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I say, that sucks! Crooks are harnessing hoovers to clean out parking meters in Chelsea



The 90s called and want their credit cards back. And my AMEX is 15 digits :-P


"In the rain"

If only you had a metal box you could shelter in whilst making the payment. Perhaps one with a comfy seat, perhaps some heating and maybe even some entertainment, music perhaps, whilst you completed your payment?

Head of Apple's insider trading program charged with… you guessed it... insider trading


Re: WTF? He should *know* this is like shooting fish in a barrell for the SEC

Did you read right to the end?

"At the same time, the US Attorney for New Jersey today filed a criminal charge against Levoff, accusing him of securities fraud."

2018 ain't done yet... Amazon sent Alexa recordings of man and girlfriend to stranger



Have El Reg asked the "relevant regulatory authorities"?

London's Gatwick airport suspends all flights after 'multiple' reports of drones


Re: I wonder if...

Talking of fire, don't airports usually have access to fairly powerful water canon. What is the maximum range of one of those things?

Spending watchdog points finger at Capita for 1,300 shortfall in British Army rookies


Re: TBF...

Not today ISYS, not today

Guilty: The Romanian ransomware mastermind who infected Trump inauguration CCTV cams


The most sexy hacker in Romania...


Not anymore she's not!

Dust yourself off and try again: Ancient Solaris patch missed the mark


for the Aaliyah reference ------>

Nostalgic social network 'Timehop' loses data from 21 million users


Timehop has “deactivated these keys so they can no longer be used by anyone - ”

"so you’ll have to re-authenticate to our App."

We promise we won't screw it up again!

Budget hotel chain, UK political party, Monzo Bank, Patreon caught in Typeform database hack


Re: Dates of birth

I favour 1/4/69

Keep your hands on the f*cking wheel! New Tesla update like being taught to drive by your dad


Re: Auto-crash-pilot

> Not quickly enough as for 1/4 second or so you are thinking "is it going to brake? Am I supposed to take over? Oh shit it's not doing to stop"

Almost 3 seconds pass between when the vehicle starts to move across, showing a stationary vehicle in front of it, and when the impact occurs. You may well be late, but any breaking is better than no breaking.

Good alert defensive drivers will get twitchy straight away; those with less experience and more so as they rely on auto-pilot in the future, less so... YMMV :-D


Re: Auto-crash-pilot


Oddly enough, when a Tesla accelerates at a barrier, someone dies: Autopilot report lands


Re: OlaM

German Wings 9525 anyone? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanwings_Flight_9525#Cause_of_crash

Airbus windscreen fell out at 32,000 feet


Re: PPRuNe thread

"My body should have been a very big wobble." :-D (poster's translation)

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain


Re: Maintenance

The OP said LHR


Re: Maintenance

You mean the 40% scale model one?


Commonwealth Games brochure declares that England is now in Africa


A friend of mine went to the opening ceremony....

The ticket said, "Thursday, 4th April". <facepalm>

Cyborg fined for riding train without valid ticket


Woosh, there goes the point flying over your head.

The point being the difference between an Opal card valid ticket and an NFC paid valid ticket. The mechanism is exactly the same; the only difference is the the Sydney transport network adhering to the old fashioned requirement to have the whole ticket, which proves nothing. I see that they are catching up with a contactless trial (although they don't do daily/weekly fare capping like TfL do)


So if Mr Cyborg had had a NFC induction loop embedded in his skin and had been travelling on the light rail or ferries, he'd have been totally legal.


> The card itself may have contained other security features such as a holosticker or a serial number in human readable form.

Not sure what country you are from TRT, but in the UK I can gain access to the Transport for London network by using contactless payment, and that inlcudes Apple/Google Pay from my phone via NFC. In this situation (which is likely to become more and more common) the actual card is immaterial. To ensure I have paid the valid fare, ticket inspectors scan the method of payment used to ensure there is a transaction. Having said that, if his card was cancelled and he hadn't tapped in, it is academic anyway.

Reg man wraps head in 49-inch curved monitor


Re: Hand it back?

I don't know how serviced offices like WeWork, erm, work. I presumed they mostly provided a desk, power, toilets, heat, networking. Having a monster like that would require either a semi-permanent desk that no one else can use or lugging it away into a cupboard every night, at more expense and effort, so probably not worth keeping it in this case.

OK, who is shooting at Apple staff buses in California? Knock it off


Re: "bait bus"

Probably reverse psychology. There is no bait bus, but telling people there is may well put them off trying it again.

Hawaiian fake nukes alert caused by fat-fingered fumble of garbage GUI


Re: Duck and cover revisited

> Lets hope that NK has better GUI design than that of the wealthy, technologically superior country that made this mistake. I don't hold much hope; do you, honestly?

Errr, nope.


Wannabe W1 DOW-er faked car crash to track down reg plate's owner


Re: Bah!

The post 1st September 2001 system is actually quite clever given what can be spelled out and the amount of business generated by it, whilst still being similar to the old system. It is claimed that the new system was designed to make it easier to remember registrations in the event of an accident or crime but if I was a suspicious man I would say that whoever came up with it had one eye on the custom sale aspect of it. I can't think of any other comparable European system.

You mean Google updated its smartwatch OS and nobody noticed?


Easy to charge?

