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Overhyped 5G is being 'rushed', Britain's top comms boffin reckons

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It's a conspiracy

I saw a video on teh youtube that said that 5G is how "they" are going to kill us all.

I'll get my coat.

Apple reseller Solutions Inc pulls down shutters, calls in administrators

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Re: One wonders...

I've seen something similar happen. A project given a few weeks to live saw some of the employees walking out with arms full of gear. Some making repeat journeys. A real kick in the teeth for the honest people because nothing was done about it. If you need/intend stock to be used to offset debt, then an instant, no prior notice lockdown is necessary.

Guess who's working on a health data-slurping digital tool? Bzzt! Nope, it's the UK Department for Work and Pensions

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It's about removing human beings from the decision making process. Just like the banks. So the end result will be "computer says no" followed by "I have no power to override the computer".

You may choose to die, or suffer appallingly, in your own home, or in a cardboard box if your home is not your own.

xHamster reports spike in UK users getting their five-knuckle shuffle on before pr0n age checks

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So, one spit roast for every two kids cartoons and "no age restriction required". Job done. Law circumvented. Another classic example of clueless dweebs in the corridors of some Ministry not understanding anything.

Thanks to UK peers, coming to a laptop near you in 2019: Age checks for online smut

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Re: There appears to be an assumption

There appears to be an assumption

... that watching porn will be highly likely to harm children. Is there any credible evidence to support that assumption?

Yes, there's a lot of evidence. Porn displays lust, not love, and the damage it's doing to young people is well known and well documented. A more interesting point is how come you don't know this?

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Re: If this was an Apple product

If this was a story about a failure at Apple then your post would have merit. As it is it's just infantile.

Stick with your plastic Windows box and leave criticising Macs to those who have actually used one and maybe try and find something pertinent to say about the matter in hand.

Fortnite 'fesses up: New female character's jiggly bits 'unintended' and 'embarrassing'

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Shock doctrine

To be female is to be holy. It automatically ascribes both victimhood and superiority at the same time. The vagina is the holy of holies. But breasts? Breasts are depraved and filthy and anyone who sees one or is made to think of one is at risk of eternal destruction. And as for children? It's well known that young men who view female breasts grow up to be climate change deniers and socialists.

Signing out of a broken Britain: The final Quatermass serial

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Who is writing British SF?

Depends on whether you mean for the screen only or in general?

Books wise - Alastair Reynolds - astrophysicist. Many fiction books - stuffed full of great ideas. Kind of like the spiritual successor to Asimov/Clarke - in that he's a scientist first and a writer second.

I don't really read much scifi these days, but always take the time to get his latest book.

What did the Romans ever do for us? Packet switching...

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Got as far as...

In today’s different world that same grid continues to work well when supplanted by distributed inputs from photo-voltaics and wind power... and stopped reading because you'd strayed into dishonesty. The grid works perfectly well without such inputs as the inputs from said methods are neglible and unreliable.

I'd forgotten how crap this site can be these days.

Thanks for reminding me.

Microsoft's earnings down on slow Windows sales, Surface RT bust

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Never give a monkey...

...the keys to the banana plantation.

The end result is always 'no bananas'.

Samsung isn't alone: HTC profits take a huge dive

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Remember when?

We used to look at each other and talk to each other?

Remember when the people you were in a room with were the people you were with and you didn't sit with one group of people and talk to another? Remember when relationships were deeper and more satisfying?

Ubisoft admits major hacking breach, advises password change

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I binned both emails, presuming them to be phishing attempts - they listed accounts I didn't recognise the name of and seeing as I don't ever have any money, I don't use my bank card online with gaming sites.

Added to that, the return email address looked extremely dodgy, being a string of letters some 20+ characters long.

I tend to avoid buying games from the bigger companies these days as they've screwed them into the ground trying to control the market. The worst example being "one time activation, no selling on".

Screw the lot of them.

How City IT is under attack from politicians, diesel bugs, HR

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The stupidest thing I’ve ever said was “if it was a jet, the tower would have collapsed” on September 11th

Wow, yup, you're right, you're as thick as pigshit.

You haven't understood what happened on 9/11 yet and that was 12 years ago. And now you cite your utter failure to understand what happened that day as some sort of supporting credibility for your journalistic efforts. It would be funny if it wasn't so fucking sad.

1,000 O2 staff chose redundancy over Capita

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Met them before...

