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Ever had to register to buy online - and been PELTED with SPAM?


Right on but didn't you forget about apps?

a despairing voice of reason [sadly, a bit of a rarity on register these days]

I also hide at Amazon or ebay to escape this info grab..

If you factor in motley 'verified by mastercard' schemes then sites are not attracting customers but actually driving them away. Sites trading in info need to ask themselves what business they are really in..

I would add that the same is happening with 'apps'

As an example I've been looking for a RSS reader/scraper for some Samsung Nexus iPaid Appple thingies

I can't get one - free or paid - that does not force me to hand over my details.

There is no benign or practical reason for this.

App makers should pay me to permit them to track my reading habits so they may profit from it.

It's unclear if this trade in 'soft-spam' is sustainable in the long term but if personal information is being monetised by companies to mine it, exploit it and trade in it then they must pay consumers to get it.

Currently we are happy to give it away for free....

That's got to change.

The Open Rights Group gets rights wrong again


Was this a report or an axe grind?

"You don't need the copyright-holder's permission to do a cover version..." No doubt.

But would it have killed you to include something about fees and licensing - the draggy bits?

You guys really do need to recognize that the world is changing [all the time]

you are starting to sound quite bitter.

Punters hate copyright, says Steelie Neelie


The UKIP of tech sites publishes an article dissing copyright

What the hell happened.

After how many years, you are actually publicizing a criticism of copyright.

My world is crumbling around me..

Could you at least reassure me that Psion made the best handhelds ever.

Eurozone crisis: We're all dooomed! Here's why

IT Angle

Did you think about what you were trying to say?

If I wanted to read the daily male I'd go there.

UKTIP has no memory of brilliant Britain getting its ass spanked by a single, lone European [teehee] currency speculator a few years back?

None at all it seems...

The saddest thing is that you think you are being rational.

OK, I'm assuming you assume you are being rational.

App Store groupthink is bad news for small devs



I'm no longer sure if you aren't just hawking this for your own amusement.

Do you not see any flaws anywhere?

For example; does it not strike you that 'long tail' might also have to apply to consumers and purchases.

Or; that by their very nature not everything can be no 1.

Please do not mistake opinion for cogent thought.

OpenSUSE 12.1 delivers Fedora punch with GNOME 3


Stop hijacking news stories...

SUSE has long been associated with KDE.

SUSE has long been associated (vilified even!!) with a more relaxed view on competing license interaction. The fundamentalist approach to license intolerance as championed by genomes and youbuntus is tempered in OpenSUSE.

That is another of SUSE's USPs - alongside its preference for KDE...

Headlining changes to doctrinaire and inflexible [by your own admission] user interfaces when reporting a beta is not objective news reporting – you're devising an artificial agenda – like the 'mainstream media' you criticise..

Some consumers might consider complete inflexibility and a refusal to permit customisation as doctrinaire, off-putting and a deterrent to adoption. Not you.

This kind of me-too reporting is one of the prime factors in pushing consumers away. By all reliable accounts most OpenSUSE consumer use the default choice, [I know I do]

Why not pander to the mass-market?

Could you not force yourself to admit that OpenSUSE defaults to KDE?

I saw Facebook's music service 3 years ago. Done properly

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Sky wins TV riot battle

This post has been deleted by a moderator

DRM-free music dream haunts Apple's app-store lock-in


befuddled guy or silly person goes shopping.. Anyone interested?

Could you keep personal excuse systems out of a news reporting and analysis site..

This piece is offensively self-indulgent and the absence of sense and reason does not add to charm or interest you think it had..

Still, I might be wrong - perhaps your shopping choices truly are fascinating given the amount of essays on shopping you provoked. Sad.

MeeGo and the Great Betrayal Myths of tech history

Thumb Down

only your kind of nostalgia permitted...

Jeez, what is the point of this piece...

Given a neverending stream of narrow-minded rose tinted nostalgia consciousness - any craptacular psion just gets the drool going...

Why so hard on other Canutes?

Dear Ubuntu: The netbook is toast


oh god oh god oh god but thanks

you are right, there were a lot of ubuntu fanatics. It was quite unpleasant. They made a lot of noise.

They went away to fanatic about something else. They are done. They are not coming back.

Ubuntu was never friendly, it was not easy, it was not coool.

It's too locked down to be a consumer/geek friendly netbook thingie

I mean, how do I get a widget on the desktop?

Even an icon perhaps? No? Change the taskbar?

If you wanted the desktop then you canoncomical people lost the plot about four years ago.

Just do secure server computing or something like that. whatever

and as above said we don't really care, if we ever did believe the hype..

Apple iOS 5 and iCloud examined


iUpgrade? MeBored!

an upgrade?

Putting up with a UI that is 7+ years old is upgrading.

How come?

Grief and disbelief greet Elop's Nokia revolution

Black Helicopters

it's all going to end well - really.

Once upon a time in the olden days Palm also decided to use winnows when it was under similar media fire.

That turned out well didn't it?

No similarity?

No ringing bells?

Any organisation hiring former MS execs should find out what they are really getting.

Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery


serves you right

ooh, the lemmings are complaining now...

Why ever not? What the fxxk else do you expect?

Didn't iPrunes not teach you rabbits anything?

You guys bought these things and told us how beautiful, wondrous and shiny they are [did you get a commission?] So why don't you just suck it up and stop moaning.

So bored. Really, really, really bored with this promo material.

If you can manage independent thought why not ask yourselves what else merited such coverage; Razrs, Blackberries? And what is the common denominator?

It's a fad. it's been over two years.

The thing is dying. Can we move on to something else? Please?

Symbian Expo opens for submissions


read your own stuff first, then post your gem

What is it with you? Still in 'hive mind' mode?

Even reg reports that apple phones are tanking - see stuff on same page [as of today]

Not you - still banging away promoting a brand and conception that has peaked.

On the other hand at least you reported that Nokia still sells the most

Was that so tough?

Leicester Council's iPad can chair meetings


wrong saving...

Town councillors? So, are they a target market?

Not exactly renowned for their sense of style or good judgement.

A bit of a backhanded advertorial.

These things are so laden with aspirational PR guff that one way to save money might have been to ask the company for a fee NOT to disclose this little nugget.


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