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Scots council: 9-yr-old lunch blogger was causing 'distress and harm'


Re: No photos in the canteen

A telescopic lens into a “School” canteen filled with “Children” the riot police would have beaten you senseless and locked away on terrorism charges before you could say “Cheese”.

I can just see the Daily Mail headline now “PEA-DOPHILE caught taking pictures of (potentially naked) children eating PEAS in a school canteen” the story would be accompanied by a picture of some peas and probably some naked children because Daily Mail readers can’t understand or be outraged at something they can’t see… even if it’s not real.

Compulsory coding in schools: The new Nerd Tourism


Re: optional

I got a G in maths, I didn’t even know grades could go that low… and two C’s in science.

Obviously I’m just too dense to be doing my job! It’s amazing I’ve escaped detection for the past 6 years but now that the jig is up I had best scarper before someone informs the authorities.

EU runs to WTO again over China's mineral hoarding


Re: It is all our own fault.

The main problem with mining is it’s pretty dangerous.

Despite what people think human life is decidedly cheap… especially in China. Robots on the other hand are not cheap.

If a sophisticated mining robot gets crushed under tons of rock it’s expensive and difficult to replace. A squishy human on the other hand is fairly cheap and easy to replace… especially because they self replicate given enough time.

It’s not fair, but as long as there is cheap labour on hand the mining company isn’t going to bother changing its methods.

Doomsday Clock ticks one minute closer to annihilation



What are they going to do if it reaches midnight and we aren’t all turned to ash by flaming nuclear death? Of course the answer is go by seconds of course... right untill they run out of them and then they're buggered. It’s all a bit arbitrary isn’t it? Anyone can make random stuff up, infact i will. I hereby declare the cupcake count of terror. We are currently at 4 cupcakes to annihilation, three if I get peckish after lunch…

Mythbusters cannonball ‘myth-fires’


More anti-cannon propaganda!

I’m sure that the “liberals” will march this out as another reason we shouldn’t be allowed extensive cannon collections to protect ourselves with, but remember… Cannons don’t kill people, people do.

UK.gov to require you to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms

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How to opt out.

To opt out you simply need to go to the “Government Opt Out Building” where you will need to fill in an “Opt Out” form which you will find in a locked filing cabinet which itself is located in a disused lavatory, the one with a sign on the door that reads “Beware of the Leopard”

This is all of course in the governments “Opt Out Department” which doubles as the Cellar.

Bring your own flashlight.

Boffin's bot spots red light jumpers before they kill


Worlds Greatest Driver

But… I AM the world’s greatest driver. Other drives honk their horns at me in celebration of my awesomeness, a fanfare to the Lord of the Roads!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Face Arrow

If you’re playing a sniper like assassin with a bow (and it’s a great deal of fun) you can clock someone in the head with an arrow and they will, understandably, come looking for who did it. However should they not locate you after a while they will mutter that it was “probably just their imagination” and wander back to do whatever they were doing before their near fatal head injury with the arrow still embedded firmly in their face.

This never fails to amuse me, that’s a pretty vivid imagination you’ve got there fella… now stand still again for just a second…

Water like that of Earth's oceans found in comet



Frankly with all of the ever present threats we get told about on a daily basis (Planet Destroying Asteroid, Super Volcano, Earths Magnetic Field Switching, Godzilla, Zombie Apocalypse, Khaaaaaan….) if I worried about the sun expanding and wiping us all from the face of the planet along with everything else I wouldn’t have time to do anything but cower in a foetal position and cry myself to sleep on a daily basis.

Frankly I’m much more likely to get killed driving to work and yet I still do that everyday, mores the pity.

UK, US ink boffinry pact on laser fusion 'star power'


Daily Fail

Last I checked the Daily Mail they were marvelling over the amazing moving pictures aka the mythical “gif” image so don’t think they’ll likely catch on to this anytime soon. I’m sure once they do find out; this information will only confuse and scare them… (What doesn’t) and they’ll blame it on witchcraft, the left and probably the BBC.

David Cameron turns water cannons on social networks



But then the Cyborg… sorry, “Cybernetic Organism” would never have existed in the first place, so he wouldn’t be able to go back in time and so then we would have technology... but then you could create a Cybo… Cybernetic Organism to shoo… but then he…

My brain hurts.


I've considered it.

Thought about it, what you seem to be asking is to draw similarities between something that was designed for communication and something that was designed for threatening and killing.

While Social Networking can be used for bad and good (although often pointless and insane) reasons. Guns have a single reason for existence, that reason is expelling small objects at high velocity… which really only has a single practical use.

Prime Minister recalls holidaying MPs after London riots

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Protest Vote

I didn’t vote for this government…I voted for Optimus Prime, had to write the name and draw the box before I ticked it but I stand by my decision considering the alternatives.

As a truck Optimus Prime will certainly be for motorists, living in a rural region that’s a big plus for me.

Acoustic trauma: How wind farms make you sick



What? Who said that?...


Maybe im just completely deaf.

I lived about 3 fields away from a wind farm for years. And personally I don’t think they ever disturbed my sleep or cause me any kind of psychological trouble, forgot the things were there most of the time.