...at a college I was attending. A few weeks before the end of the year we got our proper logins (prior to that we had temporary logins only) and Staff had to use Student logins as Capita wouldn't let them have any. Every classroom had a whiteboard and a projector that didn't work, or that did work, but couldn't be used as Student logins didn't grant access to Staff folders.

YES, Xbox One DOES need internet, DOES restrict game trading

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I don't own an x-box...

...but feel compelled to add my 2 cent's worth.

Microsoft, grrr, tut tut tut, typical, what else do you expect, developers, monkey boy, grrr.

Brit adventurer Nick Hancock postpones Rockall holiday to 2014

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IT Angle

Holidays in hell.

Less of an island, more of a seagull's toilet.

Please don't succeed or the Tories will get ideas and put the only Dole Office in the UK there.

Sacred islet Rockall defeats Brit adventurer

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IT Angle

Charity Aid

If you look at pictures of Rockall and think thoughts along the lines of "I could pitch a tent on that bit" rather than "omg, it's an uninhabitable seagull's toilet" contacts us and we'll provide you with some nice people to talk to about all those troublesome thoughts in your head.

Microsoft: Office 365 reached 1 million subs faster than Facebook

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What;'s the difference between...

...UK Government unemployment figures and Microsoft sales figures?

None at all.

Reports: New Xbox could DOOM second-hand games market

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Already happening.

I have some PC games that no 2nd hand shop will touch because they have a 'one time only registration' along with 'permanent Internet connection required'.

It's quite outrageous that these sorts of systems are even allowed in the market place as they drive a coach and horses through previously understood concepts of seller and buyer and what happens to the property as a result.

I have another few games that I discovered trawling torrent sites, downloaded and tried and went out and bought the legit' discs for, only to find that 6 months later I can't play it without cracking it anymore because I've "exceeded the maximum number of permitted installs" (I went through a period of trying various different Linux distros, looking for the best implemenation of WINE (LinuxMint if you're interested), so the game was reinstalled a fair few times over a period of a few weeks).

And they wonder why people pirate software.

Peak Facebook: British users lose their Liking for Zuck's ad empire

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Self appointed elite.

"Hur, hur, hur, everything I post is from the same IP address, registered with my ISP (and probably my country's Security Forces too) but sometime I tell them live on a different continent. Hur, hur, I'm so clever. They'll never catch me. Hang on, someone's knocking at the door."

Ubuntu without the 'U': Booting the Big Four remixes

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For "most Windows like"...

read "developers have stuck most closely to the so called 'universal standards' for GUI's, in that they haven't become collectively insane and are not busy stripping out functionality and common sense as fast their little fingers can type."

Gov report: Actually, evil City traders DIDN'T cause the banking crash

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IT Angle

Oh, I see...

...it was ordinary people wanting to live in houses. How very greedy and indulgent of them.

No doubt the Tories are busy reversing this and soon, not many people will live in houses because no one will be able to afford to.

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Well duh!

Of course the Tories are going to let the bankers off - they must be seen as innocent so that when they come for your savings and wages, there can be plausible deniability over the theft.

At what point is the penny going to drop? The Government is at war with us and they fired the opening shots. Therefore resistance is righteous.

Has Europe finally passed Peak Disk?

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And a Europe wide trashed economy, widespread uncertainty and record unemployment have nothing whatsoever to do with sales figures?

Gnome cofounder: Desktop Linux is a CHERNOBYL of FAIL

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Desktop Linux a failure?

It is with shitheads like de Icaza on the scene.

Climate scientists link global warming to extreme weather

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IT Angle

Re: Haven't you heard? IPCC Chairman Pachauri confirms it: Global warming stopped in 1997!

Most people aren't bright enough to question the official line. Most people are frightened intellectual dwarfs who would rather appear absurd and parrotlike than have to stand against a false but popular belief.

I note you've been down voted twice already - such is the ferocity of climate madness. Even on a site that tends towards techy stuff and science, still people are frightened little rabbits who cannot think outside of the box.

The climate is principally solar driven. To claim that the sun is not the main driver of earth's climate is an act of gross stupidity, but MMGW is grossly stupid and its adherents are likewise, grossly stupid.

So brainwashed are they, that even when the same scientists say "actually, we have got it wrong, there hasn't been any warming for 15 or so years", people cannot let go of their belief that we're cooking Mother Earth.

