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Booze makes you clever, having none makes you stupid


Wasters want to get wasted.

In a nation of binge drinkers, let them kill themselves off. We will live in a democracy if they want ot drink themselves to death go for it we live in exciting times, Where pedo files can roam the street, criminals can menace law abiding citizens with no fear of justice. We have a great welfare system that promotes and payfor these types of life styles! why get a job when you can stay ont he dole, get pissed have kids(a result of drunken fornication) and get a free house.

Alcohol, best invention ever?

Acrobatic pilot survives loss of wing

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holy crap

What a great invention, that plane gracefully fell to the floor! wonder why it burst into flames. I also wonder if this can be used on a larger scale A380??? lol.

New US swarmsats will scatter to avoid space-war strikes


Little did they know they were being watched from afar, by intellects.......

What good are these satellites against external alien based threats they won't last 2 secs! Get some Nukes and space born lasers and i'll sleep alot better.

15K Wikileaks docs 'potentially more explosive,' US frets


Oh dear......

The truth shall set you FREE! Sigh people wouldn't have needed to feel they need to expose the governemnts corruptness if the government told the truth.

The government tell people you shouldnt do this that and the other. Yet these same people start wars, lie and cover up the truth.

No wonder the kids of today are fucked up, adults lie, cheat and steal the very things they tell kids not to do.

Welcome to our glorious world. FAIL: Because you need to PRACTICE what you PREACH to others.

Firefox 4 hits third beta stage, gets touchy-feely with Windows 7

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addons update

it says no script 2.0.1 is fine, put adblock is incompatible(sob sob). web pages keep throwing up these horrible animated adverts now.

Credit card trafficker cuffed after nine-month manhunt


Make an example of him

These online thieves have had it far to good for far too long. Make examples of them to show the other the trojan/botnet makers(highly intelligent computer whizzes) that they need to think twice and that they will do time for the crimes.

Zeus botnet raid on UK bank accounts under the spotlight


Add another layer of security.

Isn't it standard proactice to have the RSA security tokens(or other compnay) used by most IT companies. Why can't banks give these to customers. The loss cost to banks is probably going to be greater than the cost of the fobs somewhere down the line. I can't see the banks taking it in the ASS like this forever. They will try and offload responsibility to the user, just like they did with Chip and Pin.

Attack reads smudges to retrieve Android password patterns


In the kingdom of the.....

In a time when touchscreen rule the roost the man with at least one wooden hand is laughing the most. No smear marks to give his password away, unless he has recently varnished his hand and hasn't let it dry enough.

Coat: As the pinch to zoom will be a total let down.

Police told terror ads too terrifying offensive


I live next door to that that guy! could it be that 1).. .2)...

1) He is a POSSIBLE terrorist, in which case boy do I feel stupid for not noticing before I read the ADVERT.

2) Hes not and...

-He lives on his own as his mother died and never married or had a girlfriend.

-Pays by cash as he is 50 odd years old and has always paid for items in cash(hes doesnt have a pc or the need for modern fangled tech).

-He closes the curtains because he doesn't want filthy netted curtains or the scum that roam the streets peering into his house whilst he's at church.

Brings neghbourhood watch(list) to a whole new level.

Nothing succeeds like XSS

Paris Hilton

every machine should have 1 or 2

I always use Ad-block plus and no script on machines. Those annying popups and flash ads dont happen anymore, my web experience is such much nicer for it. Paris as she likes to Flash us her hardware and loves it when things POPUP.

BBC workers lose £240k of tech gear in two years



Look down the back of the sofa i useually find all the tech gear the kids have left down their! come on Auntie pull the other one

Turkish groom accidentally sprays wedding guests with bullets


When you postively have to kill every mother f***er in the room!!!!

Whats that saying "Guns don't kill people......." What a complete nugget, what did he expect to happen bringing an AK47 to his wedding. FAIL for obvious reasons.

Skype gets ready to float



I wish Skype would stop emailing me, "your credit is about to expire". No other compnay has tried to steal my credits from me(give paypal some time to twig onto this idea). sort it out Skype ill use my credit when i want stop forcing me to try and use it.

UK ICT classes killing kids' interest in tech

Gates Horns


Si 1 hit the nail on the head kids dont care about ICT they want to play games and go on facebook.

I am an ICT teacher and everybody does the same from 11-16 EXCEL, ACCESS WORD, PUBLISHER.

F**k that, me i teach em some graphic editing (PAINT.NET), MOVIE MAKER and SCRATCH. no wonder kids hate IT, I hate WORD,EXCEL, ACCESS, PUBLISHER. MS is shoved down their neck since primary school because it is what BUSINESS needs DRONES who can work the MS OFFICE SUITE.

As well with these new fangled pathways(year 9 options) they bring in, ICT isnt in the Pathway for the high ability kids, its lumped in with the low ability kids. It's a struggle trying to get the kids to undelrine and put their names on documents, XBOX/FACEBOOK has ruined a generation that see ICT as nothing more than entertainment. Bill for bovious reasons