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O2 blamed for iPhone's data sucking


Wow..this is criminal....O2 needs to fix this or it will lose loads of customers

This is daylight robbery, I experienced the very same issue with WAP message bombardment asking me to top-up, the funny thing was, that's how I found out that they took all my money.

For those of you saying switch off data settings, roaming, 3g etc. This was already done, yet it didn't stop O2 from sucking out all my credit. I hope all effected customers contact ofcom regarding this scam, I certainly will.


anonymous coward says_

"My car appears to be low on fuel, when I only filled it up three weeks ago. The fact that I may have driven 1000 in that time doesn't make a difference. Fuel should be unlimited, free and always there whenever I want to use it."

The fact is these people DID NOT drive 1000 (miles), therefore the fuel should be still there...right? (I really hope you don't work for O2).


Hmpty McNumpty says_

"It's all to easy to forget that that these phones suck data even when you are not using them, I certainly did. My issue is not with the £3 that went poof, but the 3000 times I've had to tap dismiss! Can't understand how you'd burn through £90 as described in the forums tho', if you need to top-up your prepay that much, you need a contract."

These customers lost upto £90, I am sure they would have thought nothing of it, had it only been £3. The WAP messages are a constant distraction as you've noticed, customers are not burning through £90 intentionally, the money is being deducted from their account WITHOUT their knowledge, hence it is STEALING.