With the charging port tucked round the back, right near the hinge, even with the angled cable, it's a pain in the @rse. I like it though. I like I can check messages without having to get my phone out (at the dinner table) or easily see if whatever notification it is, is worth getting the phone out for. I also like making it a trusted device to smart unlock my phone so I'm not constantly doing it manually.

I have the stainless steel strap and it's a really cr@ppy design which has broken once, took six months to get a replacement from Sony, and now that one is on the way out, and I don't fancy my chances of getting another from them.

UK.gov 'could easily' flog 6m driver records to private firms this year


What's good for the goose...

...is not good for the gander.

They wouldn't give me the address of a delinquent ex-tenant of mine (for the purposes of a Money Claim Online) when supplied with the VRN of his motor without a court order.

Los Alamos National Lab fires up 750-node RPi cluster



...but can it play Crysis? (seriously, how many FlOpS are we looking at?)

Sick burn, yo: Google's latest Pixel 2 XL suffers old-skool screen singe


Back in the way?

Jeff Bezos fires off a blue dart, singes Elon Musk and SpaceX


Re: All those products

Rubber dog-shit?

Man prosecuted for posting a picture of his hobby on Facebook


Same guy?


US yanks staff from Cuban embassy over sonic death ray fears


About 2km away


Alleged dark web drug baron cuffed – after he flew to US for World Beard Championships


Re: I believe the word we are all struggling to vocalise is ...

Should have just surrendered (and eaten cheese)

CrashPlan crashes out of cloudy consumer backup caper


Re: Although it's a bit crap....

I'm 4 days short of my renewal date...so I have 64 days to find a new provider and resync 2.5TB of data, so not that lucky.

Q: How many drones are we bombing ISIS with? A: That's secret, mmkay


Re: Slippery slope?

"I suspect the manned aircraft numbers are only widely available because there are people who stand at the end of runways counting these things anyway."

Nope. Because of jobs, budgets, shareholders and appearing to take a tough stance, these things are generally published.


Police camera inaction? Civil liberties group questions forces' £23m body-cam spend


Re: Two sides to every argument

"Shows the killing of a policeman as captured by a body camera."

No it doesn't. From the YouTube blurb (did you even read it?):

"Both officers were rushed to a hospital in Greenville, S.C. Police said both received non-life threatening injuries."

In fact, it doesn't even show the shooting and who did it.

Nationwide’s online banking goes down again


Yes, but I think the point here was that it over ran and over ran and Nationwide's communications with it's customers was poor.

Breathless F-35 pilots to get oxygen boost via algorithm tweak



pressurise their cabins to 6,000 feet (yes,I know you said virtually all).

UK.gov snaps on rubber gloves, prepares for mandatory porn checks


Re: Conjours up the image ...

Do you mean....beatifically?

Inmarsat flings latest Wi-Fi-on-airliners satellite into orbit


Just not on anything bigger than a mobile phone

when travelling to the US (soon the world).

The 'DUP' joins El Reg’s illustrious online standards converter


Should've been

A "confidence and supply agreement"


50th anniversary of the ATM opens debate about mobile payments



Was introduced by Lloyds in 1972 and trademarked in 1986

Men charged with theft of free newspapers



A jape? Selling the paper for recycling?

UK and Ecuador working on Assange escape mechanism


You are Dianne Abbott and I claim my £5

Bloke charged under UK terror law for refusing to cough up passwords


Re: There's 2 sides to stories

You seem to be conflating the issue here. You say he could well be innocent? Innocent of what? Innocent of the suspicion of terrorism? That's not what he's been charged with here. He's been charged with withholding passwords. So, technically, on the face of it he's not innocent; he didn't hand over his passwords when asked and there is a statute in place to prosecute him as a result. Whether that's right or not is another matter.


Re: "used only in extreme terrorism cases"


"An external audit commissioned by Cage of its handling of the Emwazi affair is blunt in exposing the shortcomings of campaigners."

"In opting for a “lengthy argument” rather than a “soundbite” Cage was unsuccessful in “clearly articulat[ing] its distance from Emwazi’s actions to prevent any portrayal of them as ‘apologists for terrorism’ ”, the audit states."

"The review added: “These two shortcomings, along with a clear distancing from Emwazi’s actions, and the ‘beautiful young man’ comment allowed the media to easily portray Cage as being on the side of [Isis’s executioner].”"

"In response, Adnan Siddiqui, the director of Cage, said: “This review was difficult to undertake, however it was important to help us learn and develop.

“We are a relatively young organisation with a small team and a huge challenge but we strive for the highest professional standards.

“On this occasion we made mistakes and we recognise this. We will be studying the report carefully and looking to implement the recommendations.

“Despite the mistakes made, we feel our intervention still made an important contribution to the debates around security services’ accountability, and abuses of the rule of law in the war on terror.”"

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA


Is it just me...

Or does this remind anyone else of Scutters?

London app dev wants to 'reinvent the bus'


on yer bike! Could've been there by the time you waited for 6 buses...

China's first large passenger jet makes maiden flight


Re: Fly on one - if you have a death wish

Can't have been that high-speed if you could notice the rust :-P

Don't panic, Florida Man, but a judge just said you have to give phone passcodes to the cops


Re: Remote wipe.....

Faraday cage.

Just saying

Chip design chap arrested for using photocopier


Is Huali....

pronounced Hooli?