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Apple seeks permission to kick Kodak's corpse



Kodak being that once upon a time great brand, badly managed for years, now totally irrelevant paper trove turned into a patent troll, I applaud Apple for kicking its spitting corpse.

Samsung boss sued by his brother over stock inheritance


From the top...

... to the bottom, that's how a company's spirit trickles down. And below.

Adobe axes 750 jobs to focus on HTML5, cloud


... well, this one is kind of a hard swallow for the pundits who claimed for years the full internet experience needed flash. It will be great fun to see the whole geekery go blue...

Here, the employment concern was a good, if not very brave, trick.


I can see the giant finger of Steve, given from beyond. The whole industry, punditry, geekery pointing it at him at the time...

Google shamed by Apple in race to HTML5


Arf, you guys keep telling yourself that mantra, when the biggest patent troll around, suing its way (out of a massive robbery) by proxies (HTC, Motorola, Samsung, etc...), seating on its advertisement/marketing economic model, selling its users to its true customers (industry cronies, from operators to ad agencies), building a monopoly by any means, rerouting standards, swallowing all opposition, is clearly now G$$GLE (M$ v2.0).

Truth is sometimes too big to be seen.

iPad sales shove Apple to top of mobile computing tree



It's both sad and funny (humor being based on drama) to see how misguided are these bigot, insulting to a whole class of users comments.

Continue to think Apple users are stupid sheeps, you're blinding yourself with hatred.

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom



Typical of the mislead by buzz dominant opinion we can see around.

iOS and its terrestrial avatars will long survive this passing news. Apple is on a whole different plane, the king of its integrated business model. It can thrive in a minority position, has done this for 35 years.

Google is in a Microsoftisation process. Low added value. Sustainable by ubiquity. Google "Open" = MS "Standard"...

Its trajectory is to collide with its true master.

Motorola is to Google what Nokia is to Microsoft. Except Microsoft had the intelligence not to acquire the whole mess... Google was desperate. Motorola too. And the latter excited the appetite of the former, by first menacing to join the WinMo cronies, then to sue for patent royalties its Android siblings.

Ubiquity is their game. By definition, there is only one place around for that.

Apple, as usual, is just the small mammal under the ferns...

Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn


Casus Belli

No we have an answer : yes, Google (Motorola) anticompetitive actions will continue. Still suing apple for patents.

The size of that hypocrisy... it must be open, or free, or something.


Pax mobilia ?

Question, in its new, "don't do evil" policy, will Motorola stop the patent hostilities it started last year ?

Or will G$$GLE pursue its Micro$oftisation down to this ?

Google lands patent for, um, estimating shipment time


No evil.

That and latest developments in their various suits, and you see there's no end to Google hypocrisy.

Truly the new Micro$oft.

Start typing G$$GLE.

Google waggles free* Android phones at Americans


Honest deal at last.

At last, this is a transparent, honest deal for an android device : today only, you don't have to buy the ticket for you to be sold around.

A direct link to free openness.

Google left out of $4.5bn Nortel patent deal



If you were Google and did that, you'd found you actually are Apple.

Nokia and Apple bury patent beef


Free lunch too

The (official) motivation from Apple was that Nok wanted a free access to her UI/touch patents portfolio, on top of cash, and that was the deal breaker.

That point was probably blunted by MS deal and WinPho.



What was told was that Nok initially asked for a free ticket to Apple patents, on top of cash.

That part probably went down with Nok deal on WinPhone.



Yes, and this was a motivation for MS deal. Patents. There's not much left of Nokia besides that.



Big win for MS(Nokia) and Apple(Apple). Big loss for Googles' Droids.

MS is using Nokia as a proxy, like they did with SCO. Having won this, Nok will go after those rogue Droids, HTC, Samsung, Motorola et al. ... And HP too... Margins will go thinner, and MS will try to harbor back those lost souls. Big battle is Goo/MS...

900M Nortel portfolio is cheap for Droids future.

Apple, besides, jus cleared her way. Freedom.

Probably won't even hurt her figures.

iPhone 4 satisfaction high, but lower than iPhone 3GS



"Fanbois" being your default name for Apple users, I bet for MS and Linux users your usual ones are "Lemmings" and "Freetards" ?

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine


Bad faith.

(excuse my english, but adding insult to injury, besides being a MacUser, I'm french. Not a zealot, but still...)

I believe (yes) there are three remaining major religions on computer OS front (but the same mechanics apply to Phone, Consoles, etc...)...

The first one is so dominant its followers don't have to justify their choice. It believes to be the natural one. A bit sleepy, evolving only by reacting to new threats to its dominance. Its followers are quickly annoyed when infidels come to question their choice, calling names, mocking the puny sectarism...

The second one is a small but slowly growing sect. Its fidels always felt the weight of the first one and that they had to justify their deviance. Attack being the most effective defense, they're often seen annoyingly proselytizing their choice. The price to be the most vocal of the three, is to be the most vilified. Some traits of its culture being easily identified as elistists, it is as easily (but not effectively) dismissed.

The third one is based on an ethical, political higher ground. It is somewhat the one for the true believer, the monks living their faith secluded from the rest of the world, while keeping to affirm its universalism.

All these revealed truths are globally equal, having their respective strengths and weaknesses.

The problem, as always, begin when their believers try to interact, it usually turns to bad faith...