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Yahoo! 'f**ked me over'! says! Carol! Bartz!

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Who's been Fu**ed?

The ever lovely Carol managed to take the company from a tentative offer by MS of $47B, to a market cap of $16B. Let's not forget that the stock holders and employee with stock options might feel just a little angst. She of course has strong competition from Meg Whitlem (eBay) and Carley (HP) in value lost. Of course women are not usual tryst distructive - men hold the championship.

But let's be honest, men don't usually complain when the axe rightfully falls.

Hurd's HP legacy: Dell racer, IBM chaser

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Dead Vulture

Hurd given the bird

For those that may be indignant about Herd's behavior, take a deep breath. Companies like HP are all about the big game. Assuming that young Mark was naughty, but not quite enough to breach the rules, why not settle with the said sexual partner, and everyone moves on?

My take is this is an excuse to cut the boy Mark lose - he was after all a one trick pony (cut deep and often). And recent interviews on the Palm acquisition suggest that he did not know his arse from his elbow when it comes to rationalizing both the Palm deal ( an operating system for printers - WTF) and technology - he came from an ATM company where products have less intelligence that a digital watch.

So when this came up they must have figured that it was worth the stock price dive, and the $52m he took in his goodie bad to get rid of him. Having said that, the staff at HP must be heart broken that two of two CEO were strike outs.