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Customer satisfaction is our highest priority… OK, maybe second-highest… or third...

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Local bowling club does signs right

Attending a function at our local bowling club and in the mens toilets im greeted with two signs:

"Our aim is to please, your aim would help. IF YOU ARE READING THIS YOU ARE NOT WATCHING WHERE YOU ARE WEEING!"

Followed by an instructional sign:

"If you are the Dribbler, would you please use the W.C and sit down"

And you know what, it didnt make one bit of difference to the floor!

Meg Whitman: The lady IS for TURNING. HP to lob printers'n'PCs OVERBOARD

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All aboard the redundancy train...again

Sadly it will be the staff who pay for this split. Again.

Any costs incurred for the split will need to be offset by cost cutting to show that the impact of Megs master plan will be near nil.

Especially after peddling lies for the past couple of years.

Sadly its the common worker that will again feel the impact of HP's mismanagement.

The Apple Watch and CROTCH RUBBING. How are they related?

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Friday afternoon?

I'm sure there is a reason for the later publishing and I still enjoy the article, however if possible can we get this back on a Friday afternoon? It was always a very pleasant read on the weekend wind down while being paid to while away the last few hours.

I almost feel like I'm cheating myself reading this at the weekend.

All of the above is in good humour, though quite serious :)

Robots? What a bunch of workers...

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Its all about the up sell

Whats in the parcel sir?

- A tshirt

Whats the value sir?

- £5

Well sir this return doesnt cover you for financial loss, I can send this back super duper post that will insure you to the value of £500 and be guaranteed next day, its only £8.

- err, no thats fine thanks the freepost will be fine.

Sir! that means should the parcel be lost you will have no insurance?!

-Thats fine, its a £5 tshirt ill survive

But sir this does not cover you for loss nor next day delivery]


Twitter: It's JUST LIKE Elder Scrolls (no it's not)

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Social media amongst our youths appears to be more important than game scoring.

I coach an under 15's football team and during a recent game the usual swinging of hand bags event took place after a poorly timed tackle. I nearly subbed our own player who in a supposed put down to his nemesis actually shouted at him "Shutit, I have 2000 followers on Instagram!"

What have we done to kids of today when they cant have a proper fight and insult each others mothers?!

HDMI 2.0 spec arrives ... 1.0 years late

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I cant wait to see the price of a Monster HDMI 2.0 cable

Thats gonna water a few eyes for the unfortunate consumer who will be sucked in by their marketing hype.

Nintendo takes control with next-gen games console

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Im far from a nintendo fanboi

but your over zealous judgement appears to be founded on nothing. The one picture in the reported story shows the menu from Zelda which would appear to let you pick an item from your inventory. Something you would have had to press pause for previously to enter the menu.

So not quite getting in the way of your furious button bashing...

HP misses Q1 sales, revises 2011 downward

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"Wage rises kicking in"

Where?! Certainly I am not seeing this rise neither are any of my colleagues in sales land.

Runner and riders for HP's top job

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Dark horse

Todd Bradley must be in with a shout...