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Microsoft 'touches 16k shop workers' to flog Windows 8 hard


And todays Microsoft rep on a comments thread is...

Chris Long.

Not including a classic desktop sort of mode in Windows 8 is the biggest act of stupidity I have seen in a long time. I installed Win 8 on my spare laptop at home just to see what the crack was, I'll be buggered if I put that on my main rig as my day to day OS. Productivity seems to have been an after thought...lets make it all pretty instead.

Reg Hardware Awards Best of 2012


They put it under tablets.....

BT accidentally chokes bandwidth to 'superfast' customers


BT suck

They are a total shower.

If I move house I refuse to look at places that don't have cable. 20mb connection, rock solid, never any problems.

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 2:1


I wanted both....

But realised that -

My living room isn't big enough to handle a kinect.

That apart from Tiger Woods there wasn't anything on the PS Move that interested me that hadn't already been done to death on the Wii, which is gathering dust at home as it is.

How to make boots on Mars affordable - One way trips


"Australia 2"

Well they keep banging on about how the prisons are full....

Top Ten Retro PC Games


No Xwing / Tie Fighter?!?!?

List fail.

Samsung names Galaxy Tab launch date


They've failed already....

....by pissing off all the Galaxy S owners (that might have looked twice at one of these with its ridiculous pricetag) by missing the promised Froyo release date and by constantly failing to address the GPS issue.

My advice - avoid, for all the right reasons.

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine


What annoys me...

"Theres an app for that" - big fucking deal, I've been downloading apps onto my mobile phones since 2001 - usually for free.

"Copy and paste" - you fucking serious? The fact that this functionality was never included in the first iteration is...well...stupid

"Facetime" - lol. I preffered the "3" ads from years ago...and you know what they didn't need to be anywhere near a wifi access point. How the hell is this a big deal?

That annoys me...but its not a deal breaker....the main reason I wouldn't have one is that I wouldn't buy ANY smartphone that didn't have an external memory card slot - so why would i pay apple for the privilege of not having one. Oh and I HATE itunes with a fiery vengeance...if I can't just copy music folders to my mobile in whatever format I please then I'm not interested.

However I understand why people buy them, they do the job for most folk so fair enough, its their money.....

Samsung Galaxy S



An early 2.2 release was released into the wild for the Galaxy S in the last 24 hours. Thats on top of the other 10 or so software updates that samsung have been working on since the phone was released.

Samsung are developing for this phone like crazy - IT WILL GET 2.2. Don't listen to the haters.


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