Whether they generate enough energy to warrant their existence is an entirely separate matter.

Doom dude says violent games lower aggression


Terrible urges

Sometimes I get the urge to brutally conquer the world and rule it with an iron fist. But In fact I have never once actually done that, I simply work out my terrible, terrible urges through other means.

Thanks the Civilization Series :)

X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown


Yay X-COM!

Good times playing X-COM.

Happy times, like reducing an entire city block to smouldering ruins to root out one of those horrible superfast parasite buggers.

And sad times… like having my entire team fire rockets and machine guns into a barn for 6 turns to kill one Sectoid, and failing. I then screamed abuse at my team for failing to hit the broadside of a barn… the fact of the matter is they could hit the barn, evidenced by the fact it had a great many holes in its walls… as well as that it was on fire. They just couldn’t hit the part the nasty little alien was hiding behind.

Insult was added to property damage when the little sod strode out into the open took a long shot at my best agent who was hiding behind a large stone wall and clocked him dead, then proceeded to survive everything I threw at him for another turn before falling unconscious from smoke inhalation.

*sniff* they don’t make games like that anymore.

News of the World TO CLOSE



I used to not mind Murdoch or his empire. Not because I approve of it, but because I didn’t care.

I don’t read his newspapers or watch his TV channels because they are as much “news” outlets as I am a flying pink unicorn with magical super powers.

However this has frustrated me, because by closing a newspaper and then opening another exact duplicate up under a different name a week later, he obviously thinks people are fucking idiots.

It makes me so god damned angry I wish I was a flying pink unicorn with magical super powers so I could rain horrible rainbow death down upon people like Murdoch and that ginger cow he fancies so much, and then politicians they need to burn in rainbow agony as well… sod it I’ll just burn the world in rainbows and rebuild it in my very own pink unicorn image!

… I need a lie down, in a dark room, and bring tranquilizers… lots of tranquilizers…

BSkyB/News Corp merger: Wait for the cops, says Ofcom



This shouldn’t be a surprise.

When was the last time you heard of any of the OF organisations doing absolutely ANYTHING useful or sensible?

They’re toothless, pointless wastes of space who simply wave big business through at the expense of the consumer every single time.

What’s that? Want to create a monopoly? Yeah why not. Put water prices up again? 20% increase? Sure! Cartel activities? I didn’t hear anything honest *wink wink nudge nudge*

NotW accused of hacking Milly Dowler's voicemail



Considering that most computer geeks do… often conform to the stereotype of a computer geek, I don’t really want any of them turning up dressed in skin tight PVC to answer the modified batsign.

… just personal preference.

Alleged LulzSec hacker still inside


Volcano Base

He’s not the mastermind, I’m sure the met desperately wish he was… that would make them look really good but I can just see in a few days them, finally, admitting that he has very little to do with it. Maybe enough to charge him… but certainly nothing that would do lasting damage to the hacking group bar give them additional news coverage.

Daily Mail has some wonderful coverage of this story. Where they point out that the lad charged had TWO monitors, and pictures of naked ladies on his wall! So he must be a fucking deviant evil genius!

I have 4 monitors which by Daily Mail standards must make me at least as evil as Ming the Merciless or possibly Megatron at the very least.

I can just see the general population being really disappointed when/if LulzSec is finally unmasked and they don’t turn out to own a Volcano base staffed with minions in orange jumpsuits and hard hats armed with machine guns.

Stand by for more big, windfarm-driven 'leccy price rises


Useless company

E.on? Bloody hell I hope not.

E.on are the most useless company I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. I’ve seen things dead at the side of the road with better customer support and business efficiency than that bunch of losers.

I’d fear for my life if someone gave them a load of plutonium.

Duke Nukem Forever


It's alright.

It was never going to live up to the pure level of hype that surrounded the game.

Having read a number of reviews I think they are mostly fair. The problem is that the game is just alright. It’s a fairly average FPS, that’s not a bad thing it’s good for a giggle and a bit of mindless blasting here and there, but don’t try to hold it up as a masterpiece of game development.

Mostly I was just left feeling that it wasn’t worth what I paid for it and in places I was either grimacing or simply embarrassed by the content, sure poo was funny when I was 12 but I’m not 12 anymore. Mind you that’s not the games fault, that’s just because I’m dead inside.

Personally I’d agree with what some have said and give it a while and pick it up from the bargain bin. It’s not bad but it won’t hurt to leave it a while and not pay the full price.

Labour MP says police should clamp down on online incitement


Another stupid comment from the glorious leaders of the country.

Why are all ministers, and for that matter pretty much all MP’s totally incompetent. Is there a test where unless they write in purple crayon and manage to spell their name wrong at the top they’re told they cant be leaders of our country?

I would truly love to believe that whatever their politics, all of our politicians are doing what they honestly believe is right for the country and for everyone living in the country.

But it would be like pretending to your parents that you believe that “Mr Hamster” has gone on holiday, when you really know that he’s probarbly under that suspiciously freshly dug earth patch at the bottom of the garden.

Channel Islands VAT loophole shut, petrol prices cut


Public Transport, brilliant if you have it...