And yes, such is the level of madness that now pervades the media and it's so called "journalists" that they're starting to question whether or not extra-terrestrial events are CO2 driven.

So, what are you missing? Nothing. It's everyone else who is missing their brain.

Samsung printers have secret admin account

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Re: At least now we know...

The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 would probably strike such clauses out. Getting Samsung into Court to get such a result is the hard part.

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets

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Despite the initial reaction of "this is public money being used to play market rigging on behalf of proprietary vedors", the reality is that the Met Office would struggle to accurately predict Christmas.

If you want more informed content then weatheraction is where you want to be.

Year of the Penguin - el Reg's 2011 Linux-land roundup

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Good company

Gnome has long been annoying and the Devs have long had a God-complex.

The systematic dumbing down of Gnome was well underway before the Gnome 3 debacle and the Devs were dismissing questions regarding stupid design decisions with sneering indifference some years ago.

On the other hand - who cares?

If they wish to drill holes in the bottom of their own boat, let the fuckers drown as a consequence. Anyone who thinks Gnome 3/Unity is an imrovement on what went before is not worth the oxygen they waste on a daily basis.

Vive la KDE

Red Cross: 600m videogamers may be war criminals

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Meanwhile, back in the real world

America still hasn't closed Guantanamo, the UK still locks unaccompanied immigrant children up indefinitely, Syria is a nightmare, Iraq is a nightmare and Afghanistan is a nightmare, but hey, lets go after game players hey?

Remind me what the Red Cross is for again...

Assange: 'iPhone, BlackBerry, Gmail users - you're all screwed'

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They're spying on me?


'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball

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Cheated again.

I thought it was the Big Breasted Space Amazons from How'sYerFather Prime come to rescue me from mundanity.

Barclays Capital cuts IT contractor rates by 10% ... again

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They need to learn the lesson of Pakistani cricket - namely, that poorly paid people are far more prone to corruption.

So, keep cutting the IT support staff wages and eventually someone will offer an IT support worker a nice pot of money to install a trojan/keylogger and the subsequent losses will number in the billions.

Profiteers cash in on Steve Jobs' signature glasses

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why the word genius is being used so often to describe him?

Because this world favours the maximum income from the minimum outlay and Mr Jobs excelled at that.

He was the ultimate blag artist.

He sold mass produced goods at handbuilt prices.

He also understood that gadgets that look like gadgets (covered in buttons and slots) only really appeal to geeks and Trekkies, everyone else likes gadgets that don't look like gadgets (as few buttons as possible makes the sheep feel safe).

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

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Biased crap

The hard core deniers are not scientists or indeed anything but paid shills for the petro industry.

Another stupid blanket condemnation of everyone with a questioning mind.

I have a suggestion for you - get a job involving sex and travel.

MIT boffin: Salted disks hold SIX TIMES more data

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This is nonsense.

I soaked my hard drive in salt water and now it won't work!

London 2012 Olympics: 17000 athletes, 11000 computers

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Not going to happen...

...whilst Parliament is full of people who think that the sun shines out of Bill Gates's rear end.

They're really going to run the Olympics on Vista?

We'll be the laughing stock of the world.

Still, it might just be the death knell of Windows in Government IT when it all goes, rather inevitably, wrong.

As to "linux people stepping up to the plate" - remember when the NHS IT contract was first mooted? Sun won the contract and were going to install linux across the entire NHS. A couple of phone calls later and the contract was reawarded to "Microsoft Gold Certified Partners" and we all know where that lead. Billions over budget and it never worked properly once.

Until Microsoft are acknowledged for the mafia like cowboy operation that they are, and are acknowledged as such in the corridors of power - nothing will change and tax payer's money will be p*ssed up the wall year after year after year.

Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral

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I really hope a load of the Apple Faithful give them a really hard time.

By tutting loudly in their vicinity?

By getting annoyed and posting some nasty words on teh intaweb?

Oh please.

One presumes the church has run out of money (or is about to), so they'll crash the funeral (if they can find out where it is) and hold up some offensive signs in the hope that someone will tell them to clear off, leading to them suing for restriction of free speech.

Of all the people in need of a serious thrashing, it's the Westboro people. Their abuse of scripture is nauseating in the extreme. Only in America...

goats in pajamas


The common theme all the way through the Bible is "God loves the sinner but hates his sin".

