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HP MediaSmart Server EX490

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So far so good

So, i agree with a lot of comments, that this review now, is rather "late" for this particuliar model. But, since I really did not have the budget for more that what this model costs and could not afford to have a solid backup solution (at least better than I had), this thing is amazing.

It arrived yesterday and although i have not done the backup of my pc yet, i have most of it all figured out. It really is ready to go.

One feature I love, is the backup to the backup. I had ext 1tb drive taht the power supply went out on. That drive happeded to have a lot of pictures in which i had no other copy. I simply took the external apart, popped the drive in, designate it as a backup and retain the data and i was good to go. I remoted in to the Server and am in the process of copying the data to a new external now.

the price of the unit with the ease of getting to that day was worth it alone.... now once i play with the media server stuff, i bet i'm really going to be happy.


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