted in the ly...

oops. wrong bunch of morons, same song.

yeah.. the off button.. great idea.. and YES you can have a life without social media.

Happy 23rd birthday, Windows 3.0

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Re: Short Memories

Dos was 3 diskettes, Windows 3.11 was 7, with 2 drivers diskettes. Photoshop 3.0 came on 5 diskettes. Then you had to load Kai's power tools, and a bunch of other utilities to make it actually useful for work.

SCO came on 43 diskettes, Netware was on 20-25 if memory serves..

One day i have to go clean out the garage, i've still got most all of those diskettes somewhere.

I remember 1990, and spending 4 -5 hours loading up the o/s on a basic novell file and print server.

I have some fond memories from that time.. but flipping disks isn't one of them.

Moscow's speed cameras 'knackered' by MYSTERY malware

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3.2 Million reasons to love speed cameras

Of course the extra income to the local government was only a secondary attribute, they were obviously put there to keep the motorist's safe.

Seagate squeezes out 4TB desktop monster

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Re: Barracuda

Back in the early naughties they did have another line they tried to sell as a more affordable version of the barracudas.. the real truth was they had abysmal failure rates, even for seagate, and the line was eventually ended. I remember getting a case of them for builds and all but one of the lot failed in burn in

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Re: But at what price

My very first purchased drive was a seagate 10MB MFM drive, that's personal purchase not work.

after that it's just gotten insane.. as drive prices fall, i seem to gather more and more unused storage.. a nasty habit I intend to break. I'm around 35TB right now on my NAS.. and it's mostly empty.

The dream of the automated data centre

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Can I build it and do I want it?

1. yes

2. don't care, i just build them and move on.

'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

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I'd love to see where that came from originally.. what's the oldest version of it that you've seen?

Feeling poor? WHO took all your money? NOT capitalist bastards?

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Re: Executive Pay...


it's all laid out there in plain english.

Salesforce CEO Benioff: Win 8 is 'the end of Windows'

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o/s ? who cares?

Here's the question, who cares what o/s you're running? I certainly don't. Or at least I wouldn't if all my apps ran cross o/s. While some of my company's apps, the web based ones at least, can run fine in the cloud or cross o/s, most are designed to run on windows.

Windows 7, an excellent release by Microsoft standards, isn't going to be replaced anytime soon by Windows 8. The IFKAM ( interface formerly known as metro ) will work fine for some folks, and won't for others. Quite literally, there's no impetus for corporate CTO/CIOs to shift to Windows 8, so it'll be as successful as Vista was or wasn't ( depending on your criteria, of course).

At some point we won't need the latest and greatest Nvidia card to run Crysis 23, and tablets with docking bays may be running all your email and office applications, but it won't be soon. Hopefully by the time the tablets/smartphones/byo piece of crap device fanboys will be shouted down by the 'it's all handled via your cranial cyber link interface' fanboys.

Who knows. who cares.

Republican filibuster blocks Senate Cybersecurity bill

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Back to the actual topic at hand

While there are gaps and bad decisions at the corporate and personal levels ( those who currently control each person's security ), it's usually easy to determine who forgot to close the hen house door. Should the US Government, or any other Government agency takeover that responsibility, then the public internet is no longer public and becomes less than useless.

The last thing we need is a bunch of overpaid cronies to 'take the lead in securing our national infrastructure' by screwing up my desktop or access. Which is EXACTLY What would wind up happening.

As for how bills pass through congress, it was a great process initially, when our REPUBLIC was first formed, but over the years as some have tried to transform us into a DEMOCRACY, it's become polluted with infighting and special interests.

Hobbyist builds working assault rifle using 3D printer

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Re: FAIL indeed: Holmes passed his background check

You're right about the A2 variant, When I left the army in the mid 80's we only had the A1's. those most definately did NOT have a 3 round burst setting. The A2 was the first with the 3 round burst capability and was adopted by the Army late in the '80s. They also did away with the awful triangular front hand guards in the A2 or A3.. not sure which.