So when these retards hold up signs saying "God hates fags", He doesn't. The Westboro people are just provocative idiots with no humility, no love for their fellowman, total disobedience to what scipture instructs Christians to be like and a good working knowledge of the American legal system.

One might venture to say "God hates the Westboro Church" because they trash His Name left, right and center.

Fedora 16: Linux home for lost Ubuntu GNOMEs

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Train wrecks et al

Gnome 3 and Unity are train wrecks. No other way to put it.

You might have kearned to use Gnome 3 - good for you - from a design point of view - it's a train wreck.

KDE 4.x is mostly fine. Works perfectly though it looks a bit rough round the edges (fonts and aliasing etc).

If you want a decent Gnome 2.3/Fedora respin then I can recommend Fusion Linux 14.1. It's very well put together. First distro in a long while that I've run as it looks from first install - no need for a decent icon set and decent Windows decorations.

Mint is pretty good too. Though goodness knows what they're all playing at with the SLab menu - an utter monstrosity. Counter-intuitive, ugly and unnecessarily large.

Though, even that pales into insignificance when compared to Mandriva's new menu from Rosa Labs - their menu takes up the entire screen - even on 1600x900. Somebody needs to explain to these people that a menu that takes up the entire screen is a piece of crap. Wasted space, over large icons - a design monstrosity.

Been using Linux for 9 years.

If it carries on with the current crop of design ideas I'm not sure I'll see another 9.

GNOME emits 'head up the arse' desktop update

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That's the problem with the Gnome Devs - needless, pointless change, for the worse, followed by weeks of sneering at anyone who questions their work.


I care not.

Fusion Linux 14.1

Fedora 14 respin - just lovely.

Gnome 2.3.

Everything works straight out of the box.

For me, Ubuntu is finished, as is any other distro that uses Gnome 3.

Red Hat engineer renews attack on Windows 8-certified secure boot

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Top 10

Somebody has to be the most evil company in the world or the second most, because both evil and companies exist.

Microsoft have become Mafia like - they extract protection money from people selling other OS's, extort funds from Public Budgets for "licences", tell lies to Government Inquiries and so on.

Such behaviour is evil. You could also call it stupid, greedy, shallow, destructive, anti-social. Evil's just a convenient catchall term.

But Microsoft surely are up there with the worst of them.

Not sure about No2 my self. I think the makers of mines and depleted uranium weapons are a tad worse.

But they all cause a great deal of poverty of opportunity and shortness of funds.

MS denies secure boot will exclude Linux

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...are the scum of the earth.

Imagine if a car maker came up with a new device that meant that other cars would only be able to drive on the same roads if they adopted a new device to counter it.

They'd be in Court so fast their feet wouldn't touch the floor.

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

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Linux Mint 11.04

Just like Ubuntu used to be but even better.

Gnome 2.3

Beautifully rendered UI.

Nice fonts.

Driver support.

Everything that used to be good about Ubuntu before they crapped all over their own product.

A promise to stick with Gnome 2.3.

Evolution not the 'out-ofthe-box' choice, but installable.

Synaptic still present.

Amazon's cloudy vid-tablet breaks cover: Not an iClone

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Choose sides now...

...in the forthcoming Corporate Domination Wars.

UBS tells IT contractors: Take a 10% pay cut ... or 100%

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Followed by...

...a 10% cut in the successful running of the IT system.

"Well, they break down you know, tut tut tut, terribly complicated".

UK to make White Space devices legal

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This being the UK.

Expect this to screw the current broadcast system in to the ground.

Expect large profits going overseas, or at least, going untaxed in the UK.

And expect the Minister to curiously end up on the board of one of those companies that benefited most.

New UK 'leccy meters remotely run via Voda 2G

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...it would only work on Windows (and then not properly), there'd be no Linux version, Apple would want 30% of the electricity bill if there was an OSX version and the Government would end up accused (rightly) of being in bed with another cretinous Corporation wanting to install spyware into our homes. And the software used would probably be hacked and infected within 36 hours.

Other than that?

A fine idea Stanley.

Apple Mac Mini 2011

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Apple sell piece of junk with little useful hardware remaining and a list of reasons why it's both crap and extremely expensive.

Punters queue up to purchase.

Sky wins TV riot battle

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Cus she never bought anything in a shop and paid 17.5% - 20% VAT.

People like you are worse than the rioting kids - at least they're bright enough to know they're being stupid.