I could quite happily use public transport. Unfortunately down here in Cornwall public transport is near non-existent. I’m always amazed when I go to London village that they have this brilliant underground train thing where you can get anywhere, and lots of buses they come along every 10 minutes! I always wonder is it the same bus… or different ones? It’s more than my poor bumpkin brain can handle :(

Cornwall however… well I “could” theoretically travel to work via bus. If I didn’t mind the bus dropping me off half an hour late for work, 5 miles away. This is of course a problem, especially when the bus then does its return journey 45 minutes before I finish work… 5 miles away.

It also only runs during term time.

Now this could just be me being really awkward but I’m not sure my boss would be too happy with me taking an hour and a half off everyday to commute, and also I’m not sure how I would go about only working during term times either… that could be tricky to get him to go with…

However with 1p off petroleum now my problems are solved! My only concern now is what to spend all this money I’m going to save on, maybe I’ll build a new wing upon my house or maybe a full-sized gold statue of myself for others to marvel at. The possibilities are literally limitless.

Apple to Microsoft: 'App Store name is not generic'

Jobs Horns


But “Windows” is the name of an operating system. If Microsoft had trademarked “Operating System” and called their Operating System “Operating System” then… yes I can see your point.

App Store is very generic. It’s been used long before Apple ever decided it was a cool name for something. IT Departments in companies I’ve worked for have always had an “App Store” for storing applications they use on a day-to-day basis.

As much as i like Apple stuff, whenever i see anything in the news about Apple its just more about them being asshats again.

Cornish pasties awarded protected status

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Thank god, I bought a “Cornish” pasty in London the other day… tasted like god damned ash in my mouth. I went back and complained and was promptly told it was genuine Cornish. I pity people from the capital if they think that is what a pasty should taste like… blegh!

I realise that London is not Cornwall but surely even people in London can tell the difference between a Cornish Pasty and brick dust wrapped in pastry.

I left the “genuine” pasty on the counter. It was an offence against my taste buds.

God-game creator granted Bafta gong



Ahhh Syndicate, brilliant game. Give your agents some rocket launchers and then go to that mission with a parade with lots of people lining the streets…the explosions, the screams, the little people on fire… *blissful sigh*

And Dungeon Keeper was brilliant. Beating up heroes and dropping them into torture chambers convert them to your side and use them against their friends, fantastic fun…

Flame icon because little people on fire make me happy. :>

Liverpudlians headbutt Cameron's 'big society'



So they take all the funding away from community projects and magically people will suddenly want to volunteer to run them for nothing? And this is giving power to the people is it? Do they think we’re all mega rich and work for the fun of it?

Dave and his government have the same firm grasp on reality as a fairy riding a unicorn made from fairy dust and rainbow tears.

Rev slammed for PAYE failure


The only real way forward for HMRC

Staff HMRC completely with chimps, I believe that this will increase efficiency (from its current levels anyway) and improve public approval (especially if you make them wear suits, who doesn’t like the PG Tips adverts! Think of a whole government department staffed with them! Brilliant!) Plus you can pay them peanuts.

Penguin.. because penguins would also be an improvement, and bring their own suits.

Videogame TRAINS TERRORISTS, yells pundit


@The Fuzzy Wotnot

oh dear god... what happens if you watch Big Fat Gypsy Wedding? cos... i have a "friend" who did lastnight...

BT promises biggest ever rural broadband project



I’m scoffing. I think you’ll find the vast majority of homes in Cornwall already have electricity. There are potentially some out on the moors which do not but we’re not all running around wearing potato sacks shoving pitchforks at the nearest Englishman that we can find... I did say not “all” of us.

Broadband however is patchy in places, the last company I worked for suffered with a awful connection which amounted to about ½ a Mb i on the other hand get a nice steady 8Mb. Then again a few months ago I went with my partner to visits her grandmother in Croydon who can’t get broadband at all.

Given the choice between wearing a potato sack and wielding a pitchfork or living in Cryodon... i'll take my potato sack thanks.

Microsoft digs Macs in back-to-school ads



Oh dear, both companies come across as squabbling four year olds. Im sure im not the only one that wants to prise them apart make them sit in opposite corners and think about their marketing strategies.

Sure take shots at each other if they want but please do it in a way that doesnt make me cringe. Let someone other than the work experience chap have a crack at it.

As for gaming on windows... its impossible to get a good strategy game on a console, they've tried sure... but they always manage to turn an otherwise good game into a horrible mutant slime creature gurgling "love me" and clawing at you with horrible little hands until it's malformed internal organs fail it and it dies in a pool of its own juices.

Beware the blizzard of torrents of Starcraft 2


Still need a BNet Account

As others have said you still need a BNet account to play... you "might" be able to use the map editor, but i think you have to authenticate it first anyhoo. I guess you could authenticate it with an actual account and then use the offline mode...is there an offline mode?... *ponders*

As for RRP, i got it for 35 which is only a little above the average i usually pay. And at the risk of sounding fanboish... Blizzard games are so well polished and designed. Blizzard and Valve are the only games companies i would pay above for because their games are always so damned good.