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Re: FAIL indeed: Holmes passed his background check

"The only way to make one of those rifles fully automatic is through a bunch of 'hacking' - they just weren't made to be used that way."

- actually the M16 variants ( M16, M16A1, M16A2 ) that started replacing the M14 as the US Army battle rifle sometime around 1962 or so, and were kept in service through the early '90s were made EXACTLY for full auto. The selector switch went from safe, to semi , to auto ( not sure of the exact headings ). The entire reason the 3 round burst mode replaced the full auto setting was that too many 'John Wayne' types would spray and pray and deplete their ammo supply. By restricting the weapon to 3 round burst only, both the logistics of supplying ammunition to a battlefront soldier, and the soldier's own accuracy was improved.

CISPA passes House of Representatives vote

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And this is RNC brains on drugs...

With the increased fervor brought on by a soon-to-be election, the RNC really needs to fire whomever their current brain trust is, because they're all on LSD or some other hallucinogenic substance.

At a time when the majority of voters under 40 already don't like you, do you REALLY want to pass some idiotic legislation like this? Something that gives off the perception they're already bought and paid for by the RIAA, MPAA, and every other special interest group. The strategy advisors must be have huge ulcers when the incumbents whom they hope to get re-elected are pulling shite like this from their collective arses.

The simple truth is that Hollywood, like the music biz before them failed to come up with a VIABLE solution to deal with mobile media and the rights of consumers, so consumers did what they always do when a reasonable, legal solution isn't forthcoming.. they come up with their own solution. Had any of the multiple viewing sources been available a dozen years ago, they wouldn't find themselves in this position, and we wouldn't be discussing stupid legislation.

Microsoft unveils paid SkyDrive options

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7GB or 25GB?

Still not an option for me.. 31TB and still growing.

So what's the worst movie NEVER made?

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You did say that had never been done.

On a pale Horse - screenplay by michael crichton, as adapted from the Piers Anthony Classic.

Only a truly epic character actor can fully realize the inner turmoil of Zane, the man who's become the true Incarnation of Death, so for that role we have to stress, no one short of Zak Galifff.. however you spell his name..

The other Incarnation would be filled out by a cast of truly epic porportions,

Murphy in a fat suit would play Chronos

M. Night Shamalamadingdong would portray Ares/WAR, in conjuction with his unique ability to do true justice and bring this to the screen as director. ( Remember.. it's pronounce DEEth.. not Dehth )

Nature would be portrayed by a scantily clad Whoopie Goldberg

The three Fates, portrayed by Jewel , Paris Hilton, and Brittany Spears.

Obviously of the three, Brittany could bring the most 'old hag' realism to the Elder Fate.

The list goes on and on....

And in an interesting twist, Executive Producer Nicolas Cage ( and primary funding source ) is completely convinced the only way to accurately represent the deep emotions in the original novel is as a musical, with Skrillex providing the score.

MPAA boss: 'SOPA isn’t dead yet'

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there's a very easy solution to the entire issue of IP rights, piracy, transportability, and it's one that the MPAA has already sworn to fight against tooth and nail.

Simple is sometimes the best medicine. and in this case would make life easier for everyone.

When a consumer purchases a virtual or physical copy of a work, then they should be able to transport that work to whatever format they deem desirable. The MPAA definately does not want that, they, in fact, prefer you to be forced to buy a new copy for every distinct platform.

So that leave two possible solutions.

1. Release the content at whatever price point they believe is appropriate for the anticipated cross platform use by purchasers. ( this won't happen btw )


2. Clearly state, in not so fine print on the front label what platforms the content is intended for. ( this won't happen either )

The reason number 1 won't happen is that they desperately want that NOT to be solution, because then they'd have to justify the 75$USD price tag they'd want to charge, which nobody would pay, which would kill their movie sales.

