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Google might shun Dutch gov certificates from DigiNotar


I think it's fair.

If we must rely on secrurity certificates, we have to know they are trustworthy, if we can't know that, then we shouldn't trust them. Being able to revoke Certificate Authority when you can not trust the certificates is completely appropriate, And, the system would be even more broken than it is if we never excersize that option.

Diginotar can reissue all thier old certs, and sign them with a new cert. Pain in the butt, but that's the solution that this system accomodates.

Jeff Bezos patents retro jets, and airbags, for telephones

IT Angle

Android API?

If there's more hardware on my phone, I want an API to control it. I want to deploy these airbags during a call in the event that my phone gets stolen.

Who needs a million NFC tags?


Google Places

IT could be for Google Places check-ins. The tags will be sent to business what want them?

They rolled this out to Portland and Austin, maybe they want another city now. It makes sense in the grand scheme, with their G+, androids and whatnot.

Even if it's not Google Places, I'm still guessing Google.

Scottish TV news pumps goatse link


As fun as it sounds...

I'm guessing that no people were exposed to a goatse as a result of that link appearing on the screen for a moment.

'War texting' hacks car systems and possibly much more


Sign It!

I guess SMS messages are too short to sign a command with an encryption key, but a thread of SMS messages strung together should work. This seems like a rookie security hole. Security through obscurity.

US senators draw a bead on Bitcoin

Big Brother


The bitcoin system is designed to withstand a great deal of scrutiny. I don't think the true-believers are (or should be) too concerned.

The only bad publicity would be that the system was somehow cracked open and rendered ineffective.

Compare these two charts: http://bit.ly/ktjTUR : http://bit.ly/iSgsZj

One is the google trending of "bitcoin" and the other is the exchange value. They are nearly parallel to each other. The more you talk about it the more it's worth.

There's always going to be a way to exchange it for cash. You can push it further out of the mainstream, but that's not going to break the bitcoin economy.

Reg reader lost for words over blank HP keyboard


Like M minus letters

I found this:


Google to enforce SSL encryption on developer APIs


I would if I could.

I'd like to use https for the Google Maps API, but it's not possible. Hopefually that will happen soon so I won't have to choose beween having some pages HTTP and having certificate warnings.

Dell does factory fresh virus infections?



I like the way this article evolves.