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Researcher warns of iPhone phishing peril



How about having the address bar be partially hidden and slide out when you click/drag it? Maybe just 5-10px showing?

That way it doesn't disappear completely when you scroll and can't be replaced in the same manner as this case. I guess maybe a click/drag event handler in the top few px could catch any 'near misses' if your aim isn't too good, but then you would still have this bar at the top of the screen that would be realtively obvious to all but those who are having a careless moment or are in a rush etc.

Google calls bug bounty hunters to YouTube, Blogger


'.. bugs that threaten users'

..so courteous bugs that politely ask you to h4x0r your own account don't count?

Hull man guilty of snooping on hundreds of medical records


Wait, WHAT!?

They let you plug your USB dongle into a machine with access to patients'/'s medical data???

Haven't you heard about these new fangled tech things called viruses? You wouldn't want to expose your doctor to those - they don't have a vaccine for that kind yet! Quick! Call the CDC!

Mine's the one with the correctly setup hardware/software policies. Saved to a USB dongle of course.

Defcon speaker calls IPv6 a 'security nightmare'

Black Helicopters

just thinking out loud..

''It means that everything you send or recieve is labelled with your real MAC address...''

Have we just uncovered the *real* reason Google wanted all those MAC addresses tied to geographic locations?

/me hunts around for my tinfoil hat