The second won't happen because they don't want the consumer to avoid the purchase due to perceived or real limitations on the content delivery method. After all, the MPAA has gone 'on record' stating that the pricing of content includes factoring for re-purchase after media failure, and repurchase for alternat platforms.

The entire piracy/MPAA issue is rooted from the content creators failure to evolve their business models and refusal to admit that their product isn't worth what they want it to be worth.

Senators chime in on employers’ Facebook snooping

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Human resources official from hell??

No way.. they ask, i tell no thank you, i'm no longer interested in working for your company.

HP finally decides the future of the PC: It's a printer accessory

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Re: Quality Control?

pre-the compaq acquisition, HP made CRAP servers.. they cost too much and underperformed.

The Compaq proliants on the other hand, were solid midrange boxes, and made outstanding NT/Novell servers. The entire acquisition of Compaq had nothing to do with the pc business, it had to do with capital investments Compaq had made but didn't know how to manage effectively, and those wonderful Proliant servers. There was also a lot less public acknowledged side benefit.. Compaq had acquired DEC. They may be jokes nowadays, but the Alphas were smoking everything in their range, with their only true competition being the Silicon Graphics workstations. So suddenly, HP has not only the arguably best engineering workstation, they also have the best fileservers/directory controllers and midrange 'nix' boxes. Sun be damned.

For PC's back in these days ( remember there were 'unmentionable' brands still around back then ), if you wanted SOLID pc's for the beancounters.. they got DELL or GATEWAY. And NOT the cheap ones.

The HP Kayak workstations of the time were awesome beasts that directly competed with the IBM Intellistations.. and it seemed neck and neck. I sold both to customers back then.. their preference, not mine.

Inkjets of any variety, i consider consumer grade. They don't belong in a business unless it's mom/pop 3 user shop. If you want color, pay for it, and get a color laser or tektronics ( whoops they were 'acquired' ). Both HP and Lexmark have made some TANKS for laser printers over the years.. e.g. laserjet II, III, IV or lexmark N series. Every now and then they seem to forget that lasers are usually in an office somewhere and have to be reliable, not just cheap.

So, what IS the worst film ever made?

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We should narrow it down further.. Worst Connery movie ever?

it's either the unmentionable non existant sequel to Highlander, or perhaps an earlier movie....

Green Knight, maybe? or even earlier than that?

jon 68
Big Brother

There IS no Highlander II they skipped that one

repeat these words over and over...

there is no...

DIY virtual machines: Rigging up at home

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Home VM's

I have several VM's i use, I have a ESXI host on a dell 2850 with 8GB, and then i have a core 2 quad box with 16GB or ram that runs server 2008 R2. I've got virtualbox VM's and esx VM's that i float around the six odd workstations in the house, and yes, don't laugh, but i have a sub 300 dollar compaq netbook powering my home theater system. usb 1 TB drive makes it a lot more usable.

have to say i do love the articles, glad to see i'm not the only nut who like to use VMs to keep their workstations clean

Duqu attackers: master coders, Linux rookies

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or maybe????

I'm surprised by this article. Every half formed opinion on stuxnet has estimated that the code was developed by some highly organized well funded organiztion, most likely a political state. If that's true in any degree whatsoever, why would they then throw all that organization and compartmentalization out the window and have the developers deploy the C&C mechanism?

Imagine that...

An org who doesn't let developers actually run their 'production' systems. I wonder why that is????

Even a moment's thought on the subject easily explains the discrepancy, and reinforces the theory of a governmental organization being the source of stuxnet.( should you be one of the tin foil hat crew )

Honestly, it's like saying the guys who coded ( any ) commercial applications aren't good at windows because a log showed that someone using the software clicked on the help menu.

... mine's the one reaching for the jacket with apples and oranges in the pockets.

Will the cloud mean joblessness for you?

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Flashback to 1987?

