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Volunteers sought to see if anyone actually can hear you scream in space

florian mosleh 1

i think this should be the first scream in space


Ten... Core i5 laptops

florian mosleh 1

i like macs!

but this is just retarded:

"2. "Other feathers in the N53's cap include an impressively bright LCD panel with very robust viewing angles" - translation: "The whole train will be able to read your documents""

sort of like saying

"This computer provides a means to access the Interwebs!" -translation: "This system provides opportunities to download malware and get your computer hacked."

Seriously dude, people like you ruin it for us Apple users who have a clue.

Apple demonstrates how to do touchscreen desktops

florian mosleh 1

prior art...

i mean... really:


IE9's Acid, speed and HTML5 trip to land lost surfers

florian mosleh 1

wtf? mozilla?

yeah, i was noticing that. every major browser except for firefox is mentioned. honestly i found it distracting. is firefox so much better that it throws the basis of the article (ie9 is sooo neat) into question?


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