Like the posters above, I think we've all seen this repeatedly in the IT industry. Whether it's Unix/Windows/Linux/Apple/Risc/Cisc/Token Ring/Gigabit/Wireless/Whatever... they only bring new technology into the picture.. and it takes years if not decades to evolve the installed application base and infrastructure, that's assuming it's even possible or desirable to make that move.

When asked what skills to develop for a career in IT, how do you answer? " A large tolerance for alcohol, for those vendor funded open bars", "Learning that you'll never be caught up with the technology, and you have to remain in learning mode perpetually", and maybe the most important -- Learn what a UAT* really is, and how and when to apply it.

True IT professionals, the ones who actually do the work, not the ones who only spend their time kissing the posteriors of the beancounters, already know they have to constantly change the way they do things or else their career will slow down. Which is usually fine with IT types, as we all love to work on the new stuff, we thrive on the challenges.

* - UAT - User Attitude adjustment Tool... typically a long piece of hardwood, like a louiville slugger or cricket bat, or for particularly thick headed users... a metal bar such as a crowbar or tire iron.

Foxconn warns phones prices will rise

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Prices up on iphones/androids? So what

Globalization, what a wonderful concept.

With a globalized market, of course, business enjoys the increased profits that come from labor arbitrage, and there's a constant re-evaluation of material and labor costs to keep that cost down. This allows consumers to experience artificially low pricing, which means more sales for the business. Unfortunately, the business leaders apparently don't understand that people without jobs can't buy their products, and with the reduction in sales, they see diminished revenues. That in turn drives them to look for further ways to cut the costs. It's a vicious race to the bottom that can't be ignored.

A side effect, though, is that the labor costs rise as demand for their services increases. As those costs rise, there is a breakover point where the business has to decide whether to raise prices, or move the cost to a lower cost region. The good thing is that eventually ( in theory anyway), once the business has run out of lower cost regions to turn to, the labor costs will have approached a global median. As these costs normalize, they will drive consumption and costs of living towards a balance versus income.

The real bottom-line issue is that people generally have unrealistic expectations. If you're a first level help desk call center type person, you can't realistically expect to be able to buy a 3000(insert local currency here ) laptop. Yet people do exactly that. On the other hand, you do expect to eat and maintain at least a minimalist existence, which in some areas isn't possible for the wages offered. The other unrealistic expectation is that you can maintain a 48% profit margin on an item. Business leaders must constantly bring new product, or lower their expectations, which is something they don't do naturally, the consumer has to drive that change.

If you aren't familiar with the 'Big Mac Index', it's an easy to understand interpretation of different local economies, and gives a good indication into what one might expect life to be in the same.

there's a nice piece on wikipedia about it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mac_Index

Apple COO Cook to take the HP helm?

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looks like stock price manipulation to me

i suspect it's just a rumour started by some broker to make a few pennies. The rumours we've heard around where i work is.. VJ - Chairman, Bradley as CEO, and a third as president.. but we'll see this afternoon i guess.

Did Hewlett-Packard overreact on Hurd's Fishergate?

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Over react? I'd propose it didn't go far enough

that's me looking for the broom in my pocket..

the truth is they should have done a clean sweep.

Several of the senior execs are starting to look long in the tooth, and they cowed entirely too easy to overbearing Hurd, supporting decisions they knew were wrong for the company in the long run.

Ellison blasts HP 'idiots' for Hurd's exit

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Isn't this the same guy...

Isn't this the same guy who had his salary reports to the IRS modified to cover the 700K in expenses for meals with his family in one year? Yet that didn't trigger a resignation?

Something's rotten in Palo Alto, and this is the coverup.

The simple truth is that Hurd drug them into the tabloids, and the board is trying to keep it to a minimum.

And I'm with Marcus, If Ellison likes hurd so much, put him in charge of your executive compensation committee and tell him to cut costs there. He's a one trick pony, and it was starting to become obvious to the analysts. this latest escapade was just the icing on the cake.